It’s hard for me to explain just how many uses of Astrology there are. I could literally sit with any client from any type of business and show them how they could bring astrology into their work and identify multiple uses of astrology relevant to their business.

So in this blog, I’m going to show you 10 uses of astrology in your life or in your work.

10 surprising uses of astrology

Natal Astrology

natal astrology

The most common type of astrology practiced is looking at your Natal (or birth) chart and exploring what your chart can tell us about your potential, strengths, career, purpose and so much more. If you’d like a natal chart reading check out my full natal chart offering here .

Predictive Astrology

predictive astrology

Predictive Astrology can be used to predict what may happen in the next week, month, year or any duration of time. This form of astrology is less popular these days as using Astrology for this purpose is actually highly unpredictable as we all have free will and there are a multitude of outcomes available to us.

Lifecycle Astrology

life cycle astrology

Astrology is extremely useful to look at the major life cycles we are going through (and that all people go through) such as your Saturn or Jupiter return or your Pluto or Neptune square. Working with these lifecycle transits we can make sense of why we are going through certain events, feelings, and blockages and work through them with the gift of awareness and knowledge. If this interests you check out my Year Ahead Astrology Reading.

Synastry Astrology

synastry astrology

Synastry astrology can be used to look at relationships – relationships between two people e.g. you and your partner or you and your child or even to look at the relationship between your natal chart and your business chart and any challenges or blocks that are likely as well as your combined strengths and potential. If this interests you check out my Business Astrology reading.

Electional Astrology

electional astrology

Electional Astrology allows us to find the best, most auspicious (or lucky) date and time for something you have already committed to doing such as launching a business, program, moving house, having children. You can even use it to decide on what day and time to send an email for the best results!

If you are interested in Electional Astrology to plan a business event then check out my Business Astrology Reading where I will recommend up to three different times for the event in line with the energy you are seeking and explain the benefits and challenges of each time.

Horary Astrology 

horary astrology

Horary Astrology is a traditional form of astrology that has been used for a very long time to answer questions. 

Horary Astrology is similar to predictive astrology however instead of being broad in its application Horary Astrology is very specific answering a particular well-defined question. 

Horary Astrology is about whether you should do something, and Electional Astrology is about when to do something that you’ve already decided to do.

The chart is run for the moment the question is asked and relies on a set of rules more so than any other form of astrology. 

Most questions can be answered with a simple yes or no. The art of horary is in knowing the rules and how to apply them.

If you are looking for this type of reading be sure to find a specialist horary astrologer

Lunar Astrology

lunar astrology

I would say Lunar Astrology is the fastest growing branch of Astrology and it is often the gateway into learning more about astrology.

Many women (in particular) are tuning into the feminine and cyclical nature of the moon to find more balance between feminine and masculine energies and live and work in a way that is more aligned with the feminine nature.

Lunar Astrology typically encompasses working with the specific energy of the New and Full Moon each month – setting intentions with the new moon and releasing it with the full moon. It can also involve working more closely with the Yin and Yang phases of the moon throughout the month. You can read more about this here.

Business Astrology

business astrology

Business Astrology is a broad application of astrology that may incorporate some of the above techniques to help pick the best date to launch your business or program, understand the unique energy and potential of your business, brand your business in alignment with your chart, understand your soul clients and SO.MUCH.MORE! To read more about business astrology read this blog.

In my program Your Astrological Signature I teach my AstroBranding framework to brand your business in alignment with your natal chart.

Ancestral Astrology

ancestral astrology

Astrology can be used to delve into your ancestry and lineage patterns using certain points and planet placements in your chart. This is a truly fascinating use of Astrology and one that can be exceptionally healing.

Karmic Astrology

karmic astrology

Karmic Astrology can use your natal chart to understand the nature of your past lives, the impact they may be having on your life today, how to work through the issues and release yourself from the bonds of this karma. This is another form of deeply healing astrology. Part of this involves looking at your south node which you can read about here.

Want more?

I’ve shared 10 different uses of astrology but there are so many more! If you’d like to dive into my free Astrology Basics training to start your astrology education then click here.

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