At kathrynhocking.comĀ  we want all people of all races and identities to feel completely safe and welcome.

We understand that the world is not always this way and that the white spiritual world can be a place where these issues are bypassed and where people of colour are silenced or marginalised.

This website and the offerings I provide is a safe place for people of all races, colours and sexual orientation and I take an actively anti-racist and anti-discrimination approach.

This also means that I understand that race may be a part of your everyday experience and something that you need to unpack and process along with your astrology chart. I commit to never silence you but to listen with an open heart and mind and to leave my own white privilege "at the door".

I wholeheartedly support these discussions and experiences of race and discrimination whether you are a white woman of privilege or a BIPOC woman.

I commit to being actively part of the solution to create a world that together we can be proud to hand to our children, where people of all races and identities feel safe, respected and equal.

I personally commit to learning more, listening more and to taking action in support of BIPOC people everywhere.

Some great resources for white women to examine their privilege and potentially racist behaviors:

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