Astrology Abundance

We all have a unique signature for how we attract and receive abundance

And the answers are waiting for you in your astrology chart.

Do you want to:

// Discover how you can most easily receive money for your gifts and talents?

// Understand the role other people’s money has to play in your life (like your partner’s money, inheritances, and other forms of abundance) ?

// Uncover the unique energies at play in your life that are both helping and hindering the flow of money and abundance?

// Discover if you have the millionaire or billionaire signature?

// Illuminate the cycles of energy that are at play right now and how to harness them?

// Harness the planetary abundance super-power and how she wants you to attract abundance at this stage of your life?

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You’ll discover all this and more in Astrology Abundance.

In Astrology Abundance you’ll work through:

The Astrology of Abundance

// the key components that make up your abundance signature

The Planets & Abundance

// what different planets signify for your wealth potential.

// crucial money planetary signatures in your chart.

The Money & Abundance Houses

// the key money & abundance houses and what their zodiac sign placement means about your money and abundance signature

// the impact of planets residing in these houses on your abundance signature.

Your Money & Abundance Aspects

// recognizing and interpreting money aspects in your chart.

// Understanding how these aspects influence your ability to attract money and abundance.

Your Money & Abundance Cycles

//  the money and abundance cycles that you are going through right now

//  strategies to harness these cycles for your benefit.

Your Money & Abundance Superpowers

// additional indicators in your chart, such as an asteroid goddess, an Arabic part, a fixed star, and the Millionaire's Degree.

Your Current Money & Abundance Energy

// a tailored strategy to leverage your unique abundance signature in both your life and business.


Gain instant access to the course site, where you'll find a collection of step-by-step videos and a visually stunning PDF workbook. Apply your newfound knowledge directly to your own birth chart.

Please note: This course assumes a basic understanding of astrology, including knowledge of planets, houses, and zodiac signs. If you're new to astrology, consider checking out my Foundations of Astrology Course for a solid introduction. Let's unlock the cosmic secrets to abundance together!

Meet Kathryn

Kathryn is a passionate teacher, empowering her clients to merge strategy with soul, enabling them to launch themselves and their businesses in a soulful and aligned manner with astrology as their guiding force.

As a Sagittarius sun, Cancer moon, and Virgo rising, Kathryn embodies traits of optimism, friendliness, sensitivity, nurturing, organization, focus, and meticulous planning.

With her intuitive and evolutionary approach to astrology, Kathryn embraces it as a lifelong dedication and continuous learning journey.

Kathryn perceives astrology as a gateway to discovering and aligning with one's profound soul purpose, while also attuning to life's seasons, transitions, and passages. By navigating these phases with grace and ease through astrology, she believes it's possible to find meaning even in challenging times.

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This course is a perfect fit if...

// You possess a foundational to intermediate grasp of astrology and are eager to deepen your understanding of your chart.

// Exploring diverse applications of astrology excites you.

// You want to learn from a practical, down-to-earth astrologer well-versed in crafting and delivering effective online teaching methods.

// Quality and aesthetics matter to you, and you desire beautiful training materials.


Why students signed up for this course

Find out what they love about my work & this course

"I loved the idea that this course was dedicated to the abundance side of astrology and that I could use the information to hone my business."

"I like Kathryn's style of delivery and the content she provides as it is simple yet informative. Plus, obviously, everyone wants to know when and how abundance will come into their life".

"I wanted to learn more about this topic. Going more in-depth in a specific area (abundance) and learning more of how it shows up in my chart intrigues me. Kathryn’s descriptions from her blog posts have been easy to understand and I hoped to learn more about astrology in a way that I couldn’t wrap my head around before. "

"The ability to understand me and my chart better, and my money habits/influences. I also want to be able to apply the knowledge to create a life of more affluence, ease and joy. The structure is also very good and I really enjoy your teaching style and how you use astrology!"

When we can align to our astrology blueprint and work with the energy rather than against it - anything is possible.

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