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Are you...

a practicing astrologer or spiritual entrepreneur who is feeling confused about how to take your business to the next level?

stuck in a business that made sense and felt like home a few years ago but no longer reflects the truth of who you are?

struggling with products and services that were once very popular but feel like the energy has drained out of them and you are just not that aligned with delivering them anymore?

feeling that what you thought you were meant to do is just not your soul purpose and something else is calling to you?

Are you scared and not sure if you can trust it?

If these statements resonate then my gorgeous one...

I want to talk to you.

Let me ask you

a few questions:


  • Do you feel like other business mentoring programs fail to consider the intuitive and spiritual element that you hold so dear?
  • Do you struggle to be mentored by someone who doesn't understand and respect your modality?
  • Do you find that a lot of spiritually oriented coaches don't have the grounding and practicality that you need?
  • Do struggle to work with coaches who are either all strategy or all soul?
  • Are you feeling like your business might need a significant realignment and you need someone who can guide you through this?
  • Do you set big goals but then struggle to make them a reality such as writing your first book, creating an e-Course, or other creative project?
  • Are you scared of truly showing up and being seen and heard ? Does this keep you small and prevent you from getting your soul work out into the world?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then read on…

I’ve been where you are.

I’ve walked this path and traversed the highs and lows.

I’ve learnt how to trust and surrender, how to intuit and listen and how to take action even when I was petrified or lost.

And what I learned was that my business had to become a TRUE reflection of my astrology blueprint in order for it to be purposeful, abundant, and sustainable.

You don’t have to be on this journey alone and I want to support you, activate you, awaken you and inspire you to tune into the soul of your business so that you can launch your true soul work out into the world.

and that's what we'll do in

astrobiz mastermind

a soulful and transformational group journey to align with the soul of your Astrology, Spiritual or Healing business.

Over 6 months in this Mastermind

I’ll help you to:

  • Select your creative Soul Project and Make it happen!

We will each be choosing a creative soul project to work on over 6 months and we'll be ensuring that we stay aligned, in the flow, and taking action.

  • Define your AstroBrand

Brand your soul-aligned business and offerings to reveal your true soul self as well as attract your soul clients. You'll go through live rounds of my AstroBrand Map and AstroBrand Mastery Courses and finish up with a brand mood board and guidebook along with an understanding of your most aligned action-taking style, marketing and communication style, brand style, pricing and positioning.

  • Design your constellation of Offerings

Dive into my business model framework over 5 weeks and together we'll design yours and start implementing it.

  • Apply my AstroPlanning Framework

Learn how to plan your week, month, and year using my AstroPlanning framework to work with your personal cosmic energies rather than against them. We'll look at how to determine the key astrological energies impacting you each month and how to harness them.


Bonus Training

Bonus Training

Our bonus training will be determined based on the specific needs and interests of our group but may include: creating an Oracle Deck, submitting a book proposal, pricing and packaging your offering, soulful launching, strategic websites and sales pages, Business systems for Astrologers, AstroCartography and more.

Launch with the Stars

Learn how to launch with the stars by selecting the perfect timing for business projects using electional and predictive astrology.

These training's are highly individualised to YOU -

Before each session I'll be spending hours to prepare unique insights for you! And we can then dive deeper in that month's 1:1 sessions!

Soul Purpose Project

We will commit to a creative soul project (such as a book, e-Course, online program, mastermind, certification program) and support each other launch it into the world during our time together.

What's Included?

In this transformational journey you'll receive:


gold star

17 Live group training calls

We'll be working through three courses during our 6-months together and coming together for weekly calls as we work through them

Untitled (75 × 75 px)

Monthly Soulful Biz Group Training

We’ll get together as a group once a month to dive deep into our transformational monthly topic. These trainings will be determined based on the needs and interests of the group from my wide breadth of training materials and experience. They'll come with gorgeous tools, worksheets, resources, or templates to allow you to go deeper and apply the training to your own business and life.

Topics include:

  • Your strategic website
  • Effective sales page
  • Strategic Business & Astrology Systems

(Valued at $600)


Your Soulful Year

Get started immediately with my Your Soulful Year Program

(Valued at $299)

Your AstroBrand Map Logo-01

Your AstroBrand Map

Join me for a live round of my 6-week AstroBrand Map course to dive into your soul-aligned brand

Learn what Astrology has to say about your brand 

  • Identify your cosmic strengths and talents
  • Discover how you connect on a soul level
  • Learn about your soul clients & what they want from you
  • Clarify the specific people you help ( your "super soul client"), 
  • Bring it together -  develop a mood board for your visual brand, refine your brand values, and brand voice.

Including a set of my 12 Astrobranding Cards and access to some world-class profiling tools.

You'll discover your AstroBrand and make sure your business is aligned with it.

(Valued at $500)


Your Constellation of Offerings

Join my brand new 6-week course to design and create your soulful and aligned business model framework

We'll design the framework for your marketing and income streams including:

  • Your lead generator - your strategic free resource
  • Your trust builder - your super helpful mini-product
  • Your leveraged offering - your medium-large group offering
  • Your Signature Process - your premium offerings and/or specialized readings

You'll design strategic offerings tailored to your soul client and in alignment with your AstroBrand with direct tips and feedback from Kathryn Hocking.

(Valued at $499)

AstroBrand Mastery

AstroBrand Mastery

Join me for a live round of my 5-week AstroBrand Mastery course

We'll explore:

  • What your personal planets tell us about how you are meant to communicate, take action, and receive in your business.
  • The marketing systems and tools you need
  • a strategy for your Free Opt-in & Nurture Sequence, Email newsletter, Blog, or Podcast & Social Media.

You'll create a marketing plan that is aligned with your soul blueprint so that it feels authentic and easeful.

(Valued at $500)


Special Access

Ongoing access to the courses provided
6 months access to the Mastermind Community group
Ongoing access to the Mistressmind page on my Membership Site

(Valued at $600USD)


Special gift sent to you in the mail!

(valued at $50)

Total Value over $2997 USD

(for the Bronze package)



1 x 90-minute AstroOfferings Astrology Reading including detailed report

We'll do this early in the program in order to help you focus on the most aligned project.

(Valued at $349)

Untitled (75 × 75 px) (1)

4 x 45 minute 1:1 AstroCoaching

In these clarity and accountability sessions, you have free reign to set the agenda whether that is a brainstorming session, planning session, launch strategy, a healing session or going deeper into one of our monthly group training. We'll also check in with you astrology transit chart to see what energies you can work with each month and when to time certain activities.

Total of 4 x 1:1 sessions over the 6 months

 (valued at $3,000)


1 x 90-minute Money & Abundance Astrology Reading and energetic balance including detailed report

We'll do this towards the end of the mastermind to support you to go out into the world with renewed confidence.

(Valued at $349)


Private Asana Project

We will have a private Asana project where I will add notes from your sessions, actions and tasks to keep you accountable and supporting tools and resources just for you!

Total Value over $6700 USD

Are you an astrologer, aspiring astrologer, spiritual entrepreneur or healing practitioner

who wants to make 2024 the year you make serious traction in your business?

  • You'll deep dive into yourself and become more aligned with your soul/life purpose in an intimate and nurturing space.
  • You'll gain accountability with the regular support of an intuitive AND practical coach.
  • You'll ensure that every step you take in your business is cosmically aligned.
  • You'll learn how to bring astrology into your business to ensure that your year, your way of working and what you do is soul-aligned.
  • You'll discover how to overcome any fears around being visible and launching your soul work gain support to be brave and finally take action.

Let's go on a journey and claim the potent energy of 2024

In short The AstroBiz Mastermind will teach you the strategy behind creating a spiritual Business that is wildly successful, leveraged and scalable.

Kind words

Denise Duffield Thomas-min

"Kathryn is such an amazing, soulful business woman. I'm always in awe of her professionalism and thoroughness but she's also so grounded and practical. As a mentor and teacher, she really has that rare combination. Work with her, you'll be glad you did."

Denise Duffield - thomas

author of Chillpreneur,

eloise circle

"Kathryn’s work is a rare blend of practical business strategy and intuitive alignment to your authentic self and potential. Her down-to-earth approach helps you to get real-world results, whilst her in-depth awareness of astrology and the energetics of business and launching helps you to stay true to who you are and launch and grow the business that works for you. She’s pioneering a soulful approach to success that empowers you to use your own blueprint rather than burn out trying to be someone else."

Eloise Meskannen

Intuitive Astrologist

"Kathryn is a soul seer who truly understands the significance of a woman launching herself in the world. From calling forth your wildest vision to recalibrating your right to receive, Kathryn will lovingly guide you into your highest launch energies, so you can rock your soul work and make sure it reaches those who are waiting for it. Expect to channel some straight-up spiritual truth, earthly support and Kathryn’s own blend of powerful energetic release. More women need to experience the possibility of Kathryn’s soulful launching, where it doesn’t have to equal burn out or distress, but can be pleasurable, liberating and wealth-generating."

Melissa Sandon

creator of the soul medicine academy


Barbara Alexander

Intuitive & Spiritual Coach, Mentor & Astrologer & Past Participant

This is the second program I've worked on under Kathryn's leadership. I am in the process of completing her Level 1 Astrology Certification program as well.

I am also participating from the U.S. and have not felt any difference in delivery or learning ability on my part given the time zone and cultural differences as Kathryn's style is very easy to understand.

I was midway through the certification program when I decided to sign up for. I had already completed an extensive rebranding process prior including a business branding photo shoot.

Integrating my astrological profiles added another dimension to the brand I had already created. While going through Infinite, I found myself aligned very closely to my brand but there were elements I didn't consider that integrated nicely.

This is a very comprehensive program for anyone looking to create or restructure their astrology business. As a result, I am very aligned with my soul client, my offerings, and my marketing which has set me up for success very early on in my astrology business.

If you are in an astrology business now, this will enhance what you are doing now as you may make changes to become more aligned and have a greater impact.

If you are new to an astrology business, this is an essential start to getting your business up and running to maximize your revenue from the beginning

rosie testie

Rosie Buchanan

Celestial Style Astrologer & past participant

” I wanted to launch my new Astrology business the right way, and the program delivered on my expectations tenfold.

Kath integrates her expertise in Cosmic Branding, coaching, and online business into a program that has set me up for success.

Not only am I building a business geared toward attracting dream clients, but I have also learned where I need to focus and how to manage my business in a way that is wholly aligned with who I am so that I can sustain and grow.

PJ spur testie

PJ Spur

Spiritual Mentor

For the past five months, I had the pleasure of training with Kathryn Hocking in her Astrology Business Mentoring Program. I really enjoyed the way Kathryn presented the coursework via the online portal.  She included access to the workbooks and a weekly video to kick off the week.  Then, we met on a group Zoom call to review the material and any questions we had.

The “homework” was always challenging and kept me on my toes! If I got stuck, I could go back to the class portal and chat with the other students.  The collaboration with the other students was fun and helpful as I navigated the assignments. I also enjoyed seeing the progress of the other students.

My favorite part of the coursework was seeing my brand come alive by focusing on the attributes of my Rising Sign, Sun,  Moon and Descendant. Kathryn also shared lots of color choices, brand visuals and help with tweaking brand values and brand voice, all of which was based on my unique astrological signature.

I feel that my website now embodies my true essence, and all of the strategies I learned will help me grow my business, as well.

Thank you, Kathryn!  This past five months was truly life changing and I enjoyed the chance to learn more about astrology AND myself and re-create my brand, while also planning the next chapter of my life!


Mayra Cortes Medina

Designer & Astrologer

My YouTube channel finally "took off" bringing wonderful clients and have been invited to speak in other YT  Spiritual channels. I can say now that I'm a full-time astrologer with Readings everyday, also -still working as a designer (I just need this creative field in my life)- but I can choose my clients now.

This program helped me find the "entrepreneur" that I am, but that was hidden due to my insecurities, money blockages, and my obsession with perfection. The tests you provided (Sparketypes, Love Language, Strengths) did shed a lot of light: I started integrating my Sparketypes and dominant Branding Archetypes (Rebel, Sage, Citizen) into my daily work and oh man... haven't things changed? I got a very clear understanding of who I am and how to make the most of myself and my business, as an entrepreneur. 

Now, knowing nothing about the Entrepreneurial world (as I always worked for others), neither it crossed my mind that astrology could help here. I am so happy I took this course because it gave me all the tools I needed to launch my business in an organized and methodical way (in the end, I will forever be an Essentialist with a Virgo Moon, lol) the content of this course became my Bible. I had a website and Social Media but I knew nothing about Offerings, proper Launching, Sales Page, Marketing Strategies etc. I've been slowly implementing these strategies and my business is looking much better already!

Also, it gave me a whole new perspective on astrology and design (as I'm a designer as well) something like Pandora's box. As a designer, I still use some of the AstroBranding techniques with my clients, and guess what? They love the final product!

I know I haven't been active on the platform, but I'm still here, still studying and going over the courses whenever I need it.

Thank you Kat! 


I'd like to invite you to join me in the AstroBiz mastermind.

2024 is an 8 year in Numerology which is about abundance, expansion, leadership and shining brightly.

So there couldn't be a better time

to take this leap!

Join this

Epic Mastermind

we commence on May 15th 2024

There are 12 places with only 3 places left.

VALUE $6700

Silver Package - 1:1 coaching, courses, group calls & community

2997 or $412/month USD
  • 4 x 1:1 coaching sessions (Monthly)
  • AstroOfferings Reading
  • Money & Abundance Reading
  • Monthly (6) Group Soulful Biz Training including free resources
  • Access to Your AstroBrand Map, AstroBrand Mastery and Your Soulful Year courses
  • 7 months access to a private mastermind Group
  • Ongoing access in the Membership site
  • Special gift in the mail
Value $2997USD

Bronze package -
Courses, Group Calls & Community

$1997 or 275/month (USD)
  • Monthly (6) Group Soulful Biz Training including free resources
  • Access to Your AstroBrand Map, AstroBrand Mastery and Your Soulful Year courses
  • 7 months access to a private mastermind Group
  • Ongoing access in the Membership site
  • Special gift in the mail

Mastermind kicks off in...


Let's Chat!

If you are unsure if this Program is right for you or just want to see how we connect in person (I get it - the vibe is so important!), book a time to schedule a free 15-minute chat with me!


No problem, please email:

Are you sick of feeling like there is this missing piece to the puzzle of your business?

Like if you could just put that piece with all the others you could finally stop wasting time and truly make traction in your business?

And do you feel alone on this spiritual entrepreneur journey - like you don't fit in with the bro-marketers yet you're also not quite as dreamy and mystical as other soulful entrepreneurs?

Are you wondering if there is a corner of the internet for spiritual types who also want to have a clear strategy and business model? Because the truth is you really need someone to bounce your ideas off.

The good news is that I can help you pull all the pieces of your business together. 

in a way that honors strategy and soul.


I know this may feel like a large investment for you right now.

And the truth is that I am asking you to get serious about your business by investing with me.

But consider how much you could waste trying to go to a range of different coaches to advise you on strategy, business models, branding, communication strategies and more.

And it's likely none of them would advise you with consideration to your astrological blueprint.

Instead you'll receive a cookie-cutter one size fits all approach.

But the truth is you are anything but ordinary - so the people you choose to invest in to support your business need to be extraordinary too.


So to help you feel super pumped about this investment

sign-up now and immediately receive...

YSY Register Now

Watch my Information Call about the Mastermind


I have a deep connection with my soul and the

soul of my business.

When I connected with her recently I got the strong message that it was time to lead a mastermind again.

I’ve run similar programs in the past I ran a premium mastermind for two years in 2015 and 2016.

And I've had so many women asking me over the last couple of months when I'd be opening up my Astrology business mentoring program.

Which was awesome, but I knew I wanted to change up the way I offered it.

This mentoring program (or mastermind) was for soul led women on a mission, who wanted to understand themselves better and to tune into what they are really here on this earth to do.

And then to take action - but not in the masculine hustle way - in the divine feminine soulful way.


When I tuned into the energy for this Mastermind, the soul of my business told me that this particular offering was to support my clients all around the world and would, therefore, focus on monthly 1:1 coaching and live calls to keep my beloved women on track and taking action.

It would include soulful business training that is highly actionable with practical tools. Something that would make a difference in their lives and businesses immediately.

But it would also be deeply transformational and something we could dive deeply into during our 1:1 sessions.

It was about each of us setting our creation goal - be it writing a book, creating an ecourse or other creative project and supporting each other as we journey through it.

You might know me as as a business astrologer and astrology trainer

but I'm so much more than meets the eye.

I believe in Soulful Launching, in other words, launching your work into the world in a way that is authentic, aligned, easeful and feminine in nature.

I’ve spent the last 8 years studying intensively in Soul & Energy Medicine, Intuitive Arts, Astrology, and the Soul Centres as well as launching the Business Astrology Academy and a 2.5 year Business Astrology Certification Program.


I’m an in-demand business astrologer, qualified soul, and energy medicine practitioner, and intuitive soul guide.

But underpinning these soulful modalities is 13 years experience as business coach, mentor, and online course and launching strategist working with thousands of clients. My teachings have resulted in hundreds of e-Courses and e-Programs being released into the world and I've run a multipe 6-figure business for the last 12 years.

I’ve created Soulful Online Business Programs including the hugely successful e-Course Launch Formula  (that generated over a million dollars in revenue) and Launch Mastery (both now retired) and Your Soulful Year  - an intentions-based energetic blueprint for the year ahead.

I also created the first-ever business astrology oracle deck soon to be published by Hay House.

On weekends you’ll find me pouring over my latest astrology book, planning my week and month using astro planning, planning my next overseas jaunt, and getting soulfully aligned with my business (in those precious moments I can steal away from my kids!).

I like to describe myself using the Archetypes of Astrology

Zodiac Sagittarius_GOLD_Pixejoo

I have a Sagittarius Sun (otherwise known as my zodiac sign) and this means that I am adventurous, optimistic and philosophical.

I am a truth-seeker, an awakener and a guide and I am on the constant search for meaning.

I see life as a journey or a quest to our soul purpose.

Zodiac Cancer_GOLD_Pixejoo

This is balanced by a Moon in Cancer which brings a beautiful sensitive and nurturing mother energy to my work with clients.

I care deeply about each and every one of my clients and I will give you both gentle and fierce mama love and help you to push past your blocks and limiting beliefs.

The moon is at home in Cancer and so I am deeply attuned to the moon cycles and I will teach you how you can work closely with the moon for greater alignment and flow.

Zodiac Virgo_GOLD_Pixejoo

I have a Virgo rising and this is how I meet the world or how others see me.

My Virgo rising means that I am analytical and organised, focus and planned, with a practical and grounded approach to healing.

My virgo rising loves the highly analytical aspects of astrology such as Predictive and Electional Astrology or in laymans terms using your astrology chart to predict and choose the best times for events in your life and business.


I care about the epic journey of our lives as seen through our astrology chart.

And I help women to understand and embrace their journey and activate their true purpose.

My approach is earthy and practical, harnessing the power of astrology and other modalities to provide grounded, supportive mentoring alongside smart strategy.

I'd love to help you understand yourself and the soul of your business through

astrology & soul medicine.

Want in?

I'd love to help you take your spiritual business


Your next step: Secure your limited place

Are you ready to take your astrology business to infinite heights with my Business Mentoring Program?

Due to the intensive nature of this program, I am limited in how many clients I can support. Places are limited to an intimate group of 12 women, and there are only 3 places left. So don't delay securing your place.

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