AstroBrand Mastery

Charting a Planetary course to success

AstroBrand Mastery takes your AstroBrand strategy
to celestial heights.

The AstroBrand Mastery Journey

Including your Mercury, Venus and Mars placements
along with other Astrological Insights

Astrobrand Mastery framework

Mercury Messaging, Venus Vibes & Mars Masterplans

If you're seeking to infuse your brand with the power of the stars, you're in the right place.

In the vast universe of entrepreneurship, your brand is your guiding star, and astrology holds the key to unlocking its full potential.

The AstroBrand Mastery Course is your ticket to harnessing the mystical forces of the cosmos to take your brand to new heights.

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Go deeper than the surface level parts of your AstroBrand and understand your most aligned brand voice, brand values, offerings, niche and action taking style.

How can AstroBrand Mastery help you?


Unlock the Mysteries of Your Brand Voice

Your brand's voice is often overlooked but it's an invisible force that you can tune into to call in your soul clients. Explore the sign of your Mercury and other cosmic indicators to craft a brand voice that resonates deeply with your audience, leaving a lasting impression.


Reveal your authentic brand style & cosmic vibe

Step into the spotlight as your brand's true and authentic self. Uncover the perfect constellation of aligned values, visual style, and cosmic energy that will set your brand apart. Radiate with confidence, knowing you're shining in your unique cosmic brilliance.


Unearth your soul-aligned niche and business positioning 

Your business is as unique as your astrology chart, and there's a niche and positioning that's destined just for you. Let astrology unveil the path to your soul-aligned niche, ensuring your business stands out in the market.


Craft Offerings Written in the Stars

Your astrology chart holds the secrets to offerings that you'll love to create and that your clients will crave. Explore the cosmic hints that guide you in crafting products and services with an irresistible allure.

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Tap into your Cosmic Action Triad

Your Sun, Moon, and Mars form a cosmic triad that fuels your business endeavors. Gain a profound understanding of this cosmic energy to supercharge your ability to take action in your business. It's the key to unleashing your full potential and propelling your brand to new heights.

What you'll learn


Mercury and Your Brand Voice

In Module 1, you'll:

// Explore the mystical connection between Mercury and your brand's voice.

// Discover your Mercury sub-archetype for an authentic voice.

// Learn to identify your brand's unique communication style.

// Unlock tailored marketing strategies based on your Mercury sign.

// Craft a magnetic and unforgettable brand voice.


Venus and Your Brand's Values & Style

In Module 2, you'll

// Explore how Venus shapes your brand values and style.

// Discover your Venus sub archetype

// Align your brand with your core values for a powerful and resonant identity

// Align your Brand Style and Aesthetic with your Venus sign

// Prepare for a brand photoshoot


Refine Your Brand's Niche through Astrological Insight

In Module 3, you'll:

// Harness astrology's cosmic power to refine your brand's niche with precision.

// Understand how your MC angle influences your public image and zone of recognition

// Develop a niche statement and branding strategy infused with cosmic insights.


Identify your Aligned Offerings

In Module 4, You’ll:

// Learn how astrology houses shape your brand's essence and offerings.

// Recognize key offering houses

// Discover your areas of strength, passion, and focus.

// Craft offerings tailored to your soul clients' desires

// Unlock pricing secrets guided by your Venus sign for soul-client resonance. 


Mars & your Brand's Action Taking Style

In Module 5, you’ll:

// Explore Mars' impact on your brand's drive and action style,

// Uncover your Mars subarchetype, fueling your brand's energy with unique qualities.

// Align your business model with your brand's action style, ensuring a perfect match.

// Gain insights into your soul client's action preferences for effective brand engagement.

// Discover your brand's energy cycle, optimizing it for sustainable success.

What's included in the course?

5 live coaching calls

5 weekly live coaching calls that are recorded and placed in the members site for you to watch at your leisure.

We will hold two calls each week - one at a time suitable for the US/Canada and one at a time suitable for our UK/European students.

5 Training Modules

You will receive access to my custom designed membership site as well as beautiful PDF workbooks to apply your learnings to your own chart.

Course Community

Join our live course community in the circle platform where we discuss the content and our discoveries and get feedback and advice from course creator Kathryn Hocking.

Your Investment

AstroBrand Mastery Early-Bird (Pay in Full)

$499 USD

  • 5 live coaching calls
  • 5 detailed course modules with PDF modules, instructional videos and resources
  • 6 weeks of course community support

AstroBrand Mastery Early-Bird (Payment Plan)

2 x 275 USD

  • 5 live coaching calls
  • 5 detailed course modules with PDF modules, instructional videos and resources
  • 6 Weeks of course community support
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Are you a soulful and creative entrepreneur who yearns for an easeful and authentic business journey that resonates with your soul?

If you're nodding your head, you're in the right place.

This Program is Designed for You If:

✨ You're a visionary entrepreneur who wants communication strategies tailored to your unique energy and your soul client's needs.

✨ You're ready to delve deep into your brand's core values and style

✨ You're determined to conquer resistance and make taking action in your business a breeze.

✨ You find yourself unsure about the best way to connect and communicate with your audience effectively.

✨ You seek guidance from a practical, down-to-earth astrologer who knows how to translate cosmic wisdom into actionable online training.

✨ You crave high-quality training materials that make learning a joy, along with the ability to ask questions and receive unwavering support

✨ You're a soulful entrepreneur eager to infuse your brand with cosmic wisdom, connect authentically with your audience, and take your business to the next level with ease

This program does require a basic understanding of astrology including how to identify your placements by sign & house.


Meet Kathryn

your guide to the transformative world of AstroBrand Mastery

Kathryn is your go-to expert for infusing soulful strategy into your brand and business, using astrology as your trusted compass. Her cosmic wisdom will help you brand (or rebrand) your business in a way that's not only strategic but deeply aligned with your core essence.

With a Sagittarius sun, Cancer moon, and Virgo rising, Kathryn embodies optimism, friendliness, sensitivity, nurturing qualities, and an unmatched knack for organization, focus, and planning. Her celestial makeup perfectly complements her mission to help you discover your brand's true essence.

As the proud owner of Pisces Creative Co, Kathryn harnesses the power of astrology to craft divine brands that speak to your soul.

Kathryn is an intuitive and evolutionary astrologer who views astrology as a lifelong journey of dedication and growth. For her, astrology is more than a tool—it's a gateway to uncovering and aligning with your profound soul purpose. It's a means to navigate life's seasons, passages, and transitions with grace and ease, even during the toughest times.

Join Kathryn on this cosmic adventure, where astrology becomes your key to unlocking the deeper layers of your brand and life's purpose.



Come on a journey with me into the most soul-aligned and easeful manifestation of your business!

Are you ready AstroBrand Mastery?

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