My clients come from all over the world. If you’re a regular round these parts, you’ll know that my tribe means everything to me. So I’d love to connect with you!

Want to send an email?

You can shoot us a digital love note at

As a quick heads up, I’m not hanging out in my inbox much these days, so that I can pour all my creative energy and expertise into my clients and new programs. Please know that I value your email greatly and will be in touch when I can.

In the meantime, I’ve gathered a bunch of FAQs together that might help answer your question…


How can I work with you in person?

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Already in one of my courses?

If you’re already a part of the tribe and have any technical difficulties or concerns, please email my Customer Support Manager at

Got a purchase enquiry?

If you have any questions about a recent purchase, a purchase you are considering making, or technical access issues with an eCourse, please email

Keen for some coaching or consulting?

I take on a very small number of 1:1 business coaching clients and consulting each year and only when I feel we are a match made in heaven. You can drop us a line at and tell us about yourself so that we can see if there is a fit (and if I have space in my coaching/consulting calendar).

Free Resources

Unfortunately, I cannot respond personally to business and strategy questions, but I do share a lot of great content in my newsletter, on my free resources page, and on my Facebook page.

Guest submissions for my blog

I no longer take guest blog submissions.

Media and speaking opportunities, collaborations and affiliate programs

I love to consider various media, speaking opportunities, collaborations, and affiliate partnerships and will respond to your inquiry as soon as I can.

Please make sure you have provided details of the event or collaboration, your target audience, location and dates, deadlines, and any other pertinent information for me to make a decision.

To have this request considered quickly please sent it to You can also check out my speaking page for more information.

Thanks so much for being here.
Yours in freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment

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