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Many clients ask me if there is a form of Astrology called “Soul Purpose Astrology“. And I excitedly tell them yes that’s the role of the Lunar Nodes (amongst other things!).

The Lunar Nodes known as our North & South Nodes are not planets but mathematically calculated points directly opposite each other on our birth chart.

The nodes are points in space where two different orbits intersect: the orbit of the Moon around the Earth and the Sun’s orbit as it appears to move around the Earth. The point at which these two orbital paths cross is where we find the north node and the south node.

Lunar Nodes Orbit

There are two variations of the nodes the ‘true’ node and the ‘mean’ node. The true node’s movements are the exact transit of the nodes, whereas the mean node’s transits are based on an average. I use the true node.

The move through each zodiac sign approximately every 18 months and take 18.5 years to circle the entire zodiac. This means that every 18.5 years we will experience a ‘nodal return’, when the nodes return to the same sign and degree as our birth and this can be quite an auspicious time.

soul purpose astrology

The Lunar Nodes hold so much gold for us in aligning to our soul purpose and living our best life as well as understanding our karmic lessons and why we might fall back into old ways or be afraid to step into our power.

The lunar nodes are predicated on the concept of past lives and karma so ultimately some level of belief in this concept is required to fully apply soul purpose astrology in your chart and in your life. However, in this blog I am not going to dive into interpreting past lives with your south node.

Let’s dive into what the nodes mean for us…

Dane Rudyhar

Your South Node

South Node

Your South Node is a karmic point on your chart representing your most recent past life – what you mastered in your previous life and therefore a point of comfort or ease in this life but also a point of potential stagnancy.

Our South Node is what we gravitate towards and what we often come back to.

Look to the sign and house of your south node in your chart to reflect on this in your life (and past life!).

Our South Node represents the skills you already have that you have mastered and they are therefore easy to express. It’s your comfort zone and you can see it as part of your ancestral lineage or past life karma (depending on your beliefs).

Your North Node

North Node

Your North Node is a very special point in your astrology chart, especially for Soul Purpose Astrology. It is the point of your soul purpose or ultimate journey in this lifetime.

Your North Node path won’t always feel easy, true and often will not feel comfortable – but it is where your essential happiness and sense of purpose will be found.

The North Node is also about our Karmic Path in this lifetime and the lessons we came here to learn. It’s about our Soul Mission (as opposed to the often Egoic journey of our sun) but like our sun it will be a place of expansion.

Soul Purpose Astrology is not always about Ease and Bliss – but it can be!

The quote from Joan of Arc “I am not afraid. I was born to do this” is often mistaken to mean that if it is our soul calling or soul purpose that we won’t feel afraid. To my mind that’s not what this means – what it does mean is that when we are truly on our soul path – the sense of determination and soul calling will far outweigh the fear.

This is what discovering your north node is all about. Aligning to your true soul calling.

Soul Purpose Astrology

You can discover your soul purpose with astrology!

Look to the sign and house of your North node in your chart to reflect on what it might mean for your soul purpose astrology.

Soul Purpose Astrology North & South Node

Finding your Nodes

Your nodes can be found on your chart as seen below, be sure to check that you have chosen the ‘True Node’ (rather than mean node) and on you select ‘Descending Node’ to show your south node as well as your north node. For directions to create your free astrology chart click here.

My Nodal Placement

My south node is in Aquarius right on the cusp of the 5th/6th house.

When I first read about the 5th/11th House South/North Node it didn’t feel quite right so I read about the 6th/12th combination which I have to admit felt more aligned.

I talked to my mentor about it and given it was right on the cusp she encouraged me to intuitively feel into which felt truer.

Whilst I intuitively resonate most with the 6th/12th placement I also absolutely feel the energy of the 5th/11th houses (just less intensely).

I think ultimately for me my north and south node do bring energy from both houses but I intend to work with my current Astrology mentor on getting clearer on the house placement this year.

South Node in Aquarius

I tend to work with groups (the collective) rather than a lot of 1:1 work (very Aquarian).

I have a humanitarian streak – I studied international relations and worked in aid and development for a number of years.

I always wanted to do something that made a difference and I get frustrated in my business when I don’t feel like I’m having enough of an impact.

My comfort zone is in Aquarian new technologies, the online world, earning money differently.

I’ve taught routine and systems and structures through my business and in corporate roles I had very systems-oriented roles (very 6th house) but I also have a deep comfort with very creative work (5th house).

I tend to gravitate back to work that is in this area even when it’s not entirely my soul purpose work. It feels easy and like the path of least resistance – but not the path of soul contentment!

North Node in Leo

My North Node is in Leo so it doesn’t surprise me that over the last few years that I’ve been drawn to write about, teach about and work with clients on bravery and visibility. Leo is all about being seen and heard, being a leader and shining their light.

But my north node is also on the 11th/12th house cusp so my north node brings themes of being seen in the community (11th House) and trust and surrender and in some ways not necessarily shining in the traditional way with an element of retreat and tuning into the unconscious, the unseen intuition and source energy (12th House).

My work is meant to be soulful and deep whilst still bringing Leo’s bold and creative energy.

Soul Purpose Astrology: Understanding your North & South Node

Once you know the sign and house of your north and south node you can ask yourself the following questions:

What does the sign of your North Node tell you about your soul purpose or needed growth?

What does the house of your North Node tell you about where this must play out in your life?

What does the sign of your South Node tell you about your comfort zone and potential stagnancy?

What does the house of your South Node tell you about where this plays out in your life?

My Soul Purpose Astrology – Ultimately for me with a North Node in Leo I know that my soul purpose must involve creativity and bravery and not being afraid to shine my light. So whenever I feel scared about what I want to do in my business I know that is the best possible sign I could get to do it!

Want more?

Join my course Your Astrological Purpose to dive deep into, and be guided through, your exploration of the lunar nodes in your natal chart.

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