rising sign through the zodiac

Acclaimed Astrologer Steven Forrest describes your Rising Sign as “A stained glass window through which the light of your inner sun shines”.

Our Rising Sign is also known as our Ascendant as it is the sign that sits on our AC angle on our birth chart or the cusp of our first house

Your Rising Sign is the sign that was on the Eastern horizon at the moment of your birth and it moves approximately every 2 hours and as such, you cannot have an accurate rising sign without your birth time.

The ascendant also determines the position of each of the Houses in your chart, and so without it, it can be impossible to get an accurate interpretation of your whole chart.

Your rising sign

Some astrologists believe that your rising sign tells far more about you than your sun sign and many would recommend reading your horoscope for your rising sign, not sun sign.

Your Ascendant reveals the first impression you make and how others see you and certain physical characteristics have been observed with each rising sign (though not conclusively). 

Your Ascendant or Rising Sign can be somewhat of a social mask as it is what you project publicly but not necessarily what is in your heart.

Your Ascendant can also reveal information about your birth and how we approach all new beginnings.

Planets close to your Ascendant will have a very significant impact on how you greet the world and how others see you.

I am a Virgo rising and discovering this helped me to finally understand why I am so organised, planned and detailed orientated yet also visionary and future thinking (my Sagittarius sun). 

As such, it helped me to embrace my paradoxes and complexities and gave me permission to align and integrate these two parts of myself. 

It also brought home how important it was that I have a business that incorporates strategy AND soul, Masculine AND feminine, structure AND flow. It gave me permission to be both things.

And it made me realise how important it is to put my Virgo elements front and centre in my brand and offerings as that is what attracts people to my work. I do this through being organised, professional, by creating high quality learning experiences and structured learning journeys. 

How to find your rising sign in your birth chart

If you don’t know how to run a birth chart and find your rising sign placement check out this blog first.

Read the following for your rising sign and think about how this is reflected in what others most admire and love about you – even if you struggle to see it within yourself.

aries rising

Aries Rising

You appear to others as a Warrior –  brave, adventuring, pioneering, confident and at times a bit fiery or aggressive.

taurus rising

Taurus Rising

You appear to others as an Earth Goddess – stable, grounded but also stubborn, artistic and pleasure-seeking.

gemini rising

Gemini Rising

You appear to others as a Social Butterfly – witty, charming, talkative and a consummate networker.  

cancer rising

Cancer Rising

You appear to others as a Mother hen – conservative, warm, sentimental, shy, sweet, reserved, homely, fearful and sensitive.

leo rising

Leo Rising

You appear to others as an Entertainer – confident, creative, courageous, dramatic and charismatic but with a warm and generous heart. 

Virgo rising

Virgo Rising

You appear to others as an Organiser – dependable, caring, nervous and possibly a little bit OCD.

libra rising

Libra Rising

You appear to others as a Diplomat – charming, graceful, harmonious, peaceful and very fair.

scorpio rising

Scorpio Rising

You appear to others as a Dark Stranger – intense, passionate, private, mysterious and secretive.

Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius Rising

You appear to others as an Explorer – light-hearted, friendly and optimistic, adventurous, nomadic and free-spirited.

Capricorn Rising

Capricorn Rising

You appear to others as an Old Soul – serious, responsible, disciplined, patient, practical, ambitious and mature. 

Aquarius Rising

Aquarius Rising

You appear to others as a Revolutionary – creative, curious, well educated, idealist, witty and funny and a bit unusual, detached or eccentric. 

Pisces Rising

Pisces Rising

You appear to others as a Dreamer – sensitive, soulful, romantic, sentimental, artistic, shy with your head in the clouds.

rising sign through the zodiac

Want more?

If you would like to learn more about your rising sign and what others are attracted to about you and how you can align your business to take advantage of check out my Business Astrology Certification.

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