I’ve been planning my launches with the moon cycles for years (I affectionately call this AstroLaunching) and it has been game-changing because the moon cycle is the perfect way to plan a launch that works for you and your business.

AstroLaunching & Moon Phases

One way to plan your launch with the moon cycles is to take notice of the moon phases.

There are eight main moon phases to take into consideration and these include:

  1. New Moon: this phase is all about beginnings
  2. Crescent Moon: this phase is about slowing down
  3. First Quarter Moon: this phase is all about discernment
  4. Gibbous Moon: this phase is all about trust
  5. Full Moon: this phase is all about letting go
  6. Disseminating Moon: this phase is all about receiving
  7. Third Quarter Moon: this phase is all about giving back
  8. Balsamic Moon: this phase is all about connection

These eight phases change between yin and yang energy.

Those with yin energy are:

  • Crescent Moon
  • Gibbous Moon
  • Disseminating Moon
  • Balsamic Moon

Those with yang energy are:

  • New Moon
  • First Quarter Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Third Quarter Moon

Generally speaking, you probably want to start and finish your launch during a yang phase. Yang phases are connected with masculine energy and are a great time for taking action and getting things done (which is exactly what you need at the start and end of a launch).

Ying phases are connected with feminine energy and are great for ‘feeling into things’ and taking a moment to reflect and restore. This is also very important during a launch.

Traditionally, a New Moon is a great time to start a launch as it is the start of a new cycle. If this isn’t possible, you might want to get as close to the New Moon as possible (or choose another yang phase such as the First Quarter Moon for the start of your launch).

The Astrological Sign & House of the Moon

As well as consulting moon phases, you can also look at which astrological signs are being activated and in which house in your chart. Each moon phase will sit in a different astrological sign and house and this will change every month.

This means that launching on a New Moon in July and launching on a New Moon in August will have different energy because they will be activating a different astrological sign and house. Some signs and houses will be more suited to launching than others.

For example, the New Moon this month is at 10 degrees Taurus on the 30th of April or 1st of May depending on your location and the energy is stable, grounded, and slow and steady. Taurus is all about building stable foundations and is linked to money and security so it can be a great moon to launch under. This moon is activating my 8th house which is all about transformation and the deep parts of life, it would be a great moon for me to launch a deep transformational program under.

The coming full moon will be in Scorpio at 25 degrees (and also a lunar eclipse) which falls in my 2nd house conjunct Uranus (hello unexpected ups and downs and sudden change relating to how I create resources) so if I was launching under this phase – I think I might avoid it – I would need to prepare myself for sudden and unexpected change – it’s a bit too chaotic for my liking!

This energy would be completely different if I was launching between a New Moon and Full Moon activating different signs like Leo or Sagittarius.

So if you’re wondering which month you should do your next launch, you might like to look at the astrological signs and houses that are being activated in your chart and what the energy of that month is.

Ultimately, having this knowledge means that you can pick astrological signs and houses that support the energy you most want to bring to the launch. Or at the very least, you can be prepared for the type of energy that might come up for you and your soul clients!

AstroLaunching & your Birth Chart

Have you ever had a birth chart reading? Or maybe even downloaded your own birth chart? This can be an insightful guide when you plan your launch with the moon cycles.

Your birth chart is full of information but as a starting point, it will tell you three important things:

  1. Sun sign (this is where the sun was when you were born) – This is your highest potential and where you are meant to shine in this lifetime and is often linked to your experience of masculine energy or the father in your life. My sun sign is Sagittarius and reflects my thirst for learning and meaning (and my love of travel!).
  2. Rising sign (this is the sign that was rising in the east when you were born) – This is how you appear in the world and how others perceive you and can be great to consider when launching yourself and your products into the world. For example, I am a Virgo rising and many people think I am a Virgo sun sign as I am hyper organized and efficient.
  3. Moon sign (this is where the moon was when you were born) – This is where you have come from and is often linked with your mother and how you need to nurture yourself. I have a Cancer moon and I need lots of time to retreat into my shell to nurture myself and my home is very important as my space to nurture others.

These three pieces of information can tell you a lot about yourself and a lot about what will feel comfortable and what won’t feel comfortable for you. 

You might find that launching during New Moons or Full Moons in these signs is a supportive time. You can also consult an astrologist to look at transits to determine the most auspicious launch dates. 

Natal Aspects

A final consideration when planning your launch with the moon is aspects to the position of the New Moon or Full Moon in your birth chart.

For example, the coming Full Moon in Scorpio will be conjunct my natal Uranus in my birth chart. When the moon is conjunct with a planet it amplifies the impact of that planet. Scorpio is already an intense energy – combine that with the unpredictable energy of Uranus (the rebel or revolutionary) I expect it might be a tumultuous time!

Astrolaunching – don’t forget to listen to your Intuition

I’ve mentioned some really powerful ways that you can plan your launch with the moon cycles but I want to point out that none of this should be put ahead of your own intuition and awareness.

Different moon phases and cycles will feel different to everyone so it’s important to get an understanding of what your natural rhythms and cycles are.

Finally, I want to let you know that I do not let the above completely dictate my launch dates. It won’t always work out perfectly but it’s always nice to look to the sky and see how you can plan your launch with the moon cycles.

Would you like to learn more about AstroLaunching?

Then check out my AstroLaunching Astrology Toolkit which guides you through the process of planning your launches in alignment with the moon cycles and astrology!

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