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Create your Astrologically Aligned strategic business model

23rd July-13th September 2024

Your Constellation of Offerings will help you to create a strategic and sustainable business model designed with your soul clients in mind.


Are You Struggling to Define Your Core Offerings and Feeling Paralyzed About Getting Started?

Do you know that you want a simple business model but you have no idea how to get there?

Or perhaps you have ended up with offerings that you resent delivering ?


Your Constellation of Offerings will give you this clarity, release you from resentment and finally get you unstuck.


After working with business coaches for years I was feeling frustrated that they all taught a hierarchical, one size fits all approach to serving your clients.

Not all clients want and need the same thing from you or want to take a prescribed path to achieve their goals.

They want a choose-your-own-adventure approach to working with you, where they can set the level of engagement at any given stage of their journey.

It dawned on me - our business model should resemble a constellation. It's a network of interconnected offerings, each contributing to a greater whole, just like the stars in the sky. 

Our clients should be able to start their journey at any given star in our business model constellation.

They should not feel like a product pushed through a prescribed factory assembly line - instead they should feel like a shining star charting their own course.

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And so, Your Constellation of Offerings was born.


I knew Astrology could illuminate what our most aligned offerings should entail, so I downloaded the Constellation of Offerings framework.

An astrologically informed and aligned method to build a business model that takes your customers on a journey - their journey - within a defined offerings framework.

Almost like booking a tour around Europe - they get to choose the stops they want to include and what order they want to visit them in.

And we get to focus on 

showing up and serving.

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Your Constellation of Offerings Framework

Helps you to define your thought leadership, your unique toolkit and how you help your soul clients and then brings it together in a scalable and strategic business model.


Your Constellation of Offerings is a strategic yet simple approach to designing offerings for your astrologically aligned soul clients.

How can Your Constellation of Offerings help you?

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Streamline & Simplify your Offerings

By streamlining and simplifying your offerings, you can concentrate on those with the greatest potential for success. Clear and focused offerings are more compelling to your soul clients, leading to increased conversions.

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Leverage your Time

Eliminate the feeling of being pulled in too many directions by prioritising your focus on key offerings. This program helps you regain control of your time, allocating it efficiently and effectively towards activities that drive growth and success.

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Focus your Marketing Efforts

Focusing on a few offerings allows you to allocate your marketing resources more effectively. With fewer offerings you can create more targeted and impactful marketing campaigns and more effective sales funnels, driving greater engagement and sales.

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Increase your Revenue

It seems counterintuitive that few offerings will equal higher revenues, but it’s absolutely true. Concentrating your efforts on a select few offerings can optimize your sales processes, deepen customer engagement, and ultimately drive greater profitability.

What you'll learn

Pre-Work: Crafting Your Vision


In this module, you'll embark on your journey by delving into the essence of your brand with the Constellation of Offerings Framework. 

Learn about the four key components that will shape your constellation, and gain insight from real-world examples. 

Module 1: Thought Leadership


In this module, you'll dive deep into your core message, thought leadership, toolkit and define how you help your clients,

By the end, you'll outline your unique thought leadership, setting the stage for the creation of your constellation.

Module 2: AstroOfferings


In this module, you'll dive deep into your what your natal and/or business chart tells you about your most aligned offerings.

By the end, you'll be clear on the most aligned and easeful types of offerings for you to create through your business - and those that you might want to exclude.

Module 3: Lead Generation


Discover the importance of your strategic free resource, your Lead Generator, and why it's the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. 

Align it with your astrological blueprint for maximum impact, explore various examples, and learn how to design and promote your Lead Generator effectively, setting the foundation for attracting your soul clients.

Module 4: Building Trust


Uncover the significance of your Trust Builder – your super helpful mini-product – and its role in nurturing relationships with potential clients. 

Dive into the Trust Builder Secret Weapon, explore alignment with astrology, examine real-life examples, and craft your own Trust Builder product that encourages your soul clients to take the first step towards working with you.

Module 5: Scaling your Impact


Explore the world of Leveraged Offerings, such as eCourses, Memberships, or Group Coaching programs, and understand their pivotal role in expanding your reach. 

Learn about different types of Leveraged Offerings, align them with your astrological profile, and design a scalable offering that aligns with your brand. 

Discover strategies for effectively promoting your Leveraged Offering, maximizing your impact.

Module 6: Elevating your Brand


Elevate your brand with a Signature Process that encapsulates your premium offerings and specialized readings. 

Align it with your astrological framework to ensure authenticity and resonance. 

Explore examples of Signature Processes, design your own, and learn how to promote them effectively, establishing yourself as a leader in your field and attracting clients who resonate with your unique approach.

Module 7: Integrating your Vision

In this final module, bring everything together as you refine and integrate your constellation of offerings. 

Create a comprehensive summary document outlining your refined offerings, ensuring clarity and coherence in your brand strategy. 

By the end, you'll have a clear vision of your constellation of offerings, ready to shine bright in the cosmos of your market.

What's included in the course?

8 live coaching calls


8 weekly live coaching calls that are recorded and placed in the members site for you to watch at your leisure.

8 Training Modules


You will receive access to my custom designed membership site as well as beautiful PDF workbooks to apply your learnings to your own chart.

Supported Course Community


You will receive access to my community of apprentice astrologers and soulful businesswomen. You can ask your questions here as you work through the content and develop your offerings.

Your Investment

Enrollment closes in...


Your Constellation of Offerings (Pay in Full)

$499 USD (Valued at over $2150 USD)

  • 8 live coaching calls (Value: $800)
  • 8 detailed course modules with PDF modules, instructional videos and resources (Value $1600)
  • 8 weeks online community support ($350)

Your Constellation of Offerings (Payment Plan)

2 x 275 USD

  • 8 live coaching calls (Value $600)
  • 8 detailed course modules with PDF modules, instructional videos and resources (Value $1400)
  • 8 weeks online community support ($350)
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Sales Page Mastery Bonus Training

(valued at $300)

Elevate your marketing prowess with our exclusive Bonus Sales Page Training

Dive deep into crafting compelling sales pages that captivate and convert your audience.

In this comprehensive training, you'll gain invaluable insights into the following:

Key Elements








Case Studies


Understand the essential components that make up a high-converting sales page.

Learn how to effectively communicate the benefits of your offerings to resonate with your audience.

Anticipate and address common questions and objections to streamline the buying process.

Explore the power of guarantees in instilling confidence and trust in your prospective buyers.

Navigate the legal aspects of sales page creation to ensure compliance and protection.

Master the art of persuasive writing to craft compelling copy that drives action.

Discover how to leverage the expertise of a copywriter to enhance your sales page's effectiveness.

Learn best practices for designing visually appealing and user-friendly sales pages.

Gain inspiration and insights from real-world case studies showcasing successful sales page strategies.

Access a handy detailed checklist to ensure your sales page covers all essential elements for maximum impact.

With this bonus training, you'll not only elevate your sales page game but also supercharge your overall marketing efforts, driving greater engagement and conversions.

Wouldn't it feel amazing if you...

Had absolute clarity instead of feeling lost and bewildered about your business offerings, armed with a straightforward and strategic business model.

Never again devalued your offering and felt resentful about delivering your products and services.


Could guide your soul clients along a seamless pathway, fostering their loyalty and transforming them into repeat customers.

Understood precisely what your soul clients crave assistance with, enabling you to craft irresistible offers tailored to their needs.


Creating a strategic constellation of offerings helped me to create a business with loyal, repeat customers who are excited to purchase almost anything I create.


This may feel like a big investment

But compare that to hiring an implementer to help you create your offerings or a business coach to help you get clarity on your thought leadership.

Imagine all the hours of frustration when the offerings they create don't feel like you and your business on a deep soul level, let alone when you meet the needs of your soul clients.

Factor in the cost of the reworking because you have been unable to give them clear direction.

Now, think about the costs of having your website redesigned if you realize later that this was not what you were meant to do with your business after all.

Or how about the cost to your self-esteem, happiness, and future success if you never start your business in the first place?

In the long run this program will SAVE you time & money

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Closes in...

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Who is this program for?

This program does require an understanding of your AstroBrand as taught in my Your AstroBrand Map course. If you have not completed this course then I suggest you enroll in the upgrade option with Your AstroBrand Map as a self-study course.

This program is designed for soulful, creative entrepreneurs who already understand key placements in their natal and/or business charts (such as your sun, moon, rising, and DC angle). It is perfect for you if:

  • You seek clarity on your aligned offerings: You want to finally clarify what to offer so you can start making money from your business.
  • You desire simplicity: You are ready to streamline and simplify your offerings.
  • You are willing to be focused and strategic: You are prepared to initially focus on a specific soul client and niche, building a strategic yet simple business model before considering additional products and services.
  • You need help organizing content: You’re unsure which content or technique belongs in which offering and need guidance. Our program provides a clear roadmap, relieving you from confusion and uncertainty.
  • You value a practical, soulful mentor: You want to learn from a practical, down-to-earth business mentor and business astrologer who blends strategy and soul, providing you with a grounded and guided learning experience.
  • You appreciate quality: You want access to high-quality, beautiful training materials and the ability to ask questions and gain support as you learn.

Meet Kathryn

Kathryn is your go-to expert for infusing soulful strategy into your brand and business, using astrology as your trusted compass. Her cosmic wisdom will help you brand (or rebrand) your business in a way that's not only strategic but deeply aligned with your core essence.

With a Sagittarius sun, Cancer moon, and Virgo rising, Kathryn embodies optimism, friendliness, sensitivity, nurturing qualities, and an unmatched knack for organization, focus, and planning. Her celestial makeup perfectly complements her mission to help you discover your brand's true essence.

Kathryn harnesses astrology's power help her clients craft divine brands that speak to your soul.

Kathryn is an intuitive and evolutionary astrologer who views astrology as a lifelong journey of dedication and growth. For her, astrology is more than a tool—it's a gateway to uncovering and aligning with your profound soul purpose. It's a means to navigate life's seasons, passages, and transitions with grace and ease, even during the toughest times.

Join Kathryn on this cosmic adventure, where astrology becomes your key to unlocking the deeper layers of your brand and life's purpose.


Are you ready to discover your Constellation of Offerings?

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