Create your own free astrology chart using my Birth Chart calculator

Fill in the fields below to create your own free astrology chart using my birth chart calculator and discover your astrology placements. Once you have entered your birth data you can right-click on the chart to save it.

Free Astrology Birth Chart calcultor kindly supplied by Astro-seek

free astrology birth chart calculator

I have my free Astrology Chart, what's next?

You've used the birth chart calculator but what's next? It can be daunting when you first see your astrology chart but don't worry I can make it easy to understand and interpret! Check out a range of ways to work with me below!

FREE Astrology Basics Course

In this Free Astrology course discover what your astrology chart tells you about your soul work and aligned business.

I’ll show you how.

  • easily read your Natal Chart
  • create, navigate and interpret your natal astrology chart.
  • Over 3 hours of high-quality and practical astrology training for people new to astrology
  • a handy 9-page PDF reference guide and 14-page worksheet.

Find out more here.

Book an astrology reading with me

Would you like to get a deeper sense of who you are and who you are meant to be?

Do you want to delve into the greater purpose of your life and career?

Want to learn what your astrology chart can tell you from a professional astrologer? Look no further and book a reading here.

Check out my cost effective Astrology Toolkits

I have a range of Astrology Toolkits ranging from $19-97 that guide you through different astrology applications including lunar astrology, money astrology, past life astrology and astrology for launching. Find out more here.

Study natal and Business Astrology

So that you can help others to align with their natal promise and soul purpose. Enroll on my 9-month professional certification program. Find out more here.

Or if you have already studied natal astrology then check out my advanced business astrology certification covering Business Astrology, AstroPlanning (Transits, Progressions, Solar Returns and more), AstroLaunching (Electional Astrology), AstroTravel (Astrocartography) and Feminine Archetypes in Astrology (Asteroid Goddesses). Find out more here.

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