Natal Chart Reading

Would you like to get a deeper sense of who you are and who you are meant to be?

Do you want to delve into the greater purpose of your life and career?

We all have a birth chart (also referred to as natal chart) or a map of the exact planet’s location at the time of our birth. On our birth chart, these planets are located within certain zodiac signs (e.g aries, leo, virgo) and certain houses from 1-12 which represent different themes or aspects of our lives.

The planetary positions at your birth create an imprint that can be referred to as your Natal Promise – in other words, the potential that is available to you should you choose it. There are infinite outcomes from this natal promise and you have absolute free will – it is not about being tied to a fated existence but rather about choosing your fate within what is meant for you.

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I absolutely believe that as humans we CAN achieve whatever we set our minds to, but that being said, it makes sense to understand our birth chart and to find a way to work with the energy and blueprint of it – rather than against it.

Come on a journey to...

Explore your natal chart and look at your astrological signature, the meaning of your inner and outer planet placements, and what we can learn from your north and south nodes about your soul purpose.

You'll leave the session with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding about your life.

How we work together

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Firstly you will pay for your session, book a time and provide me with your birth information (date, time of birth, and location of birth) as well as any specific questions you have for me.

After this, I will spend a number of hours preparing your reading and tuning into the key messages you need to hear.

At the agreed time we will have a zoom call where I will take you through your chart and provide time for you to ask any questions. You are welcome to record this call. Within 48 hours (normally sooner) I will send you your PDF report of your reading.

After Astrology readings with me, clients tend to say things like:

 // I feel so much clearer/lighter/focused/excited now

// I understand myself so much better now

// It was incredible how you picked up on ……

// I feel so excited to align my business with the insights from the reading

// You made astrology so simple and easy to understand

// You gave me permission to….

// The opportunity to ask any specific questions for me to consider as I am preparing your reading

// A 60-minute Astrology reading via zoom including an explanation of how to decipher your birth chart

// The option to record the reading to listen to later

// A detailed PDF report sent to you within 48 hours

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The Birth Chart Astrology Reading includes

What does the PDF report include?

// A Copy of your Birth Chart to refer to

// A summary of your chart including your overall zodiac type (different from your sun sign!), chart shape, and any stelliums or clusters

// Information about your Chart Ruler and influential planets and placements in your chart

// Review your angles and what they mean about how you greet the world, your ancestry, your relationships and soul clients, and your career and calling

// Your Astrological Signature - what the combination of your sun, moon, and rising sign means about your most aligned business or career and life.

// Your other planet placements and how they may play out in your life including Chiron, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus.

// Your Lunar Nodes and what they mean about your soul calling and past karma and experiences.

// Your most challenging and supportive planet aspects and how to work with them

"Apart from being incredibly accurate and wonderfully descriptive, giving me the confirmation and confidence I needed; Kathryn was incredibly organised through the whole process with a recording and report I find myself referring back to all the time.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for a reading."
- Tammy Guest 

"I recently had a reading with Kathryn and I found it incredibly helpful and insightful.

I learned about aspects of my personality that had not appreciated before.

The reading has helped me feel more accepting of myself and led me to explore a different way of approaching my business that is more natural and fulfilling.

Kathryn is someone work with again and again because I always walk away feeling inspired and grounded."

- Megan O'Neill, Core Belief Engineering Practitioner.

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Kathryn has such a beautiful grasp on how astrology impacts your life and business. 

Denise Duffield Thomas 

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Meet Kathryn

Kathryn is an intuitive and evolutionary astrologer who believes that astrology is a lifelong dedication and learning process.

Kathryn sees astrology as a gateway into discovering and aligning to your deep soul purpose as well as tuning in to your life’s seasons, passages, and transitions. Astrology allows us to navigate these passages with grace and ease and find meaning even during the hard times.

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Kathryn teaches her clients how to fuse strategy with soul and launch themselves and their businesses in a soulful and aligned way using astrology as their guide.

She is a Sagittarius sun, Cancer moon, and Virgo rising - meaning she is optimistic and friendly, sensitive and nurturing, and extremely organized, focused, and planned!


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My natal chart reading by Kathryn opened my eyes and my heart to who I am and what I'm here for in ways that nothing else has done.

I have had a number of astrology readings over the years, and have worked with coaches and studied many other approaches to understanding myself as I have searched to understand who I am at the core.

After taking some of Kathryn's courses to help me get clarity on my new business direction, I decided to work with her one-on-one to go deeper with understanding myself and my soul's purpose.

With her clear, organized, and supportive manner, she answered so many questions I had about myself, confirmed many things I sensed, and clarified inner conflicts and incongruities. Things clicked into place and many missing pieces of myself now have a place to call home.

I now feel empowered with my personal soul's blueprint to guide me forward in my life and my business as I navigate a time of intense transformation.

- Roberta Kline, Co-founder Genomic Medicine Works, and Founder, Roberta Kline Coaching by Design

"I had my very first Astrology Reading with Kathryn, after many years of being curious about what this discipline could offer in terms of additional insights.
Apart from it being fun, I found that Kathryn spent time with me as a complete newbie, explaining the core concepts, and post-reading, provided me with a really comprehensive resource to refer to.
My chart and the progressive chart (wow, I know what that means now!) while taking a little time to absorb their full impact, made sense straight away, and allowed me to 'exhale'. So much information - which of course it is up to me now to work out what to do with now.
The process of the reading - where Kathryn had created a written version of my reading to refer back to and went over every element in detail, was really useful.
You really can't get more customised than a personalised astrological reading.
I gained particular insights of great use in relation to my business and career which complemented other observations I had been making about ideal clients and who I can best serve.
I'd really recommend Kathryn to anyone who feels some additional insight to their life would be of value.
Thanks again, Kathryn. I'm hooked.
- Urszula Richards, Onlineiq

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