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Astrology Basics

In this Free Astrology Basics course
Discover what your birth chart tells you about your soul work and aligned business


Attention beginner astrology students!

Astrology doesn’t have to be complicated. In this free Astrology Basics course, I’ll show you how.

  • easily read your Natal Chart
  • create, navigate and interpret your natal astrology chart.
  • Over 3 hours of high-quality and practical astrology training for people new to astrology
  • a handy 9-page PDF reference guide and 14-page worksheet.
whats included

What's included in the Astrology Basics FREE COURSE:

  • 2 x 90 minute live-call recorded trainings
  • Astrology Basics PDF Guide
  • How to create your Natal Chart
  • How to navigate your Natal Chart
  • How to read your chart
  • Things to look for in your Natal Chart
  • Answers to common questions on the call recordings

This was the most simplistic explanation that was easy to understand

- Shyne

This was the best explanation that I have ever heard

- Jamie Bullock

Thank you for this information, it's like a permission slip!


So, this is therapy too! So cool


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Denise DT

"Kathryn has such a beautiful grasp on how astrology impacts your life and business.”

- Denise Duffield-Thomas

I came across Kath's website and was drawn in because I was wondering if this could help my photography business. As I was looking around I decided to try her Astrology basics that she has for free. After going through that I was hooked. I learned so much just from the information that she gave away for free.

- Andrea Baue


“Every beginning student of astrology should look to Astrology Basics before anything else.

This is a brief, yet cut and dry, and to-the-point course that helped me understand the basic essentials for navigation of the birth chart.

It is quick, simple to follow along and understand, and it's free!

You will learn about each of the planets, signs, and their archetypes, the houses, along with their descriptive keywords. By the end, you should understand how to interpret the basic placements in a birth chart."

— Katrina James, Original Insights Tarot

Get Started on Your Astrology Journey!

It could change your life . . .

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