Do you want to know what to expect in the next 12 months and how to harness the life cycle you are in and the astrological energies unique to you?

A year ahead astrology reading can stop you from feeling lost, stuck or overwhelmed about your life and business.

I’ve been through times like this and the one thing that truly helped me was understanding my soul blueprint through my astrology chart.

Year ahead astrology readings can help you to tune into your soul as well as understand the wider reasons why you are going through, or have been through difficult times. We can accurately identify key life passages and transitions as well as look to the future for more auspicious and beneficial passages and transits.  

We can then plan our business activities and harness the natural energy for maximum success as well as know when to book our holidays and time off!

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Who is a year ahead astrology reading for?

If you have had a birth chart reading before and you want to dive deeper into the current energies and life cycles you are in as well as get guidance on some specific questions this is for you.

  • You are a passionate and soul-led woman in business
  • You are feeling really stuck and overwhelmed or perhaps burnt out and want to work with the natural energies rather than against them
  • You deeply desire to gain clarity and push through resistance

In a year ahead astrology reading we will...

Look at the placement of your progressed planets as well as the key transits at play for the next 1-2 years - in other words how the positions of the planets now are activating your birth chart.

You can ask specific questions such as when should I launch my program/business or what are the main themes for me in the next 12 months?

This is the right reading if you want to know the energies and themes for you over the next 12 months.

You'll feel

A sense of understanding about the most auspicious times to take action on your goals and the key themes at play for you over the next 12 months.

The year ahead astrology reading includes

// The opportunity to ask any specific questions for me to consider as I am preparing your reading

// A 60-90 minute Astrology reading via zoom

// The option to record the reading to listen to later

// A detailed PDF report sent to you within 48 hours

What does the year ahead astrology reading PDF report include

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  1. Information about your numerology for the year ahead
  2. A three-card Reading
  3. Overview of your monthly energy over 12 months (using Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury placements) to help you pick the best times for activities in your business including specific dates to harness and avoid.
  4. The position of the slower moving planets and where to harness their energies (including Chiron, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Uranus).
  5. A list of major transits impacting you over the next 12+ months and how they're likely to show up and the specific dates to harness or avoid.
  6. Discussion of your progressed Moon and your evolved emotional needs.
  7. The key themes impacting you over the next 12 months.
  8. Plus answers to any specific questions you have.

After year ahead astrology readings with me, clients tend to say things like:

// I feel so much clearer/lighter/focused/excited now

// I understand myself so much better now

// It was incredible how you picked up on ……

// I feel so excited to align my business with the insights from the reading

// You made astrology so simple and easy to understand

// You gave me permission to….

"I was feeling like I needed some guidance for myself and my business and I had dabbled in the effects of astrology and the moon before, so I was drawn to get a reading from Kathryn.
Apart from being incredibly accurate and wonderfully descriptive, giving me the confirmation and confidence I needed; Kathryn was incredibly organised through the whole process with a recording and report I find myself referring back to all the time.
My favourite part of the reading was Kathryn's incredible insight into knowing the launch process and how my astrological chart could be best matched with timing for my business.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for a reading."
- Tammy Guest 

"Thanks so much for the detailed reading and explanations that you have laid out so well Kathryn.

I found it beneficial to single in on specific dates for different elements in my business. It enables me to get prepared for busy and fortuitous times, so I am making the most of the potential of planetary alignments and transits."

- Mandy Beverly, Remarkable Group
"I loved the session and the information it provided.
It was the right amount of depth, without getting too technical, and I understood everything discussed.
Kath has given me a terrific guidebook for the year ahead and I'm excited to note it all into next year's diary as both an awareness/grounding practice and to see how the energies play out IRL! ."
 - Tracy Stubbs
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Kathryn has such a beautiful grasp on how astrology impacts your life and business. I loved our session - it’s really helped me make some big shifts for the upcoming year.

- Denise Duffield Thomas

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"I've been feeling stuck, knowing I needed to change, and struggling with creating a new business that feels more aligned with me. But without clarity, it's been like swimming through murky water.

Kathryn's reading was so helpful in understanding what is going on for me now, and why things have been so difficult because I've been trying to fight the energies rather than flow with them.

I still need to swim, but now the way ahead is more clear.

As she shared the underlying energies, where I am being called to go, and the upcoming challenges, so much of my angst dissipated. I stopped fighting myself and the energies because I know what lies ahead, and how to navigate it as I enter a new phase of transformation in my life and my business.

I now understand how to use this time wisely to create my new business that is aligned with my soul's purpose- and be patient (not my strong suit!) with myself and the process.

- Roberta Kline

How we work together in a year ahead astrology reading


Firstly you will pay for your session, book a time and provide me with your birth information (date, time of birth and location of birth) as well as any specific questions you have for me.

After this, I will spend a number of hours preparing your reading and tuning into the key messages you need to hear.

At the agreed time we will have a zoom call where I will take you through your chart and provide time for you to ask any questions. You are welcome to record this call.

Within 48 hours (normally sooner) I will send you your PDF report of your reading.

In a year ahead astrology reading, I facilitate the space for you to connect with the unique energy of your year ahead and
to align your life and business to maximize this energy.

Meet Kathryn

Kathryn is an intuitive and evolutionary astrologer who believes that astrology is a lifelong dedication and learning process.

Kathryn sees astrology as a gateway into discovering and aligning to your deep soul purpose as well as tuning in to your life’s seasons, passages, and transitions. Astrology allows us to navigate these passages with grace and ease and find meaning even during the hard times.

Kathryn teaches her clients how to fuse strategy with soul and launch themselves and their businesses in a soulful and aligned way using astrology as their guide.

She is a Sagittarius sun, Cancer moon, and Virgo rising - meaning she is optimistic and friendly, sensitive and nurturing, and extremely organized, focused, and planned!

Kathryn - Standard Edits, 008



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