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Do you want to discover the path of least resistance? You can with the Solar Return Toolkit.

You can be aligned and abundant by working with your solar return cycle - and you don’t need to hire a professional astrologer!

Have you found yourself frustrated that the goals you are working towards are not acheived

Are you curious what astrology can tell you about your most aligned goals?

Are you craving a life that is more intuitive where there is less pushing and hustle and more flow?

Have you heard people posting about working with their solar return chart but had no idea how to create one?

Have you tried to learn it for yourself but ended up giving up?

In the Solar Return Toolkit we'll cover:

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// What are solar returns and why they are helpful

// How to create a solar return chart

// What each of the planets mean in a solar return chart including when they are retrograde

// How to interpret the chart shape of your solar return chart

// How to interpret the solar return sun by house

// How to interpret aspects between the solar return sun and other planets

// How to interpret the solar return moon by house

// How to interpret the solar return ascendant or rising sign

Including detailed interpretations and a solar return worksheet and so much more!

Total value: $197

Value $197 - just $49USD for a limited time

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You'll receive

The Solar Return Toolkit including

solar return toolkit members site

5 Instructional Videos

Over 40 minutes of video training so that you don’t get confused, including how to run your solar return chart including which location to use.

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Solar Return Workbook

Nearly 60 pages of Solar Return goodness with an easy reference guide to each of the solar return planets and additional information such as retrograde planets and chart shape.

solar return toolkit worksheets

Solar Return Worksheets

8 pages of Exploratory Worksheets that you can print and use each year to understand your year ahead.

Solar return sun

Solar Return Sun

Detailed interpretations for the Solar Return Sun through the houses and in aspect to other planets.

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Solar Return Moon

Detailed interpretations for the Solar Return Moon through the houses.

solar return ascendant

Solar Return Ascendant

Detailed interpretations for the Solar Return Ascendant.


solar return oracle spreed

Solar Return Oracle Card Reading Worksheet

Bring some more soul into your year using the Solar Powered Oracle Card Reading Guide.

Total value: $197 USD

Value $97 - just $19USD for a limited time

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Imagine if

Each year you felt tuned in your annual astrological energy and knew what to expect - and as a result, your business finally felt aligned and in flow

The universe was working in your favor rather than against it - and you started manifesting the things you wanted in your life + biz

You didn’t feel as exhausted in fact you felt energized!

You knew what to focus on… and when, and so you didn’t beat up on yourself for not doing all.the.things

You finally had the clarity you need to feel empowered - like the empress of your own life!

… this is how it should be
and how it can be for you

Do you want to learn to interpret your solar return chart

and then use this skill year after year?

who am i?

My name is
Kathryn Hocking

I’ve spent the past 8 years studying intensively in Soul & Energy Medicine, Intuitive Arts, and Astrology.

I’m an in-demand astrologer, qualified soul, and energy medicine practitioner, and intuitive soul guide.

I'm the creator of the Business Astrology Academy and 15 business astrology courses and the Business Astrology Oracle Deck recently picked up by Hay House.

I'm also the chief designer and CEO of Pisces Creative Co - a boutique branding house for Soulful Female Entrepreneurs that combines Astrology & Branding.


"What I love about Kathryn's work is that she understands energetics which makes her an incredible guide and support for creating flow and abundance. Kathryn's work is profound, comprehensive, and beautiful."

Nisha Moodley

Women's Leadership Coach & Founder of Global Sisterhood Day

"Kathryn is such an amazing, soulful businesswoman. I'm always in awe of her professionalism and thoroughness but she's also so grounded and practical. As a mentor and teacher, she really has that rare combination. Work with her, you'll be glad you did."

Denise Duffield - thomas

author of Chillpreneur,

Denise Duffield Thomas-min


Refund Policy

I don’t normally offer Guarantees on my products


However, for this offering I’m going to do something special and offer you a 7-day money-back guarantee - that’s enough time to use this toolkit for at least one new or full moon and experience the results for yourself.

All I ask is that you give it a go first - because if you don’t try you’ll never know!

Total value: $197 USD

Value $197 - just $49USD for a limited time

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