When we think about our calling in Business Astrology we naturally gravitate towards the MC Line and the 10th House.

In this blog, I’ll look at Business Astrology including the MC line and the houses in your chart that can provide a hint about your calling or life purpose and how you can align this to your business.

First, let’s start being clear about where the MC and 10th house is in your chart.

Business Astrology & the MC Line

The MC or Medium Coeli (Mid-Heaven) is one of the four angles in your chart and it is found at the top of your chart.

The  MC line and 10th house

Frank Clifford describes it as like a tree growing from the roots of your IC and blossoming up to the top of your chart.

Your mid-heaven has a lot to do with what you aspiring towards in your life and the way you will get there. We can think of it as our legacy to leave the world or how we would like to be remembered.

It also reveals how we feel about success and our vision for ourselves as well as our public image.

But remember it takes time to grow into our MC and you are not expected to have it “all worked out”!

MC in the Signs and how you can align your business to your MC Line

Aries – Find opportunities to be a leader and steer your own ship.

Taurus – Bring in high quality and sensuality of Taurus into your positioning and branding.

Gemini – Allow yourself to be multi-passionate.

Cancer – Create boundaries so that you can care for others without burning out.

Leo – Create opportunities to shine and receive praise and recognition.

Virgo – Ensure that you are truly being of service to your clients.

Libra – Consider whether there is there an opportunity to work with a partner or collaborate on a project?

Scorpio – How can you bring more passion and/or transformation into your work and business?

Sagittarius – How can you bring more freedom and expansion into your business?

Capricorn – Set longer-term goals and break them down into small goals you can work towards. Take the pressure off.

Aquarius – Perhaps your business is too focused on you rather than the collective? Maybe creating a not-for-profit, educational organisation or collaborating with a group of entrepreneurs would be better suited.

Pisces – Perhaps you need to embrace your inner ‘woo’ and bring some spirituality or intuitive work into your business?

Business Astrology – Relevant Houses

In business astrology there are 3 houses most relevant to your calling and to a certain extent, they all work together.

The most well-known is the 10th House of Career and calling. Ruled by sign Capricorn and planet Saturn the 10th House represents career and calling, long-term goals, fame, and public image. Looking at your 10th House, and your natal planets that are there can give you an idea of what to expect from your career and work.

Our 10th House planets show us what skills we could be born with and naturally possess.

It is important to note that the 10th house is not about random short-term jobs or jobs taken just to pay the rent (this is 6th house territory). The career as projected in the tenth house is your dream job or business, the occupation through which you will move towards your calling and sole purpose.

Saturn, the ruler of the house, is a slow-moving planet and this is reflected in that it most often takes time for us both to find what we really love doing in our lives and create the necessary circumstances so that we can do it.

Then there comes the 6th house of daily work and routine which is the non-soul work jobs that we take to make a “living”.

When looking at business/entrepreneurial pursuits the 2nd house becomes very important as it signifies our ability to create resources such as money but also products or services that we can sell. For those of us in business contemplating the planets in the 2nd house is very significant.

Business Astrology & Planets in the 10th House

Planets in the 10th house can indicate special talents but also look to the archetype of that planet and the sign it rules for more information on particular business choices.

To find out more about the planets in your 10th house download my free guide below.


Your business is extremely important to you – it’s where you shine and what gives you a sense of purpose. Goals and plans are important to you and you have the confidence to attain them. You are better suited to being the boss and you are a natural leader. Being in the spotlight comes naturally to you and you are better suited to running your biz outside of the home such as a co-working space.


If you are not successful in your business this impacts you emotionally and destabilizes your sense of security. Your emotions can get the better of you in your business. Ideally, your business allows you to express your moon (look to the zodiac sign for ideas). You are someone who needs recognition to feel secure and satisfied in your work. With this placement, your home and business may be very merged and you may struggle to find balance.


You need to communicate as part of your business and you tend to gravitate towards Mercury-related professions, and could work in communications, as a writer or speaker, with technology, or doing anything with words. Since Mercury is a dual planet (ruled by Gemini & Virgo), you could have two different professions in your life, or work two at the same time. You need variety and change in your career


You need to be around other people so don’t isolate yourself! You make a good impression and people gravitate towards you. This placement can indicate a work-a-holic tendency (being in-love with your career/biz). This is a promising sign for entrepreneurs as it indicates that soul clients will be drawn to you (also if Venus is in the 2nd house).


With your natal Mars in your 10th house, you are driven to succeed in life. You likely know what your long-term goals are, and set a plan to achieve them. You have a natural talent to take action, be brave and make things happen in your business.


With your natal Jupiter in your 10th house, you have a natural positivity and optimism about your goals and ambitions. Jupiter here can be a good position for you to have career success in your life, almost coming easily, which can lead to laziness with career matters. This is a lucky placement!


Saturn is at home in the 10th house and so you take your business very seriously. You likely have a mission and a sense of purpose and may have known this from a young age. You may have a hard time finding a career or being successful in your business until after your first Saturn return (when Saturn returns to the exact placement it was at when you were born;
occurs in your late 20’s or early 30’s). You are likely a leader or a master in your chosen business.


With your natal Uranus in your 10th house, you do things your own way, and may not want to be tied down to your business. You have the ability to see trends and emerging markets. You need plenty of freedom to do what you want, to explore your ideas, and to express yourself creatively.


With your natal Neptune in your 10th house, you might wander with your career for before you figure out what you want to do, and struggle with making clear goals. You may avoid responsibility.


With your natal Pluto in your 10th house, you’re highly ambitious and you feel connected to your purpose and life path, and you strive to succeed no matter what. You need to deal with past issues and allow yourself to express
your power in healthy ways and experience transformation.

Business Astrology & 10th house planets
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