So you are curious about learning astrology but you’re not really sure how it could help you in your business?

Let me share the key ways that learning astrology can help you and others through your business.

Understand yourself better and align with your natural talents and soul purpose

Learning astrology helps you to understand yourself better and therefore align your work and your business to your natural talents and soul purpose. 

When I work with astrology clients I hear comments such as:

  • Learning astrology gave me permission to pursue my passions
  • Wow I can see it right there in my chart, now I don’t have to feel so bad about it
  • I feel so much more confident and empowered
  • So that’s why I’ve always…. It makes so much sense now!

It seems simple but my experience has been that connecting with your chart and learning astrology is an extremely empowering process leading to massive ah-ha’s and breakthroughs.

Delving into my astrology chart gave me the confidence to pursue public speaking and publishing a book as I could see it was right there in my chart.

Predict when to time your business activities & launches

By learning astrology we can learn to time our business activities and launches to the most optimal times in the year.

We can harness the specific nature of new and full moons and other transits of our personal planets. 

We can even use a process of electional astrology to precisely time launch events.

Working with our astrological energy rather than against it can be incredibly effective.

Work with your natural cycles

We are cyclical beings and at any time we are undergoing significant astrological lifecycles such as Neptune square Neptune (a mid-life crisis transit) or our Saturn Return (maturation transit).

We can use astrology to work with our natural cycles whether than is working with the daily and monthly yin and yang energy of moon phases or understanding major lifecycle transits that we are going through in the longer term. 

Astrology helps us to understand that different stages of our lives are meant for different focuses. 

Astrology allows us to work with and embrace these cycles as well as be aware of, and prepare for, potential challenges.

Understand your clients better

My experience working with clients 1:1 is that understanding their natal chart has helped me to deepen my work with them to an extraordinary degree. 

These days I always start a client relationship with an astrology reading as it helps me to rapidly get to know them on a much deeper level. 

This means that we can have potent and transformational discussions that get to the heart of the issue and accelerate their results.

Deepen your work with clients

Astrology can infinitely deepen your work with clients – below are a number of ways astrology can be used in different businesses.

Branding & Design

If you work in branding or design you can use astrology to create a brand or design work that is in true alignment with their natal blueprint. This means that their brand and website or design will communicate the core of who they are, how they help people, and will attract their soul clients.

Mindset coaching

If you are a mindset coach you can look at your client’s astrology chart to understand how they approach change, how they respond emotionally, and their core wounds – all things that will deepen your work with them.

Money Coaching

If you are a money coach you can look at your client’s astrology chart to understand their relationship with money, how they can best make money, money challenges and lessons, and any money potential that is in their chart.

Past Life Regression

If you do past life work with clients you can look at a client’s chart to understand their past life karma and even their most recent past life.

Career Coaching 

If you are a career coach you can look at a client’s astrology chart to identify their soul purpose and the nature of their most suited career.

Business Coaching

If you are a business coach you can look at a client’s chart to identify who their soul clients are, what people are attracted to about them, how they can best make money, and what their core strengths and talents are.

Launch Strategy

If you are a launch strategist you can work with a client to determine the most optimum time for them to launch and how they can best harness the energy.


If you are a healer you can look to a client’s chart to identify their core wound, their karma, as well as how they can transform themselves.

Customized Products

If you have a product-based business you can use astrology to customize your products. An example is a colleague of mine who uses astrology to create custom perfumes. To be able to do this you need to understand the core archetypes of the zodiac as well as someone’s broader chart.

These are just a handful of ways that learning astrology can enhance your business but the potential is limitless!

Have I convinced you that learning astrology is your next move?

If this has piqued your interest to learn astrology then check out my Level 1 Business Astrology Certification.

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