Do you want to explore what your Astrology Chart can tell you about your fortune & fate?

Your Asteroid Fortuna placement has the answers

In this toolkit we'll cover:


// What your Asteroid Fortuna element tells us about how you approach luck and fortune and what you need to do to enhance it

// What your Asteroid Fortuna sign placement can tell us about your risk-taking and luck personality

// What your Asteroid Fortuna house tells us about your highs & lows of luck, abundance, and money

// What additional information do your Asteroid Fortuna aspects give us about how naturally lucky or unlucky you are

// How you can align to your Asteroid Fortuna for maximum abundance and prosperity.


Including 18 pages of reference charts and worksheets, guided meditation, and 6 explanatory videos.

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So do you want to discover the best way to harness your intrinsic fate & fortune?

You'll receive

The Fortune & Fate Toolkit including

7 lessons with instructional videos and worksheets

fortune and fate toolkit

// How to locate Asteroid Fortuna in your Chart

// How to interpret your Asteroid Fortuna Element, Sign, and House placement

// Interpretations for your specific placement

// How to interpret your Asteroid Fortuna Aspects

// Reflection questions to explore your Asteroid Fortuna placement


Fortune & Fate Mockups (1120 x 788 px)

18 abundance affirmations to boost your money mindset

fortuna meditation

 // A guided meditation to help you further explore and align to your Asteroid Fortuna placement. 

fortune+fate mockup

over 33 minutes of video training for you to follow along with

Fortune & Fate Mockups (1120 x 788 px) (3)

Total value: $107 USD

Valued at $107USD just $24USD for a limited time

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who am i?

My name is
Kathryn Hocking

I’m an in-demand astrologer, qualified soul, and energy medicine practitioner, and intuitive soul guide.

I'm the creator of the Business Astrology Academy, The Business Astrology Certification, the Business Astrology Oracle Deck and fifteen business astrology courses including Astrology Abundance.

I'm also the CEO of Pisces Creative Co - a boutique branding house for Soulful Female Entrepreneurs that combines Astrology & Branding.

Kind Words from Clients

"Kathryn is someone work with again and again because I always walk away feeling inspired and grounded."

Megan O'Neill, Core Belief Engineering Practitioner.

The way Kathryn teaches flows and makes so much sense.

It is like she is taking you on an incredible journey full of wonder and delight. I am thoroughly enjoying the learnings that I am receiving.

Belinda Yates

"Her way of teaching is clear and thorough but never overwhelming. The resources she provides are not only beautiful but give a really great way to check back in with the material.

You'll get a solid and straightforward basis to understand the inner workings of astrology taught by someone deeply passionate about it."


Imagine if

You finally understood why your luck seems to occur in a certain part of your life and in a certain way.

You were able to release pushing and striving toward things that don't feel easy.

You could embrace the easiest way for you to make money and let abundance into your life.

You understood why certain parts of your life feel fated - or outside of your control and what to do about it.

… this is how it should be and how it can be for you


"What I love about Kathryn's work is that she understands energetics which makes her an incredible guide and support for creating flow and abundance. Kathryn's work is profound, comprehensive, and beautiful."

Nisha Moodley

Women's Leadership Coach

Denise 22

"Kathryn is such an amazing, soulful businesswoman. I'm always in awe of her professionalism and thoroughness but she's also so grounded and practical. As a mentor and teacher, she really has that rare combination. Work with her, you'll be glad you did."

Denise Duffield - thomas

Money Mindset Mentor & Author



Refund Policy

For this offering I’m going to do something special and offer you a 7-day money-back guarantee - that’s enough time to use this toolkit and experience the results for yourself.

All I ask is that you give it a go first.

Total value: $107 USD

Valued at $107USD just $24USD for a limited time

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