I’ve had a lot of people ask me what the benefits of an Astrology Certification like my Level 1 Business Astrology Certification are compared to just doing individual e-Courses.

It’s a great question – so let’s dive in!

Benefits of an Astrology Certification

Confidence in your own Astrology skills

Firstly and most importantly doing an Astrology Certification over an extended period of time builds confidence in your astrology skills. I’ve noticed that one of the biggest issues with people getting started offering paid astrology services is having the confidence that they know enough and that they can offer an effective and insightful reading.

Test your knowledge

An astrology certification like the one I have created allows you to test your knowledge periodically through accreditation quizzes at the end of each astrology course. You are able to go through the quizzes as many times as you need until you reach a passing score.

Practice your skills

An Astrology certification should provide the opportunity for you to practice your skills in a variety of ways. My certification does this through

  • completing the course workbooks,
  • discussing your placements on the live calls,
  • applying the new and full moon astrology each month
  • as well as at the end of the program completing four practice astrology readings.
  • You also have the opportunity to buddy up with other students to practice or review their charts. 

Gain Feedback

An astrology certification should have a feedback loop at a greater level than just doing an e-Course.

In my certification, we do this through

  • the live calls,
  • the review and submission of your course workbooks
  • as well as detailed feedback on your practice readings at the end of the program. 
  • my certification also has the option to upgrade to the Jupiter package which includes mentoring sessions every 2 months. 

Client confidence in you

Being able to show that you have been through an astrology certification builds confidence in your clients that you have done extensive study of astrology.

If you go through my certification program, I am effectively putting my name to your work which means that you gain credibility through my 10 years of business and astrology experience.

Ultimately demonstrating to clients that you have invested in yourself – in the way you are asking them to invest in you – builds trust.

When you complete the certification you will receive a special certification badge that you can display on your website.

Support from a community of apprentice astrologers

Joining an astrology certification should provide you with access to a community of like-minded apprentice astrologers that you can learn and grow within a safe environment. 

This type of support and learning through others’ experiences is priceless. 

When I did my own 12 months of intensive astrology training I learned so much just from seeing how the other students were applying astrology to their lives and businesses.

In my certification, I have over 50 students from around the world that you can connect with and learn from.

Detailed Resources 

An astrology certification should provide you with detailed resources covering a wide breadth of astrology topics and techniques. 

The way in which you can use these resources will vary depending on the certification provider but I provide my students with a complete astrology guide at the end of their training that they can use to support their astrology readings with clients (this is a guide over 200 pages). 

This is in addition to the individual modules provided with each course.

My students are allowed to use these resources as a basis for their astrology readings so long as they credit my school and program on their sales page. The reason I mandate this is because I would not want someone coming to me for a reading and then one of my students and thinking either one of us had copied someone else’s work.

Students are not allowed to use my reference guide to create white-labeled e-Products – I do this because I encourage my students to discover their own unique astrology magic and to bring through their own voice and style into their offerings. 

Business Advice & Mentoring

Not all Astrology Certifications will provide you with business advice and mentoring – some will be solely astrology education.

My sweet spot is blending strategy and soul – astrology and business – so I absolutely bring business topics and mentoring into my certification – at a group level for the Saturn option and with additional 1:1 mentoring and feedback with the Jupiter option.

Gain a marketable skill and tool

Completing an Astrology Certification provides you with a specific and marketable skill and tool that you can use with clients. I am booked each and every week for various Astrology readings and associated services that would not be possible without my in-depth astrology knowledge.

To me, being able to market an astrology service is far more concrete and tangible than simply offering intuitive coaching or readings.

Create transformation for your clients

Having advanced knowledge and understanding of Astrology enables you to facilitate deep transformation for your clients in a way that traditional coaching or consulting simply cannot do.

Understand yourself better and align your business

On a personal level, Astrology helps you to understand yourself on a deep soul level and then align your business as a result.

You will finally have answers to your questions of “why am I like this” or “why does this always happen to me?” or “what is this all about?” or “why is my business not gaining traction”. 

Work with your natural cycles

Astrology also helps us to understand and work with our natural cycles which, particularly for women, allows us to avoid burnout and overwhelm. It supports us to live intuitively and in a connected way which has ongoing benefits for our stress levels and overall happiness.

Time activities in your business for maximum traction

We can also use our in-depth astrology knowledge to time business initiatives and activities in a way that harnesses the best possible astrological energy in line with our unique astrological blueprint. 

Ready to take your astrology skills to the next level through an Astrology Certification? 

I hope so because my Level 1 Business Astrology Certification is enrolling now – but only for a very limited time.

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