What are the different launch archetypes and how can you use them in your next launch? Years ago, when I launched my e-Courses and programs, it always felt like I was going into battle. I had to saddle up, ready my arsenal, and brace myself for the onslaught (and lack of sleep) to come. It always had that feeling of being ‘me against the world’, and I’d fight, push, and blunt force my way to ‘victory’. Basically, I was playing the role of the ‘launch warrior’.

But in my last few launches, I started to tap into a different energy and work with different launch archetypes. I created a new way of launching – one that nourished and supported me… and that didn’t leech the life out of me. Instead of reaching for that warrior mindset, I swapped it out for a different one: the ‘launch priestess’.

Now I believe that both the launch warrior and the launch priestess are important archetypes and that you can use both of them during your launch at different times.

So today I’m going to teach you a little bit more about the launch archetypes, what they are and how you can use them.

Launch archetypes: Are you a launch warrior or a launch priestess?

Launch Archetypes:

Launch Warrior

The launch warrior is a fierce and courageous archetype. She knows what she wants and she’ll do whatever it takes to get it. The launch warrior is not afraid of going into battle – especially when she feels like there is success and glory waiting for her on the other side.

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The energy most associated with the launch warrior is a masculine energy (read more about masculine energy during a launch here).

Launch Warrior

Launch Warrior Strengths:

When armed with a clear intention and higher purpose, the Launch Warrior is fearless and never gives up during her launch. She continues to show up and speak her truth – even when it’s hard. The Launch Warrior is also very strategic and planned and loves to take whatever action is necessary.

Launch Warrior Challenges:

The Launch Warrior isn’t afraid to go into battle… but you know what happens when you go into battle, right? You get bruised. Battered. Beaten down. So the main challenge for the Launch Warrior is launch burnout.

When to work with the Launch Warrior archetype:

Launch strategising: I love working with the Launch Warrior archetype when doing my launch strategy. It takes true courage to choose a launch model that works for you and a lot of bravery is needed when you’re implementing strategies that you haven’t tried or tested before.

Launch planning: The launch warrior with her deep focus and independence is also a great archetype to work with when you are doing your launch planning. This includes: creating your launch calendar, setting launch goals and setting up the systems required for launch success.

Post-launch review: The launch warrior is unafraid to pursue her purpose and takes the actions that she needs to take to get closer to her goal. So while the post-launch review can be a scary and daunting task for many, the launch warrior tackles it without fear. Channel the launch warrior when sending post-launch surveys and reviewing your launch analytics.

Launch Priestess

The launch priestess is a radiant and magnetic archetype. She is the queen of surrender and receptivity. The launch priestess doesn’t push or fight for what she wants. Instead, she knows when to take action and she knows when to rest. The launch priestess is a master at receiving and she knows that if she ‘does the work’ then abundance will naturally be attracted to her.

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The energy most associated with the launch priestess is a feminine energy (read more about feminine energy during a launch here).

Launch Priestess

Launch Priestess Strengths:

The launch priestess knows how to be in complete devotion to her work, ensuring that every intention she sets and action she takes is truly aligned to her purpose. She approaches her launch in a fully embodied way – allowing her to take potent action and then rest when required.

Launch Priestess Challenges:

There is a risk that the launch priestess becomes so devoted to the inner work that she stops taking inspired action and showing up in her launch. She might see challenges as a sign that ‘this wasn’t for me’ when really, she needs to show perseverance.

When to work with the Launch Priestess archetype:

Launch mindset: Launch mindset is about ‘being’ and ‘doing’ in exquisite harmony – and this is exactly what the launch priestess is all about too! Harness the launch priestess energy to support you with an abundance mindset and help you to attract success and abundance in your launch.

Launch alignment: The launch priestess values harmony and flow – and to achieve this, she knows the importance of launch alignment. Channel the launch priestess when you want to clear negative launch beliefs that are holding you back from launch success. This will allow you to fully embody your launch goals and intentions.

Launch communication: The art of launch communication (like sales emails, social media updates and blog posts) is opening up to receive all the abundance that is out there waiting for you and trusting that the right people will be attracted to your program. And to support you in being receptive and coming from that place of abundance, allow the launch priestess to come through in all of your communications. This will ensure that there is no sense of ‘lack’ coming through in your launch.

How to work with launch archetypes

Now that you know a bit more about each of the launch archetypes, I want you to think about the answer to this question: are you a launch warrior or a launch priestess?

Knowing the answer to this question, will allow you to balance it out with the energies of the other archetype.

For example, if you most identify with the launch warrior then you will want to focus on the aligned, magnetic and receptive energy of the launch priestess. Or if you most identify with the launch priestess then you will want to focus on the brave, fierce and courageous energy of the launch warrior.

And don’t feel like launch archetypes need to be limiting – there is a time and place for both of the archetypes and you’re allowed to play with both of them!

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