What is a nodal return ?

The nodal return is where the Lunar Nodes return to the exact spot they were when you were born. It is important to note that the Lunar Nodes are mathematically calculated points, not actual planetary objects. You can read more about the lunar nodes in this blog.

In this blog I will focus on an event that happens every 18.6 years when the transiting lunar nodes return to your natal position, otherwise known as the Nodal Return. I’ll also dive into the type of experiences you may encounter as well as how best to harness this special time in your life.

How do I know when I’ll experience a nodal return?

Firstly you need to know the exact degrees of your nodes and you can find this on your natal chart, mine are 13 degrees Leo and Aquarius.

Next, you need to determine when your next nodal return will be (approximately), the following lists the typical age you have them so if you are close to one of these ages you have either just had or will soon have a nodal return.

  • Nodal Return 1: 18 ½ years
  • Nodal Return 2: 37 years
  • Nodal Return 3: 55 ½ years
  • Nodal Return 4: 74 years
  • Nodal Return 5: 93 years

How you might experience a Nodal Return 

Nodal returns are times of profound life shifts and self-discovery. During a nodal return, individuals often find themselves confronted with important life choices and shifts in various areas of their lives, such as relationships, career, and personal beliefs. It’s a period of self-discovery, where old patterns are reevaluated, and new directions are embraced.

You might find yourself being pulled back to your south node domain of comfort zone, old and limiting behaviors and patterns, and stagnancy. Events may occur that feel karmic in nature, in other words, your reaction to certain events might feel extreme and not be easily explained – they are likely triggering what I call your karmic hangover (learn more about this with my Past Life Astrology Toolkit). It is a time of letting go of what no longer serves you.

Alternatively (or in addition) you might find yourself feeling called to make major life changes that get you back on track with your life purpose and true soul calling. You might not know why you are being pulled to study a certain thing, quit your job, move across the world, or make another major life change but it’s likely that it is aligned with your North Node. These changes and unfamiliar territory are meant to facilitate growth and development and to get us back on track with our soul purpose.

How to make the most of a nodal return

  • Reflect:
    • Allow yourself introspective time to evaluate your life’s direction, values, and aspirations
    • Take time to reflect on your life journey so far. What patterns have you noticed? What do you want to let go of? What aspirations do you have for your future?
  • Learn: discover the sign and house of your North Node and consider whether you are aligned with it.
  • Embrace change: This is an auspicious time for making major life changes even if it feels uncomfortable – North Node terrain often does. Be open to new experiences and don’t shy away from taking calculated risks.
  • Set clear intentions: cultivate your North Node qualities and align your actions with your soul’s purpose. For example, my North Node is in Leo in the 11th House so I might set the intention to 

“be seen and heard as a leader of feminine communities that help women to align with their deepest hopes and dreams.”

  • Self-Care: During transformative times, self-care is crucial. Prioritize activities that nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Nodal Return Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner it is a great time to: 

  • Embrace innovation – explore new business strategies that align with your evolving aspirations.
  • Explore networking and collaboration – I’ll admit that the word networking makes me want to crawl into bed and take a big old nap but perhaps reframe it as just connecting with like-minded individuals and staying open to opportunities that can lead to fruitful partnerships and collaborations.
  • Get realigned – it is a great time to consider whether your business ventures align with your true passions and purpose – I can help you to do this in my Astrological Coaching Program.

Remember that a nodal return is a unique opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, and by embracing its energies, you can set a positive course for the next phase of your life journey.

How to find out when you will experience your next nodal return

  • use paid astrology software to find the exact date
  • consult an ephemeris for the year that you expect the lunar node to occur
  • Or you can use this calculator from below – I suggest you select ‘Lunar Node (True)’.
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