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Soul Purpose Alchemy

Discover your Soul Purpose with Astrology

Harness the power of astrology to illuminate your unique life path and purpose.

10am Friday July 26th (Thursday 25th in the USA 5:30pm Pacific| 8:30pm Eastern)

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Do you want to discover your soul purpose ?

Are you ready to uncover the deeper meaning behind your life's journey?

Join us for an enlightening webinar where you'll learn how to identify the key placement in your astrology chart that reveals your soul purpose theme. Discover practical ways to align with your true calling and break free from work that feels comfortable but isn't truly fulfilling.

Dive deep into a transformative exploration of your soul's path and uncover why your true purpose might be the opposite of what you're currently doing.

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soul purpose webinar

In this webinar, you will:

Discover Your Nodal Polarity

Uncover the dynamic interplay between your North and South Nodes, revealing why you may feel pulled back into familiar but unfulfilling work. Learn how understanding this polarity is key to breaking free from comfort zones that no longer serve your soul's higher calling.

Embrace Your Soul Purpose Theme

Dive deep into what your North Node sign reveals about your core purpose theme. This transformative knowledge will guide you towards a path that resonates with your soul’s true essence and aligns with your inner mission.

Embrace and embody your soul purpose theme with confidence and clarity. Learn how to align your actions, choices, and mindset with the unique gifts and calling revealed by your North Node, empowering you to live a life of passion and meaning.

Identify Your Soul Purpose Domain

Explore the profound insights your North Node house placement offers about the areas of life where your soul purpose is most powerfully expressed. Gain clarity on how to navigate these domains to live a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Unlock Additional Insights from Your North Node’s Planetary Ruler

Unveil the deeper layers of your soul’s purpose by examining the influence of your North Node’s planetary ruler. Gain actionable insights on how to harness this energy to support your journey towards living your true purpose.

Soul Purpose Workbook

Kathryn Hocking

Creator of the Business Astrology Academy, AstroBiz Mastermind and Business Astrology Oracle Deck

I’m an in-demand business astrologer, qualified soul, and energy medicine practitioner, and intuitive soul guide. My approach is earthy and practical, harnessing the power of astrology and other modalities to provide grounded, supportive mentoring alongside smart strategy.
Underpinning these soulful modalities is 13 years experience as business coach, mentor, and online course and launching strategist working with thousands of clients. My teachings have resulted in hundreds of e-Courses and e-Programs being released into the world and I've run a multiple 6-figure business for the last 12 years.
I’ve created multiple Soulful Online Business Programs that have generated over a million dollars in revenue respectively. I also created the first-ever business astrology oracle deck soon to be published by Hay House.
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I created this webinar because I think everyone should have access to information about their soul purpose in this lifetime.

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"Kathryn has such a beautiful grasp on how astrology impacts your life and business."

Denise Duffield Thomas

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