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with Kathryn Hocking

Thursday January 16th 2025, Hilton Surfers Paradise

Discover the Soul of Your Business with Astrology

Join me for a Practical and Inspirational Day to Dive into the Heart of Your Business

Imagine a day dedicated to uncovering the unique astrological blueprint of your business. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey to understand and harness your business's true potential, guiding it towards aligned and easeful growth.



An opportunity to connect in-person with beautiful astrogoddesses and develop ongoing support networks.



Learn Business Astrology from a pioneer in this ground-breaking field of astrology. Kathryn has created the Business Astrology Oracle Deck (published by Hay House) as well as the Business Astrology Certification.



Get advice and support in applying your learnings to your business chart.

The flow of the Workshop

Unlocking Your Business Angles

We'll delve into the critical angles of your business that shape its core identity and success. These angles include:

Branding: Learn how to create a magnetic brand that resonates with your audience and reflects your business's astrological signature.

Foundations: Explore the astrological foundations that support the stability and longevity of your business.

Soul Clients: Identify and attract your ideal clients by understanding their astrological traits and needs.

Zone of Recognition: Discover where your business can shine and gain recognition, maximising your visibility and impact.

Aligning with Business Dominant Zodiac Signs

Every business has dominant zodiac signs that influence its energy and operations. We'll explore how to align your business with these signs to enhance its natural strengths and address any challenges.

Decoding Business Planetary Placements

We'll explore how the planets and houses are applied in business astrology and dive into your business chart placements.

We'll focus on the luminaries and personal planets as well as look at your business's soul purpose.

Embracing the Overall Energy of Your Business

Finally, we'll explore what your chart shape and distribution of planets can tell you about your business potential.

We'll explore concepts such as stelliums and elemental and quality distribution to understand your business's strengths and where it might get stuck or stagnate.

By the end of the workshop, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of the overall energy that drives your business. This holistic perspective will empower you to make strategic decisions, align with your business's soul purpose, and achieve sustainable success with greater ease

*This is an indicative schedule, and subject to change



Surfers Paradise is located in the sunny gold coast in the state of Queensland, Australia.

It will be summer and likely humid and warm.

It boasts beautiful beaches and theme parks, and it is a great spot for a solo trip or family holiday.

The Workshop will be held at the Hilton, Surfers Paradise (6 Orchid Ave).

The workshop is scheduled one day before the FAA Astrology Conference, so why not attend my workshop and then hang out at the conference afterward?

What's Included

Total Value over $1300 AUD

6 hour intimate workshop

With space for just 12 people this will be an intimate and high-touch experience with plenty of time to get my eyes on your business chart.

(Valued at $900)


Full day of catering

Tea and coffee, Morning & Afternoon tea and lunch will be provided with care given to any dietary requirements.

(Valued at $89)


Printed Workbook

Over 30 pages of information and worksheets (not available for sale on its own).

(Valued at $50)

biz toolkit online
Ongoing access to the online version of the workshop

This workshop will be provided to you in online format after the live training including seven modules of training content.

(valued at $249)


Hay House Business Astrology Oracle Deck

This oracle deck launches with Hay House on the 6th January in Australia

(will retail for $50).


Your Investment

Full-Day Workshop

  • 7 hour Business Astrology workshop
  • Business Astrology Oracle Deck
  • Printed Business Astrology Workbook
  • Morning tea, lunch and aftenroon tea
  • Access to the online version of the workshop
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Who is it for?

This workshop is for creative and soulful women who want to align their business with astrology for maximum success and abundance

We have space for up to 12 people

I’m an introvert who finds attending events where I don’t know people a little daunting - so don’t worry I’ve got your back and I will make sure you feel welcomed, included and supported.

  • You’re totally excited by the prospect of an excuse to meet other like-minded soulful business owners 
  • You’ll bring your caring nature, enthusiasm, and optimism to co-create a beautiful experience for all
  • You’re over age 18
  • You have some basic astrology knowledge or are willing to go through my FREE Astrology Basics course before the event
  • You can narrow down a date, time and location to run your business chart (if you are unsure contact me and I can help!)


Yes! I'll be running the same event in Adelaide, South Australia and likely Melbourne in early 2025.

I plan to run at least one event in the UK or Europe in July 2025.

Planning for a possible trip to USA & Canada is in the early stages.

Before 1st September 2024

If you need to cancel for any reason before 1st September 2024 we will refund you the amount paid minus a 20% deposit fee.

Between September-30th November 2024

If you need to cancel between 1st September to 30th November 2024 you will receive a 50% refund.

From 1st December 2024

no refunds can be provided.

For this reason, travel insurance is highly recommended.

Email us at and we'll help you narrow it down.

Do you have other Questions?

Please email with any questions and we’ll reply as soon as we can.

why learn with me?

soulful | practical | down to earth

In my previous career I was a corporate trainer so I understand how to teach and facilitate workshops - not only that I love to do it!

In my business I've been running retreats and workshops for the past 13 years around Australia and internationally.

I understand how to perfectly balance connection, learning and application into a beautiful workshop experience.

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