aligned astrological business coaching

Astrological Business Coaching can help you to connect with, and realign to, the soul of your business.

Are you a woman in transition in her business?
Have you been feeling stuck, impotent and frustrated in your business?

I get it.

I really do.

Astrological Business Coaching might be the help that you are looking for.

I too have been through periods of intense transition, and awakening and have had to walk the path of bravery to rebirth myself and my business.

And I've been supporting amazing women to do the same with the divine support of their soul blueprint and the power of astrological business coaching.

business coaching

So let me ask you

a few questions:


Do you believe in soul purpose but can’t quite connect with what that is for you?

Do you want to be supported to connect with the soul of your business and your core soul purpose?

Do you want to realign and redesign your business for full soul alignment?

Are you interested in astrology, soul medicine, and the power of our energetic system to manifest and create amazing transformation in your life and business?

Would you like to reach a big, bold dream over the next 6 months like write your first book, create an e-Course or other creative project and need the support and accountability to make it happen?

Do you need help to activate your bravery, actually be seen and heard and get your soul work out into the world?

Do you get stuck when it comes to making your dreams a reality?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then read on…

If these statements resonate then my gorgeous one...

I want to talk to you.

I’ve been where you are.

I’ve walked this path and traversed the highs and lows.

I’ve learnt how to trust and surrender, how to intuit and listen and how to take action even when I was petrified or lost.

But you don’t have to be on this journey alone and I want to support you, activate you, awaken you and inspire you to tune into the soul of your business so that you can launch your true soul work out into the world.

That’s why I created

aligned astrological business coaching

a transformational journey harnessing Astrological Business Coaching to align with the soul of your business.

Unlock Your Cosmic Success Blueprint

with Astrological Business Coaching

Are you ready to align your business with the stars and embrace easeful growth like never before?

Say hello to Aligned Astrological Business Coaching, an extraordinary 3-month journey designed to propel your business to new heights of success.

Step into the cosmic realm and work 1:1 with me as I guide you through a transformative process that will revolutionize your business.

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I'm a renowned Business Astrologer, AstroBranding™ Designer & the founder the first Business Astrology Certification.

I bring together strategy & soul

in my Astrological Business Coaching

I’ve spent the past 8 years studying intensively in Soul & Energy Medicine, Intuitive Arts, Astrology, and the Soul Centres.

I’m an in-demand astrologer, qualified soul, and energy medicine practitioner, and intuitive soul guide. I'm the creator of the Business Astrology Certification, the Business Astrology Oracle Deck (soon to published by Hay House) and seventeen business astrology courses covering all of the luminaries and major planets and courses on specific topics such as money astrology, career astrology, and AstroBranding.

Underpinning these soulful modalities is over a decade of experience as a business coach, mentor, and online course and launching strategist working with thousands of clients and running a million-dollar e-Course

What's included in this

Astrological Business Coaching Package

astrology coaching

3 months of Astrological Business Coaching

Embark on a transformative 3-month journey, where I'll harness my astrological expertise to provide 7 personalized Astrocoaching sessions every 2 weeks tailored to your unique business needs.

These sessions are the perfect fusion of astrology readings and business coaching with activities and actions between sessions to keep you moving forward.

FREE Business Mentoring session

Stay Connected

Stay connected and supported throughout the coaching experience with a dedicated coaching platform, where you can connect with me in-between sessions.

Your actions and activities will also be tracked here for maximum accountability and success.

Additional 6 months to submit all assignments

Align with the Lunar Cycles

Receive Kathryn’s Lunar Toolkit:

Leverage the powerful energy of the moon phases with my Lunar Toolkit that will supercharge your progress and manifestation abilities.

Overview of our AstroCoaching Sessions

In this transformational journey you'll receive a
1:1 Astrological Business coaching session every 2 weeks:

Week 1 - Solar Powered

Strategic & Aligned Goal Setting Session & Solar Return Reading

in this 90-minute coaching session, we'll start by setting crystal-clear intentions and aligning your business goals with the cosmic energies, ensuring you're always on the path to success.

We’ll review your solar return chart to make sure that the goals you are setting are aligned with your natural energy for the year ahead.

Week 3 - Your Soul Blueprint
Week 5 - Your Aligned Business
Week 7 - Your AstroBrand Signature
Week 9 - AstroOfferings
Week 11 - Year Ahead
Week 13 - Money Alignment
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"Working with Kath in Aligned was powerful! In each session, my questions were answered before I could even ask. The information I received has allowed me to release the feeling of overwhelm and plan my days, weeks, and months strategically. Understanding how my biological makeup aligns with the cosmos helped clarify points of focus in my personal life and business. Every aha moment experienced helped to release the analysis paralysis and procrastination that has always kept me from making moves. Thank you Kath for such a rewarding and enlightening experience. The relief I feel goes beyond words."

~Dr. Dani, Intuitive Wellness Coach

Dr Dani

Intuitive Wellness Coach

I want to go on a journey with women who are in transition

in their lives & business.

  • You have felt a soul calling and know that your current business and/or offering no longer reflects your true soul purpose.
  • You want to deep dive into yourself and become more aligned with your soul/life purpose in an intimate and nurturing space.
  • You want accountability with the regular support of an intuitive AND practical coach.
  • You are interested in astrology but not quite ready or wanting to study a certification. Perhaps you have tried to learn astrology but found it so complex that you gave up!
  • But your soul is still calling you to it and you want to learn how to bring astrology into your business to ensure that your year, your way of working and what you do is soul aligned.
  • You know that fears around being visible and launching your soul work are holding you back and you need support to invoke your bravery and to finally take action.

Bonus Training


Your Soulful Year 2024

Get a glimpse of the transformative opportunities and cosmic influences awaiting you in 2024, empowering you to make the most of every moment. You'll get access to my much-loved online planning and intention-setting course from late November 2023.

Align to your chart with the Lunar Planning Toolkit

You'll receive my Lunar Planning Toolkit which will help you to align your business actions with the unique part of your chart being activated with every new and full moon.

Launch with the Stars with my AstroLaunching Toolkit

Learn how to launch with the stars by selecting the perfect timing for business projects using electional and predictive astrology.

My Astrological Business Coaching sessions are highly individualised

Before each session I'll be spending hours to prepare unique insights for you! And we can then dive deeper in the 1:1 sessions!

My Style

in my clients own words...

Denise Duffield Thomas-min

"Kathryn is such an amazing, soulful business woman. I'm always in awe of her professionalism and thoroughness but she's also so grounded and practical. As a mentor and teacher, she really has that rare combination. Work with her, you'll be glad you did."

Denise Duffield - thomas

author of Chillpreneur,


"Kathryn’s work is a rare blend of practical business strategy and intuitive alignment to your authentic self and potential. Her down-to-earth approach helps you to get real-world results, whilst her in-depth awareness of astrology and the energetics of business and launching helps you to stay true to who you are and launch and grow the business that works for you. She’s pioneering a soulful approach to success that empowers you to use your own blueprint rather than burn out trying to be someone else."

Eloise Meskannen

Intuitive Astrologist


"Kathryn is a soul seer who truly understands the significance of a woman launching herself in the world. From calling forth your wildest vision to recalibrating your right to receive, Kathryn will lovingly guide you into your highest launch energies, so you can rock your soul work and make sure it reaches those who are waiting for it. Expect to channel some straight-up spiritual truth, earthly support and Kathryn’s own blend of powerful energetic release. More women need to experience the possibility of Kathryn’s soulful launching, where it doesn’t have to equal burn out or distress, but can be pleasurable, liberating and wealth-generating."

Melissa Sandon

creator of the soul medicine academy


Astrological Business Coaching

Introductory Pricing Special - will not last long

Full Payment (and save over 10%)

$2749 USD
(One off payment, USD Dollars)
  • 7 x 90-minute 1:1 Astrocoaching sessions including 7 Specialist Astrology Readings
  • Your Soulful Year 2024 (Valued at $249)
  • Lunar Planning Toolkit (Valued at $19 USD)
  • AstroLaunching Toolkit (Valued at $97 USD)
  • 3 months support in coaching platform

Payment Plan (3 month)

$997 USD
(3 payments payment, USD Dollars)
  • 7 x 1:1 Astrocoaching sessions including 7 Specialist Astrology Readings
  • Your Soulful Year 2024 (Valued at $249)
  • Lunar Planning Toolkit (Valued at $19 USD)
  • AstroLaunching Toolkit (Valued at $97 USD)
  • 3 months support in coaching platform

Total Value over $4187 USD


Let's Chat!

If you are not sure if this Astrological Business Coaching package is right for you just send me an email at and we can answer your questions.

Want in?

Your next step: Secure your limited place

Due to the intensive nature of this program, I am limited to how many clients I can support. Places are limited so don't delay securing your place.

Let the signs and planets guide you, but let them guide you gently, not as tyrants, but as trusted friends. Let astrology be part of your freedom, assisting it, illuminating it."

Steven Forrest

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