Have you ever heard people refer to “Virgo Season” but not been sure what it means?

Well, Virgo season starts when the sun moves into Virgo and a number of other personal planets join it during the month-long transit of the sun through Virgo.

Virgo is an earth sign and brings a grounded, organised, and healing energy but it can also manifest in perfectionism and being nit-picky and critical of those around you.

Virgo season


August 23-September 22

Ruled by: 


Ruling house: 

6th – Daily Health and Work Routine

Mantra for Virgo Season: 

Best things to focus on during Virgo Season:

It’s time to take your focus inward after an expressive Leo season and to focus on your health and work routines as well as any physical healing your body needs. Virgo loves a good routine to follow to get oneself back on track!

Personal Planets in Leo:

Mercury – 5th-26th August 2022

Mercury moved into Virgo on the 5th of August and brings an organised, focused, and routine approach to communications.

The best way to harness the Mercury in Virgo energy is to focus on being organised and following routines with your communications in order to express your sacred message – how can you be more consistent with your communications? 

Venus – 6th-29th September 2023

Venus moved into Virgo on the 23rd of July and brings an organised and focused energy to your receptivity and magnetism. 

The best way to harness the Venus in Virgo energy is to focus on an organised and structured way to call in your soul clients, generate sales, and create new income streams. 

Where is Virgo in your chart?

To find Virgo in your chart you will first need to create a chart at astro.com if you don’t have it already.

Then you will want to look around the edge of the chart and find the Virgo Glyph.

Then look at which house(s) Virgo spans in your chart to see which areas of your life Virgo season is likely to play out in.

If you want an easy reference chart for the signs and houses join my free astrology course.

In my chart below you can see that Virgo spans the 12th House of Rest, Retreat and the Unknown, and the 1st House of Self & Identity.

Virgo season is a very good time for me to focus on self-care and filling up my cup – it’s a lesson in sustainability and balance before then having the energy to show up anew as the planets pass over my Ascendant and into my first house where outward energy will be required!

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