Have you ever stopped to think about the moon phase you were born under? Do you even know how to find this out? The answer is using a moon phase calculator.

I’ve been working with the lunar (moon cycles) for years now. Early on I learned about setting intentions at the new moon and releasing at the full moon.

I then learned I had a specific moon sign – I’m a Cancer moon by the way!

Then I discovered that I had a progressed Moon placement and I was like #mindblown – it was pretty life-changing.

Then I learned that the moon phase I was born under (using a moon phase calculator) was really significant too – and it can actually be your most powerful time of the month – no matter what the other astrological movements are.

For example, I was born on the disseminating moon. A few weeks ago I really wanted to launch my AstroBranding course but it was Mercury in Retrograde and it didn’t feel right. But then a few days later suddenly the energy to launch was really strong.

So I went against my better judgment and I launched this course out into the world – during Mercury Retrograde! Generally, I’d always counsel against launching during Mercury retrograde but when I launched, the world did not fall apart, the systems worked, my computer didn’t die and I met my launch goal – in fact, I exceeded it.

It got me wondering why did I suddenly feel the urge to launch? So I looked up what was going on and realized that urge came at the disseminating moon phase and it all made sense.

You see it’s not so different from how people born during Mercury Retrograde often find that they are at their best during Mercury Rx – whilst everyone around them loses the plot.

This is because the energy feels natural to them – it feels like home.

Well, the same was true for me when I launched under my natal moon phase and now that I have seen the impact I am going to plan major actions at this time each month – it will be a new part of my AstroPlanning process.

Moon Phase Calculator – how to find out which moon (lunar) phase you were born under

I’m here to help, the folks at Astro-Seek have helped me out by providing an awesome moon phase calculator for you to use below.

What does your Natal Moon phase mean about you?

Now that you have discovered your natal moon phase using the moon phase calculator, find your natal moon phase below (i.e. the phase the moon was in when you were born) to see what it means about you and how you can thrive.

New Moon 

You are likely a child at heart, playful, enthusiastic, and spontaneous. You may be great at starting things – initiating a new project or idea but following through can be difficult for you. 

It’s important that you enlist the help of implementers in your business to ensure that your visions come to life.

Waxing Crescent 

Waxing crescent moon people are emotionally driven and are likely to take action because a cause or idea stirs their soul and pulls on their heartstrings. 

The biggest problem for people born under this moon is learning to take a moment – assess their emotional response – and make sure that it is in their best interest to take action.

Raven Kaldera states that people born under this moon may always feel like “something bigger is coming”.

First Quarter 

First-quarter moon people often have a square to their sun in their chart and this means that their emotional needs are often at odds with their inner drive, their ego, and their sense of purpose.

If you were born under the first-quarter moon you may have dealt with a lot of challenges in your life but remember this phase is a yang phase and it is about action – so keep taking action to overcome the challenges placed in your way.

Waxing Gibbous 

People born under this moon cycle are typically hard-working, focused, goal-oriented, responsible, and let’s face it, perfectionists. 

These people will do what is necessary or required to achieve their goals.

If you were born under this moon phase – self-care and rest are important otherwise you will burn out.

Full Moon 

People born under the full moon will reflect their moon sign archetype in all its glory. They will be very characteristic of that moon sign. Raven Kaldera describes this as being a “living archetype” of that sign.

Connecting with others can be a challenge for people born under a full moon because they are so in their own emotions and their own story.

People born during this phase often have their sun opposite their moon meaning that there is a constant push and pull between the needs of their sun to strive and the emotional needs of their moon – and the zodiac archetypes of their moon and their sun are opposite to each other.

Waning Gibbous (also known as the disseminating moon) 

People born under this phase are driven to make an impact and help others. 

The lesson people born under this phase need to learn more than anything else is how to work with others – and through working with others get their emotional needs met. But this requires a level of detachment and emotional protection.

I was born under a disseminating moon and this is even more true for me being a Cancer Moon in the 11th House which is all about groups and community. My mother always said I wore my heart on my sleeve (to my detriment). 

Last Quarter (also known as the waning quarter) 

People born under this phase often feel like the world is working against them. No matter their well made plans something external or out of their control seems to happen to disrupt them.

The lesson for people born under this phase is to just get on with things, find a way to deal with the disruption, find hope and survive.

These are often the people who seem to have overcome insurmountable odds and yet they survive without losing their sense of hope and faith or their positivity.

Waning Crescent (also known as the Balsamic Moon)

People born under this phase often appear like old souls who have been here before. They are often highly spiritual, psychic or intuitive, emotionally self-sufficient, and have a sense of ease in themselves that we typically don’t see in people until they reach their elder years (or the Wise Woman/Crone phase). 

If this is true you might come across to others as unadventurous, conservative, boring, and extremely calm and that’s because you have no time for the drama. You just want to BE. 

Your challenge is to avoid the drama at all costs and ignore the nay-sayers who don’t get you. They will eventually…

Now that you have used the moon phase calculator and you know your natal moon phase you can align with this energy as well as make sure that you harness these days every month by tracking them in an online moon calendar or astrology planner.

Would you like to learn more about working with the Moon? Check out my Lunar Planning Toolkit

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