Your Moon sign through the Zodiac

Your Moon sign is a lesser-known astrology concept but one which women often resonate strongly with, in fact, many of my clients feel a stronger connection to their moon sign than their sun sign.

And it’s not surprising because our moon sign represents our feminine and emotional nature, our instincts and what we incarnated as – whereas our sun is what we are striving towards but often with substantial resistance!

Aligning to my moon sign helped me to understand why I can’t fully express my Sagittarius Sun and why I was constantly being drawn home and need a stable base even though I also have a deep drive to explore and travel.

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How to find your moon sign in your birth chart

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Read the following for your Moon sign and those closest to you – you might just understand them a bit better!

Aries Moon

aries moon

Hey, Aries moon you are impulsive, independent and impatient. 

If your moon is in Aries your instinctive needs are Independence and action to keep busy.

Taurus Moon

taurus moon

Hey, Taurus moon you are emotionally stable, slow and steady and sensual.

If your moon is in Taurus your instinctive needs are comfort, security, material things, romance and food!

Gemini Moon

gemini moon

Hey, Gemini moon you are a social animal and get bored quickly!

If your moon is in Gemini your instinctive needs are communication, connection and intellectual stimulation.

Cancer Moon

cancer moon

Hey, Cancer moon you are a mother earth goddess who might be just a tinsy bit clingy and sensitive!

If your moon is in Cancer your instinctive needs are safety and a strong home base and  to nurture & be nurtured.

Leo Moon


Hey, Leo moon you are an attention seeker, moody and affectionate.

If your moon is in Leo your instinctive needs are to be recognised, receive praise, and be liked.

Virgo Moon

virgo moon

Hey, Virgo moon you are dependable, a perfectionist and sometimes a bit OCD!

If your moon is in Virgo your instinctive needs are structure and organisation and to contribute and be of service as well as self-development.

Libra Moon

libra moon

Hey, Libra moon you are diplomatic, loving and yes sometimes a bit passive aggressive!

If your moon is in Libra your instinctive needs are balance, harmony and relationship with others.

Scorpio Moon

scorpio moon

Hey, Scorpio moon you are intense, passionate and sometimes a little bit jealous!

If your moon is in Scorpio your instinctive needs are depth, transformation and truth and freedom of emotional expression.

Sagittarius Moon

sagittarius moon

Hey, Sagittarius moon you are adventurous and fun-loving but you can be unrealistic and un-focused.

If your moon is in Sagittarius your instinctive needs are fun, travel, learning, philosophising and the search for meaning.

Capricorn Moon

capricorn moon

Hey, Capricorn moon you are responsible and hard-working but you are not always good at expressing your emotions (#repressed).

If your moon is in Capricorn your instinctive needs are to feel in control and respected with a strong sense of purpose and goals. 

Aquarius Moon

aquarius moon

Hey, Aquarius moon, you just want to make the world a better place but your future focus can mean that you appear aloof and detached.

If your moon is in Aquarius your instinctive needs are freedom & inspiration and to contribute to the greater good.

Pisces Moon

pisces moon

Hey, Pisces moon, you are away with the fairies – intuitive, empathetic and prone to escapism.

If your moon is in Pisces your instinctive needs are quite simple – time alone to recharge!

moon signs zodiac

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If you would like to learn more about your moon sign and your emotional landscape and how you can align your business check out my program Your Astrological Signature.

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