In this blog, I am going to share how working with the full moon by releasing and surrendering can help you as I regularly get questions on my Instagram page about how followers can apply it to their own chart and life.

Full Moons are said to bring out the craziness in people, thus the word Lunatic comes from the word Lunar (moon). At this time of the month, there is more crime and much higher emergency admissions. People also report difficulty sleeping and a lot of women have their menstruation at this time of release.

The energy is peaking at this time and you might feel extra emotional and frazzled but it can also be a great time to finish off what you started or the metaphorical seeds you planted at the new moon.

full moon

Full Moon Release

Full moons are all about the end of a lunar cycle and they are perfect for releasing and letting go of all that has happened from the previous new moon through to the present full moon as well as for practicing gratitude for all the positive things in your life.. 

To get started on working with the full moon in your chart follow the below instructions:

1. Add the dates of upcoming full moons to your diary or online calendar, you can access a full list here.

2. I recommend adding the time in your local timezone (you can calculate this here), the zodiac sign the full moon is in, and the degrees – you’ll need this later.

3. On the day of, or just after, the full moon grab a journal, your astrology chart (to learn how to create it go here), and the details of the moon as advised in point 2 above

4. The first thing is to understand that each full moon is in a different sign and is influenced by the personality of that sign. To get a summary of each sign grab my lunar toolkit here.

lunar toolkit

5. Then look up the degrees of that sign on your chart

6. Take note of whether there are any planets within about 1-3 degrees of the full moon – if so they will have an influence over this moon phase for you.

7. Combine the information you have gathered and write them down

  • The Sign the full moon is in and the themes associated
  •  The House that the full moon is activating in your natal chart and the realm of life that is being activated
  • Any other planets in your birth chart that are within 1-3 degrees of this full moon

For example, the September 2021 Full Moon is in Pisces which is all about compassion and intuition. 

8. Once you have a sense of what the context is for you it is time to focus on what you want to let go of and release from the previous 2 weeks – ideally related to the sign, house, and any conjunct planets of the Full Moon in question.

For example, this Full Moon is activating my 7th house of marriage & partnership. This is a time for me to connect on a deeper and more compassionate level with my husband and release any hurts or challenges between us from the previous 2 weeks.

So there you go – there’s my simple process for working with the full moon in an aligned way. Below you’ll find my resource for working with the full moon including instructional videos and Full Moon Worksheet. And you can follow me over on Instagram to be reminded of each new and full moon and more detailed information on the energy of each cycle.

My resource to suppport working with the Full Moon

lunar planning toolkit

My Lunar Planning Toolkit

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