One of my absolute favorite applications of astrology is Astrobranding ™.

But what is Astrobranding ™ I hear you say?

Astrobranding ™ is a powerful process that combines the well-established Branding Archetypes that many Branding specialists and designers around the world use and applies them to zodiac signs. It’s kind of perfect that there are 12 main branding archetypes and 12 main zodiac archetypes so combining branding archetypes and astrology is a match made in heaven.


But aligning brand archetypes with the zodiac signs is just the beginning because our brand is so much more than picking the brand archetype that matches our sun sign or zodiac sign.

Astrobranding ™ is my proprietary framework that takes Brand and Astrological Archetypes and your birth or business chart to delve deeper than you ever thought possible into your soul-aligned brand.

There are other astrologers and branding specialists out there who are already combining branding and astrology but we all have a somewhat different approach to how we do it and not all of them have combined the brand archetypes with astrology archetypes like I have.

I developed the Astrobranding Archetype Map ™ framework in 2019 and I created brand mood boards for each of the 12  astrology archetypes.  I have taught this framework to students through my Your AstroBrand Map and Infinite programs. I’ve also worked with clients to align their branding or rebrand to their AstroBrand Signature.

What does my Astrobranding Archetype Map ™ Framework consider?

AstroBrand Map

Your Business Essence – how you shine and your purpose in the world

Your Allure – How others see you and how to show up as an authentic version of this and draw them to you

Your Connection – How you can connect most authentically with your soul clients through an aligned brand voice and copy

Your Soul Clients – Who your soul clients actually are (this might surprise you) and how to reflect this in your brand so that they are magnetized to you.

Any other significant archetypes that need to be part of your aligned brand based on my assessment of your natal or business astrology chart.

How can Astrobranding ™ help you?

Create an Authentic Brand

Astrobranding ™ will give you the confidence to show up as the true version of yourself and your business because you will see it right there in your chart.

Astrobranding ™ will enable you to stop being who you think you should be, or trying to play a role that doesn’t fit and instead be who you are meant to be.

A great example of this is when I first created my (now retired) program Launch Mastery. It was my first foray into a more spiritually influenced program and I felt like I had to brand myself and the program in an “uber spiritual” way. I had some photos taken and selected clothes with lots of crystals, spiritual poses, and clothes that were what I thought a “spiritual person” should wear.

But it never felt right, because it wasn’t me. It wasn’t aligned with my AstroBrand which has a hefty dose of the Virgo Archetype in it which is about a more classic, simple, and understated style.

Had I understood Astrobranding ™ at the time I wouldn’t have made this mistake.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE crystals and I still have some brand photos that have more spiritual-looking poses but my outfits, my demeanor, and my energy is totally aligned rather than trying to be someone I am not.

Another interesting Astrobranding ™ story for you is that I have always gravitated towards some sort of pink in my branding – in its many iterations and if I haven’t had it something has felt ‘off’. Now, this is because my AstroBrand also has strong Cancer and Libra energy with pink being one of the colours for these astrology archetypes!

Astrobranding ™ reflects what your clients love about you

Astrobranding ™ also helps you to understand what others simply LOVE about you and how to align your brand and business with this drawcard for business growth.

I mentioned above that I had been denying my Virgo archetype in my brand. Well, that’s a problem because that’s what people love about me. My systems, organization, my sense of service, attention to detail, love of quality, and my grounded healer vibes.

As I went through my spiritual awakening I wanted to release all of my more masculine energy and go and float away in the cosmos. I studied soul and energy medicine, astrology, and many other spiritual topics. 

However, my clients come to me for my business brain, my strategy, my ability to help them feel held and taken care of, my ability to hold them accountable. So my brand and offerings have to have this Virgo energy to be successful.

Astrobranding ™ attracts your Soul Clients

Astrobranding ™ also helps you to connect more deeply with your soul clients without having to complete long ideal client questionnaires! This has to be one of the aspects of AstroBranding that I love the most because it can be really eye opening. 

My soul clients are the Pisces archetype – this doesn’t necessarily mean they are a Pisces sun but it means that they are likely highly creative, soulful, or spiritual, and can tend to find it hard to create systems and structures for themselves which is where I come in.

Through astrology and business coaching, I help them to work in a way that still allows for creative flow but also helps them identify the best times for certain activities.

My brand has to speak to their Pisces soul.

Finally Astrobranding ™ provides you with direction to move forward

Once you understand your AstroBrand you can confidently engage a designer to brand (or rebrand) your business or create your own branding with a custom color palette and mood board to start the process. 

So often we either end up with branding we don’t like or get stuck and don’t get started at all because we are not clear on what we want. 

AstroBranding will give you that clarity.

Client Example – Arcane Agency

Nicola Dore and I used Astrobranding ™ to develop her new business branding.

Nicola is a Leo sun and Gemini Moon and Rising (double Gemini).

Based on this we determined her brand should be bold, bright, and adventurous.

We looked at the colors for these signs and found the common colors of Blue and overall a vibrant color mix. 

In the end, Nicola chose the name “Arcane Agency” with a Secret Agent come MadMen style inspiration and honestly, these days I couldn’t imagine anything else.

Her brand voice is fun and witty.

Throughout the process, she was blown away by how the Astrobranding ™ framework was consistent with the mood boards she had created already even down to the shade of blue she had already selected so this process gave her confidence and helped her to align even more.

The branding design was done by The Golden Goose Consulting & Indie Lime.

The color purple was selected as it is the color of loyalty and has a royal/premium feel to it.

We combined this with a beautiful green which is the color of growth, healing, and money and it provides beautiful energy of expansion.

The coral brings through the warmth, vibrancy, and passion that the Funding Business Growth program and her soul clients bring.

Want more?

Check out my course Your AstroBrand Map

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