Can you really use Astrology to plan your year?

Heck yes! One of my favorite applications of Astrology is to plan your year ahead but this can feel a little overwhelming so in this blog, I’m going to share three ways that you can do this.

Track and plan for Retrograde Periods

Every year most (if not all) of the main planets go retrograde.

Each of the Retrograde Planets has a different meaning with different activities to avoid.

We also have what we call “retrograde season” where multiple planets are retrograde and this can be a good time to avoid major initiatives in your business. You can see this in my chart below.

If you’d like to learn what all the different retrograde periods mean and when they are retrograding in 2022 then register for my free training below.

Work with the New & Full Moons

Each New Moon and Full Moon activates a different part of our chart and they can signal the best times for different initiates such as launches, rebranding, communications, promotions, and more.

For example, I always look out for the new moon where my 2nd House is activating as this is the best time for launching major offerings. I also like to look out for when my 12th house is activated as this is certainly a time to avoid launching anything.

It’s also great to see if any new moons are activating natal planet placements during the year as this can signal really productive, lucky, or intense times for you.

You can plan for this in advance by making a list of all the new and full moons and the parts of your chart they are activating and then plan to make the most of this energy.

If you’d like to learn how to do this then register for my free training below.

Run a transit chart to see where the main planetary energy is in your chart for the year

The planets are always moving throughout the sky and this means they are activating certain parts of your natal chart. By running a transits chart you can quickly and easily see which parts of your chart are activated in 2022.

To do this go to and create an account and follow the instructions in the video below.

Once you have created your transits chart look out for where Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, and Chiron are. The other planets move really quickly and are better for monthly and weekly planning. 

To discover what each house means download my astrology basics guide below.

Planning your year with Astrology: Bringing it together

I hope you have learned some useful techniques to plan your year using astrology, make sure you get a diary and write in the retrograde and new and full moon dates to remind you!

How to use astrology to plan your year

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