The benefits of going on a self-care retreat

The benefits of going on a self-care retreat

You probably know by now that I am a huge fan of adventure, travel and a good self-care retreat!

I wanted to go overseas when I was in high school and had my sights set on going on exchange after my final year but I didn’t manage to take off until I finished my university degree.

In 2012 I went and toured around Rajasthan in India for three weeks with my university friend.

Once I started working full time after uni, I took planned annual leave from my full time job to tour around Europe and I even scored a job in Aid & Development taking me to places such as Fiji, Manila and Jakarta.

But now that I have a business, I can travel the world whenever I like (and take my work with me). In 2017 I travelled to Bali for an amazing practitionership retreat and attended two amazing retreats with Nisha Moodley and my sister circle in Santa Fe and Mexico (I talk more about these experiences in my year in review post here).

I’ve been to Canada to be interviewed by Natalie MacNeil and be part of her event Conquer Camp, I attended her conference in Tulum in 2015 and I attended the Emerging Women Event in San Francisco in 2016.

By far my favourite way to travel in my business is to sign up for a self-care retreat experience.

And today, I want to talk about the benefits of going on a self-care retreat!

The benefits of going on a self-care retreat

Time to reset

One of my favourite benefits of going on a self-care retreat is the time to reset from day to day life. When I’m at home, it’s easy to get caught up in day to day activities and routines. Do this, do that, do this, do that… then go to bed and do it all again. Where is the time for new ideas? Where is the time for creativity? Where is the time for play?

But on retreat, you get all of that. And it helps to reset you and ultimately come back from retreat feeling refreshed and so much more productive.

As women, and especially for us mothers, we can feel so guilty about putting ourselves first. Let me tell you now that taking a week away (or even just a few days) will have far reaching benefits for your relationships and your kids (if you have them) and I’ll talk about this later on.

Using an airplane analogy, you need to put your life mask on first before you can help anyone else.

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self-care retreat

Can you feel the Bali Bliss?

Explore new places, cultures and experiences

I love planning an overseas self-care retreat into my year. I’m a Sagittarius with an almost insatiable need to travel but my husband is happy to go to the same place every year!

What I discovered was that I could meet this need through my business and travel to new and exciting places while having new experiences like swimming with turtles in the Cenotes in Tulum or getting naked under the moonlight for a skinny dip (totally optional!) and fill up my soul cup doing things he just.doesn’t.get!

In Bali, I visited a water temple and explored Ubud. In Tulum, I swam with the turtles, went skinny dipping and attended a divine outdoor sound healing. In Santa Fe, I went to a beautiful mud mineral spa and saw the snow for the first time!

You don’t need to lose yourself and the things you used to love just because you are a mum or a business owner.

self-care retreat

Download your next steps

When I went on a retreat to Mexico, I’d been feeling really flat in my business and was still unsure of my new direction. I hadn’t felt any creative spark for a while and was still downloading inspiration for my new offerings. But then Mexico happened and I had so many amazing experiences. I came home from the retreat and launched five new offerings in the space of two weeks!

self-care retreat

I know I wouldn’t have been able to access that clear and prolific energy if it weren’t for the opportunity and time to reset. And for that, the retreat was so worth it!

Space to connect with sisters

I’m a self-confessed introvert and while I’m often connecting and working with women in the online space, I don’t get a lot of space to connect with others in person. While I certainly don’t believe you have to go on retreat to connect with sisters, it is a beautiful opportunity to fully commit to connection (without day to day distractions and demands like young children). I absolutely loved my retreats with Nisha Moodley in 2017 and connecting with the amazing women was like nothing I’d ever done before.

self-care retreat

Retreats are also a beautiful way to deepen existing relationships. A few years ago I got to go on retreat to Bali with my business bestie Ellissa (who lives in a different state to me) and it was such a nice opportunity to connect with her in a way that we don’t normally get to do. Ellissa and I also work together on my websites and launches and so it was such a beautiful thing to do together as friends but also as two women who work with each other. So grab your business bestie and come on retreat with me (scroll down for more info).

self-care retreat

And from a business perspective, I have watched so many beautiful connections and collaborations come from self-care retreats.

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Opportunity to experience creative flow

Without a doubt, I do my best creative writing work on retreat.

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I mentioned before about my retreat in Mexico last year and the prolific creation that happened afterwards. But this wasn’t all about crafting new offerings, it was also the retreat where I downloaded my first ever book concept and started to write the content. 

But don’t worry, this doesn’t just work for books. I’ve used self-care retreats to write blog posts, craft content for my programs and so much more. In fact, I also downloaded a full tarot deck in Mexico last year! And this creative flow isn’t just reserved for the retreat accommodation, I always get bursts of inspiration on the plane to retreat and on the way home!

self-care retreat

Seriously how blissed out do I look in this photo!

There’s something about self-care retreats that just allow you to experience true creative flow!

Participate in Soulful Rituals and release and let go

There’s nothing I love more than a retreat to get together with a group of women and dive deep, share ourselves, take adventures together and participate in beautiful soulful rituals and healings.

Yes, there are times it is hard. Yes, you will likely experience fear or resistance. But by the end of the week you will have moved through deep blocks that have been blocking your true potential.

I’ve seen women heal deep mother wounds, let go of childhood traumas, make life changing relationship decisions and much more.

Self-care retreats have the magic ability to soften you. To open your heart. And to allow you to let go of all those heavy things you’ve been holding onto.

Disappointed about the results you’ve had in business?

Feeling fear about what’s coming next for you?

Ready to let go of the limiting beliefs that keep holding you back?

Feeling stuck in your relationships?

Have trauma that you are ready to release in a safe, healing space?

Then a self-care retreat is perfect for you!

Before I went to Santa Fe in February 2017, I was upset with the state of my relationship with my (then) 3 year old. She was moving away from me and it felt like she was outright rejecting me. Going away (ironically) to Santa Fe helped me to get clear on my priorities again. I thought I was going for my business but really, I was going to connect into my vision for my family. I came home with a clear plan on how I could make things better and within just a few months our relationship completely shifted.

self-care retreat

When I went to Bali in June 2017, I wasn’t happy with the state of my intimacy with my husband… let’s just say things shifted during that retreat through time to think, self-healing and some activated kundalini energy. And when I got home, things were very different! He says I can go to Bali anytime 😉

Time to Relax!

Seriously when was the last time you experienced deep relaxation? Away from your home, your partner or your kids.

No responsibilities, all meals prepared for you, plenty of free time where everything is optional (after all, we are all adults right?!).

Plenty of soul sisters and support staff to be your soul guides through a transformational week.

I believe that in the busy modern world EVERYONE needs one week a year to do this – preferably away from your kids and partner.

Time to read a book. Watch the sunset (wine optional!). Get a massage. Read. Work uninterrupted on a creative project. Go exploring. Talk for hours with soul sisters. Process and heal your emotional ‘stuff’.

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