In this blog, I’m diving into how astrology can help you in your business.

But first, let’s take a moment to briefly explore what astrology is and how astrology can help you in your business.

Astrology is based on the position of the planets in the sky at your birth (or at some other significant event like starting your business).

We all have a birth chart or a map of the exact planet’s location at the time of our birth. On our birth chart, these planets are located within certain zodiac signs (e.g Aries, Leo, Virgo) and certain houses from 1-12 which represent different themes or aspects of our lives.

The planetary positions at your birth create an imprint that can be referred to as your Natal Promise – in other words, the potential that is available to you should you choose it. There are infinite outcomes from this natal promise and you have absolute free will – it is not about being tied to a fated existence but rather about choosing your fate within what is meant for you.

An astrologer that I love, Maria Di Simone, likes to say “if it’s not in your chart – it’s not in your heart” and by this she means that our chart provides a map or a blueprint for our life and if our map doesn’t contain specific astrological signatures relating to our desired goal (for example being a millionaire or a famous actress) it will be very difficult to make it come to pass.  

“If it’s not in your chart it’s not in your heart” – Maria Di Simone

So that being said, it then makes sense to understand our birth chart and to find a way to work with the energy and blueprint of it – rather than against it.

How Astrology can help you in your Business: Astrology for Business Success

Discover your potential for making money

Let me give an example of money.

I was recently looking at a chart of my good friend Denise Duffield Thomas who is a renowned money mentor to entrepreneurs and she was kind enough to let me share some of my insights with you. I was half amazed (and half not!) to tell her that she had both the millionaire aspect in her chart as well as the billionaire aspect! She has already made the millionaire aspect a reality in her life and she said to me “I’d love to be a billionaire”!

She also has a money aspect that warns about sudden money losses and we talked about how her risk-taking personality comes into play and how she has had to focus on making good investments with her money to protect against this potential instability.

Contrast that with me and I don’t even think of being a billionaire and not surprisingly my chart doesn’t have the millionaire and billionaire aspects that Denise has.

I was a little disappointed to see this until I realized that I do, however, have some other aspects (that she doesn’t have) that show lifelong wealth potential that is stable and enduring.

Like Denise, I have my share of less positive aspects relating to money such as an aspect that indicates a tendency to overextend myself and overspend.

As a result of understanding this potential (both good and bad) in my natal chart, I’ve chosen to focus is on creating stable, long-term wealth-generating assets to make the most of my positive aspects and implemented good money management habits to guard against my potential for overspending.

I also have an aspect that shows the potential for “big money” but also big lessons around power and money. I come from a wealthy family where I’ve seen money used to consciously (and subconsciously) exert power over others even though sometimes this has been disguised (or even genuinely thought of) as a benevolent act. I have Chiron in my 8th house in Taurus which means that my core wound (and core healing) is around money and power. I’m sure later in life when things such as inheritance come to pass there will be even bigger lessons (and healing) for me.

I have other clients who have strong money signatures around buying or inheriting property, sudden money gains or losses (for example lottery or gambling), or specific business and career choices.  Understanding their money signatures helps them to align to decisions that can bring out the positive aspects and minimize the impact of the less desirable ones.

There are also certain houses and points in our natal chart that give even more information about specifically how we can create the greatest flow of money in our lives.

So can you see how understanding your unique money signature as shown in your astrology chart can be helpful to how you create and manage money in your business and your life?

Well, the truth is there are so many different areas we can apply astrology to help us in this way.

So let’s explore another way Astrology can help you! 

Discover your natural talents and strengths relating to being an entrepreneur

Understanding how to read your birth (or natal) chart can help you to understand your natal promise in terms of the natural talents and strengths you were incarnated with.

We can then apply these to our business as well as look for specific entrepreneurial signatures that indicate potential in business or entrepreneurialism.

A few such signatures are strong cardinal energy in your chart and prominent or strongly aspected Saturn (the planet of discipline and structure) or Mars (drive & ambition).

If you don’t have these signatures it doesn’t mean you can’t be successful as an entrepreneur but you will need to bring additional effort and focus which can sometimes feel like pushing a heavy load uphill.

As the saying goes ‘being in business isn’t for everyone’ and that is never clearer than when studying natal charts!

In my chart, I have a strong cardinal energy meaning that a lot of my planets are in cardinal signs (Cancer, Aries, Capricorn or Libra). My Mars is in the sign of Cardinal Capricorn which is a hard-working and disciplined sign which explains my ability to be extremely focused, disciplined, and persistent when taking action in my business.

My Saturn is in my first house of identity in the cardinal sign of Libra which means that discipline and structure are literally part of who I am – it comes naturally to me.

This helps to explain why I have always found the setting and achieving of goals, being disciplined and focused working from home, and following through in my business relatively easy.

A prominent 2nd house can also be a strong entrepreneurial signature. I have three planets in the 2nd House of Resources which shows strong energy for creating my own wealth. In the second house, I have Venus which (in this house) can relate to money and receptivity. I also have Mercury which is the planet of communication and this indicates how I am meant to earn my money through writing, communicating, and teaching. I also have Uranus here which explains (and makes me feel a bit better about!) the ups and downs of money in my business through large launch-based income as well as periods where the cash flow is less abundant.  

So you can see from this that I have a strong natal promise when it comes to being an entrepreneur but not one without challenges.  

Don’t despair if you find that you don’t have these signatures as when working with an astrologist they can help you to determine other aspects in your chart that are supportive of the entrepreneurial endeavor and you may find that you have clear strengths in other important areas. We can always hire for our weaknesses and I work with a lot of spiritual or creative entrepreneurs who have had great success outsourcing business functions such as Project Management, Financial Management, Marketing, and the technology of online business so that they can stay focused in their zone of genius.

Want more about how Astrology can help you in your Business?

In this blog, I‘ve demonstrated two applications of how astrology can help you in your business. There are so many more at your disposal.

Be warned – astrology has infinite applications to support you and your business and it will be a lifelong endeavor – and pleasure – to dive in!

I’d like to leave you with this quote by esteemed astrologer Steven Forrest

” Let the signs and planets guide you, but let them guide you gently, not as tyrants, but as trusted friends. Let astrology be part of your freedom, assisting it, illuminating it.”

If you would like to learn natal and business astrology then check out my Level 1 Business Astrology Certification.

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