Selecting a niche for your astrology business allows you to attract the right clients and stand out from the rest in a fairly competitive market.

The good news is that it is only competitive if you are NOT differentiating yourself and your services from general astrologers.

So perhaps you know that you would like to learn astrology and bring it into your business but you don’t know how you could do that


You want to feel sure that there is a smart, profitable and most importantly aligned way for you to incorporate astrology into your existing work.

The number #1 way I created an aligned & profitable astrology business was by focusing on a specific niche.

And this means that I:

// EASILY book clients and sell leveraged products while I sleep

// ALWAYS have clients without having to hustle, hard sell or spend big money on ads

// NEVER have to work with a client that is not a good fit because I NEED the money.

Astrology Niche

I’ve noticed that entrepreneurs are making 4 simple mistakes when starting an astrology business or bringing astrology into their existing business.

Being everything to everyone

They try to be everything to everyone and feel that they need to know all of the different techniques, tools, asteroids, fixed stars, Arabic parts, …. You get the picture.

Astrology has many techniques, schools of thought, and ways to use it. If you try to know it all and do it all, you’ll fail (and burn out!).

Reflection Question: Who can you help best?

Lacking clarity on their skills

They don’t get clear on the special something they have to offer the world

Instead of starting with astrology, you should start with how you want to help people.

Reflection Question: How can you apply astrology to your soul clients’ problems for deeper insight & transformation?

Go general rather than specific 

They don’t pick an astrology niche and so they don’t stand out as the go-to person for a particular service or specialty.

Reflection Question: What are you the go-to person for?

Their services lack a signature approach or client journey

They don’t design a signature approach that combines their existing skills and astrology and so potential clients don’t have the confidence that the investment is worth it.

Reflection Question: How can you avoid being “just another astrologer” and design a unique client experience incorporating astrology?

So how can you create an aligned & profitable astrology business so that you attract the right clients and stand out from the rest!


Focus on how you already help & support people and get clear on the transformation you want to help them achieve.

Align with your strengths & talents and only then, think about how astrology can help you do this


Once you know the outcomes that you want for your clients determine what specialty of astrology this fits.

Is it business astrology, natal astrology, astrocartography, medical astrology, Predictive astrology, or something else?


Once you know what you want to help people achieve and the specific type of astrology that is relevant you can then focus on which techniques, planets, houses, angles, or other elements are relevant.

This also means that you don’t feel like you have to know it all or do it all when working with clients.


Once you know what you want to help people achieve, the specific type of astrology that is relevant, and the key areas of importance you can design a signature approach to take your clients on a deep and highly personalized journey.

This will position you as the go-to expert astrologer in your field.

So the big question is:

How can you apply this 4 step approach to your own business and tap into the power of deeper results for your clients?

Do you want help learning astrology, refining your astrology niche & designing your signature approach?

My Infinite students are creating niche astrology businesses that will position them as go-to experts in their field

I want you to know that you CAN create an aligned and profitable astrology business that creates transformational results for your clients and positions you as the expert in your field

WITHOUT burning out.

You absolutely can (if I can, you can!).

I have outlined a powerful 4-step process that makes it easy to create an aligned and profitable astrology business.

But if you are feeling stuck on things like:

  • what are my strengths?
  • who are my soul clients? and
  • and what offerings should I create for them?

Then you need to join me in my Infinite Astrology Business Mentoring Program!

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