When we talk about a brand what we are really talking about is a range of elements coming together, including your brand voice, to make an impression on your audience. This includes your Visual Brand (Logo, fonts, colors, and other visual elements), your Brand Vibe or the energy you put out into the world, Your Brand Values or what you and your brand stand for and believe in, and your Brand Voice or the way your brand communicates and its core message. And we can discover our brand voice using astrology.

So what is “Brand Voice”?

Your brand voice is the essence of the way you communicate through your brand and the feelings that people get from reading your blogs or your website, listening to you speak, engaging with your social media posts, or really any way that your brand communicates

It is a tone and style of communication that is unique to you and your brand.

As I described in this blog each zodiac sign has an associated Brand Archetype and this means that each has a specific Brand Archetype Voice. So by looking to our mercury sign (the planet of communications), we can discover our aligned brand voice using astrology.

For example, Virgo – The Sage – has a wise brand voice, and Capricorn – The Sovereign – has a Commanding brand voice. 

Why does aligning with your brand voice using astrology help?

If we are misaligned in our archetype brand voice our communications will come across as inauthentic, and contrived, and will feel fake to our audience. They may not know why, but they will pick up that something is not quite right and this will breed mistrust.

Using the brand voice of your Mercury sign

Part of having an aligned or authentic brand voice is an Archetype brand voice that is aligned with your Mercury Sign – or your aligned way of communicating.

If your archetype brand voice is aligned with your Mercury your soul clients will feel that your messaging is authentic and aligned. In other words, it won’t feel contrived or fake.

As an example, I have Mercury in Scorpio – the Archetype of the Magician – so it is important that my brand voice is transformational, passionate, and deep. My work is always deep and well-researched – Scorpionic traits.

Are there other points on your astrology chart that impact your brand voice?

Absolutely! Our Brand Voice needs to consider our emotional connection, our soul clients, how others view us, and therefore what attracts them to us as well as your natural or innate communication style all things that I dive into in my AstroBranding session or my AstroBranding advanced course AstroBrand Mastery.

However, starting by looking at just your Mercury sign is a way to bring forth an aligned brand voice using astrology.

Your brand voice through the Zodiac Signs

The easiest way to discover your brand voice using astrology is to look at your Mercury sign. Following is a summary of your Mercury sign and example brands using these archetypes in their brand voice. You might find you feel like some brands could be part of more than one archetype and that’s really normal because most brands are in fact a combination of 3-4 core archetypes – just as your brand should be! So let’s look at archetype brand voice examples:

Aries – The Hero – Boldness

One of the elements of the Aries brand voice is Boldness. You can see this through brands like Greenpeace who are warriors towards a cause and not afraid to rock the boat. The Greenpeace Mission is bold: “Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.”

Taurus – The Citizen – Down to Earth

One of the elements of the Citizen brand voice is being down to earth. You can see this in brands like TOMS shoes with the tagline “we’re in the business to change lives”. TOMS cares strongly about being a good corporate citizen, and their social and environmental impact, and as such donates a significant portion of all sales.

Gemini – The Jester – Witty

One of the elements of the Gemini brand voice is Wit. The haircare brand Evo uses witty descriptions on each of its products to bring fun and amusement to its products.

Cancer – The Caregiver – Caring

One of the elements of the Cancer brand voice is Care. You can see this through brands like WWF and Unicef. The Caregiver archetype comes through in the Unicef tagline “for every child”.  

Leo – The Creator – Creative

One of the elements of the Leo brand voice is Creative. You can see this through brands like Pinterest that encourage people to come together and create and share curations of beautiful images to inspire. Another great example is Lego with their messaging: “Inspire and Develop the Builders of Tomorrow: LEGO play starts to release a child’s potential from the moment they pick up their first brick”.

Virgo – The Sage – Wise

One of the elements of the Virgo brand voice is wisdom. You can see this through brands like Deepak Chopra and the Chopra Foundation. I’m wary of elevating any person or brand to an almost immortal state but Deepak Chopra and the work through the Chopra Foundation certainly has the energy of the Sage with the Chopra Foundation tagline of: BUILDING OUR FUTURE TOGETHER: Committed to Creating a Peaceful, Just, Sustainable, Healthy, and Joyful World.

Libra – The Lover – Affectionate

One of the elements of the Libra brand voice is affectionate. You can see this through brands like Moet & Chandon and their personalised “Specially Yours” product range. Moet and Chandon is refined, luxurious and about savoring the moments of life. Another similar brand example is Haagen-Dazs ice cream with taglines like “Try me once, Love me forever” and “Get ready for Haagen-Dazs o’clock, the creamiest most decadent time of day”. 

Scorpio – The Magician – Transformative

One of the elements of the Scorpio brand voice is Transformational. You can see this through brands like Disney who create magic through their movies and theme parks and transport you to another world. Disney has the tagline “where dreams come true” and there is something transformational around the way Disney makes you feel – like anything is possible. 

Sagittarius – The Explorer – Authentic

One of the elements of the Sagittarius brand voice is Authentic you can see this through brands like Nisha Moodley. Nisha’s way of expressing herself through her brand is open, honest, philosophical, and welcoming. All things that reflect the Explorer archetype. Nisha never stops seeking, learning, and engaging with the world around her. A more mainstream brand example can be seen in Jeep which even uses the word “explore” extensively. 

Capricorn – The Sovereign – Powerful

One of the elements of the Capricorn brand voice is Power. You can see this through brands like Microsoft who have stayed at the top of the market for a very long time. Despite serious competition from Apple they are still a powerful contender and have strong brand presence and stability. In the online business world, Rachel Roger’s brand Hello7 comes across as Capricornian with her tagline WE SHOULD ALL BE MILLIONAIRES – Let us show you how to make seven figures.

Aquarius – The Rebel – Disruptive

One of the elements of the Aquarius brand voice is Disruption. You can see this through brands like Paypal who have come in and significantly changed the way that people pay and receive money. Another great example is Virgin Airlines who came in and disrupted the market with a low-cost, low inclusions and youthful feeling airline. A Rebel brand voice will come across as blunt, innovative and fearless. 

Pisces – The Innocent – Genuine

One of the elements of the Pisces brand voice is being Genuine. You can see this through brands like Innocent Juices. This can be seen in their Brand Story as they express on their website: 

“We started Innocent in 1999 after selling our smoothies at a music festival. We put up a big sign asking people if they thought we should give up our jobs to make smoothies, and put a bin saying ‘Yes’ and a bin saying ‘No” in front of the stall. Then we got people to vote with their empties. At the end of the weekend, the ‘Yes’ bin was full, so we resigned from our jobs the next day and got cracking.”

Another example is Dove who are focused on all women no matter their size, age, colour or any other differentiating factor feel any less than beautiful. They live up to their brand voice through programs and initiatives like Project #showus, Cruelly Free Products, The self-esteem project, and “no digital distortion” mark and their tagline “Real Beauty”. 

How does your brand voice line up?

So how does your brand voice line up with your Mercury Sign Archetype? Perhaps it is time to bring more of your Mercury sign’s voice into your brand!

Want more?

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