Would you like to have a brand that truly reflects the core essence of who you and your business truly are in the world?

Would you like a custom brand that is based on more than a nice colour scheme or what is the latest trend?

Would you like to have a truly soul-aligned brand?

Introducing the Custom AstroBranding Signature

What is AstroBranding?

Astrobranding is my proprietary framework that combines Brand and Astrological Archetypes and your birth or business chart to delve deeper than you ever thought possible into your soul-aligned brand.

I developed the AstroBranding framework in 2019 and I have taught it to students through my Embodied Soul Astrology Academy providing brand mood boards for each of the 12  astrology archetypes. 

The next step is to provide custom AstroBranding mood boards to clients that are a combination of the most important aspects of their Astrology chart.

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The framework considers:

Your Business Essence - how you shine and your purpose in the world

Your Allure - How others see you and how to show up as an authentic version of this and draw them to you

Your Connection - How you can connect most authentically with your soul clients through an aligned brand voice and copy

Your Soul Clients - Who your soul clients actually are (this might surprise you) and how to reflect this in your brand so that they are magnetized to you.

Any other significant archetypes that need to be part of your aligned brand

AstroBranding will help you:

// Have the confidence to show up as the true version of yourself and your business

// Stop being who you think you should be, or trying to play a role that doesn’t fit and instead be who you are meant to be

// Understand what others simply LOVE about you and how to align your brand and business with this drawcard for business growth

// Connect more deeply with your soul clients without having to complete long ideal client questionnaires!

// Provide you with the direction to confidently engage a designer to brand (or rebrand) your business or to create your own branding with a custom colour palette and mood board to start the process.

Who is this for?

// You are starting out in business and you want a soul-aligned brand right from the beginning that is truly unique to you

// You are ready for a rebrand and you want to have a brand realignment session to get direction of where to head with your rebrand.

// You might be wanting to design your own logo or to go to a designer but you feel like you need clear brand direction first.

// Ultimately you know that your brand is more than just random colour and font selection - it’s a soulful and sacred process.

We will...

// Go on a journey together and dive deep and discover your true brand essence

// Co-create your AstroBrand Signature

You'll feel

Aligned, at peace yet also really invigorated and excited.

The AstroBrand Signature includes

// 1 x 45 minute deep-dive session via zoom

// The option to record the sessions to listen to later

// A detailed PDF AstroBranding Brief sent to you within 1 week after our first session.

// Optional additional 30-minute call if needed to refine the AstroBranding Brief

// A free introduction to astrology guide

// 25% discount on my Your Astrological Signature Course to dive deeper into your natal chart.

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The AstroBranding Brief Includes:

// Your brand vision

// Your AstroBrand Signature Summary covering your essence, your appeal, your soul clients and your brand voice and emotional connection.

// Your Brand Archetype Quadrant with your key brand archetypes and resonating sub-archetype, brand values, power words, and brand voice.

// Information on each of the relevant Brand Archetypes

// Your 4+ Astrology Archetype Mood Boards

// Your custom AstroBrand Mood board that combines your astrology and brand archetypes with a custom colour palette and a description of why these colors were chosen for you.

Astrobranding - mockup

Before working with Kathryn and receiving a ‘Branding’ astrology reading for the Funding Business Growth, I was lost in choice. I absolutely love colour and beauty but can honestly say, branding is one of the untold mysteries for me.

While working with Kathryn I found reassurance in her structured, pragmatic approach to the reading. Her questions where thoughtful and helped me to articulate my vision for my program. 

As a result of working with Kathryn I have a succinct brand framework giving me clarity around power words, audience archetypes, aligned values and guidance in developing a brand voice that resonates. And…. I absolutely love the mood board!! Altogether, I know have the key ingredients to the most delish brand identity I’ve ever had.      

I highly recommend the ‘Brand Reading’ to anyone who understands the importance of incorporating aesthetic intelligence into their business. 

- Lisa Erhart, coFounder Funding Business Growth

How we work together


Firstly you will pay for this service, book a time for your first session and provide me with specific information I need to prepare for our deep dive.

After this, I will prepare an overview of your AstroBrand to discuss and refine with you.

At the agreed time we will have a zoom call where I will take you through your AstroBrand signature and we will deep dive into your unique sub-brand archetypes to refine your AstroBrand Signature.

We’ll discuss in depth your brand’s essence, what your soul clients love about you , who your soul clients really are as well as how you can best connect with them (as shown in your chart).

You are welcome to record this call.

One week later I'll provide you with the AstroBranding Brief that you can then take to a designer, design your own branding or work with me further to develop your brand logo & style guide (additional fee).

There is an option for another 30-minute call if needed to refine your brand brief and discuss how you can work with me further on your brand.

Meet Kathryn

Kathryn is an intuitive and evolutionary astrologer who believes that astrology is a lifelong dedication and learning process.

Kathryn sees astrology as a gateway into discovering and aligning to your deep soul purpose as well as tuning in to your life’s seasons, passages and transitions. Astrology allows us to navigate these passages with grace and ease and find meaning even during the hard times.

Kathryn teaches her clients how to fuse strategy with soul and launch themselves and their businesses in a soulful and aligned way using astrology as their guide.

Kathryn blends Astrology, Business Coaching and graphic design together in this offering to help you tune into your soul-aligned brand.

She is a Sagittarius sun, Cancer moon and Virgo rising - meaning she is optimistic and friendly, sensitive and nurturing and extremely organised, focus and planned!



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Despite having worked with a number of branding "experts" I never really felt they - or I - really got it.


When I was first introduced to AstroBranding I knew this was exactly what I was looking for! I could see that a big part of my struggle is that my unique signature is composed of seemingly conflicting parts - something I have intuitively known, but not been able to figure out how to integrate them all. 


I immediately reached out to set up an Astrobranding consult, and your process felt so supportive in helping me understand each of these parts in a way that felt so empowering. You helped me see that I didn't have to sacrifice any parts of me in order to have success - quite the opposite. You somehow magically captured the essence of all of me - and beautifully wove all of my seemingly disparate parts together into something that truly felt ... well, me. 


I was so thrilled with my mood board and summary. You were able to provide me with such pinpoint clarity on who I am, how to attract my soul clients, how to create an emotional connection and how to communicate with them. I felt that you really tuned into my essence, and it turned up in unexpected ways. One of them was that you used a sunflower in the mood board - and I hadn't even told you that those are my favorite! 


If you are at all challenged by branding, or just want to have a truly soul-aligned presence that you put out into the world, I highly recommend getting your own Astrobranding signature. It will completely change how to approach branding and messaging for a truly soul-aligned business!


- Roberta Kline, ObGyn, Genomic Medicine and Human Design Practitioner

Are you ready to discover your AstroBrand Signature?

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Client AstroBrand Mood Boards
Client AstroBrand Mood Boards
Client AstroBrand Mood Boards (1)
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