Today I want to look at another great way Astrology can help you in your business and that is through creating a business astrology chart. If you need to brush up on the basics of astrology charts check out this blog first.

Creating a business astrology chart 

Creating a business astrology chart is not dissimilar to when you create a birth chart. Your business has an energy and life force all of its own and like you, it has a ‘natal promise’ of what it is meant to do,  be, and achieve.

What will the date & time be for your business astrology chart?

For some of us, we might clearly remember the exact date and time our business became real but for others, it might have been a slow transition with many separate events. Here are some of the key dates you could use for your business astrology chart.

The date and approx. time (or just use 12pm) that you:

  • registered your business name
  • Went live with your website
  • Had your first paying customer
  • Had your initial vision for your business

You’ll notice that there is no absolute best date to choose for your business astrology chart so what I recommend is feel into which of the above events feels like the true start of your business. Which do you feel most connected to?

Using myself as an example I remember that my first real thought about starting a business was around November 2011 when I decided to study life coaching. I picked a business name (Reverie Coaching) and set up my website over the next couple of months but for me what felt like the official start of my first business was when I registered my business name on 1 March 2012.

However, a number of years later we incorporated as a company and my husband became a director and I moved to a personal brand. This was official when we signed the documents in my accounts office on the 3rd of June 2015. I remember this was in the afternoon and we went out for dinner afterwards so my best guess of the time is around 4 pm

So this is what my business astrology chart interpretation is based on. Can you see how I really felt into the energy of when it felt official?

How to create your business astrology chart

Once you have the date and time chosen then head on over to and create a chart for an event as shown below.

Now that you have your business astrology chart what should you do with it?

There are a number of things you can do with your business chart including:

  1. Look at the chart and feel into the heart and soul of your business
  2. Compare your business chart to your birth chart using an astrology synastry chart to understand how your personal energy interacts with that of your business
  3. Run the chart with transits to see what is coming up in the next 3-12 months likely to impact your business

The heart and soul of your business as seen through your business astrology chart

Here are some things to look for to feel into the heart and soul of your business: 

  1. What is the sun sign of your business chart – this is where your business is destined to shine so look for the sign and house
  2. What is the moon sign of your business chart – this is how your business can be nurtured and its instinctive nature so look for the sign and house
  3. What is the relationship between the sun & the moon (look for the aspect between them)
  4. What is the rising sign or ascendant of your business – this is how your business meets the world and can also be referred to as its soul sign
  5. Where is the north node (sign and house)? This provides insights into the soul purpose of your business.
  6. Where is Mars (sign and house)? This shows how your business takes action and can be brave.
  7. Where is Mercury (sign and house)? This indicates how you can best communicate through your business.
  8. Where is Saturn (sign and house)? This will show where your business needs structure and discipline.
  9. Where is Jupiter (sign and house)? This will show where you will find success, luck and expansion and yes money!
  10. What planets are in your 2nd and 8th houses and what aspects are made with your Jupiter? This will indicate the energy around money in your business.
  11. Do you have clusters of planets in specific houses or zodiac signs? Reflect on what this house or sign means for your business.

Now, of course, there is a lot more to look at in your business astrology chart such as the angles and aspects of the chart but this will give you a good sense of the energy of your business.

Example using my business astrology chart

Gemini Sun in the 7th conjunct Mars & Mercury

It doesn’t surprise me that the sun is in Gemini in my business chart as on my natal chart my 10th house of career is in Gemini. Gemini is ruled by Mercury the planet of communications and so much of what I do is about written communications and training so this feels perfect.

The sun is in the 7th house and this speaks to the fact that this business is set up as a family trust, with my husband as a director. This business has created amazing experiences for us as a couple and family as well as placed stress on our relationship during the not-so-great times but ultimately we see my business as the vehicle for our long-term wealth.

My sun in this chart is also sextile Jupiter in the 10th house of business recognition making a beautiful easeful contact from my house of partnerships to my house of recognition.

My sun in my business chart is also conjunct my Mars and Mercury meaning that how I shine and expand in my business is intrinsically linked to how I take action and how I communicate. The three things ultimately make up a powerhouse trio

Sagittarius Moon in the 1st house

My moon in my business chart is in Sagittarius (my sun sign in my natal chart) and is in my business 1st house.

Our moon is our instinctual nature and what nurtures us and Sagittarius is the guide, wisdom knowledge seeker, and adventurer. Through my business, my endless search for knowledge is nurtured and it has allowed me to travel and explore things that would have been hard to initially justify without my business.

So when I look into my moon in my business chart it feels like an intrinsic part of who I am and therefore who my business is.

What is also really interesting is that we incorporated the business under the same moon phase (waning gibbous) as I was born under!

Sun & Moon opposition

Exploring the relationship between your sun and moon is really important. When related to your business chart your moon is your business’s instinctive nature and your sun is how your business will shine and expand.

If your sun and moon are conjunct, sextile, or trine then they have a happy and ultimately complimentary relationship. However, in my business chart, my sun and moon are in opposition.

I think of this and how my moon in my first house just wants to learn, travel, and explore and ultimately it to be all about me. But then my sun in Gemini in the 7th is about the business creating a solid foundation within my marriage and passing on knowledge to my clients.

So ultimately, there is a push and pull between what I want and need and what my partnership and clients’ needs are which will ultimately help the business (and my relationship!) to shine.

Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius is the sign of the guide, mentor, philosopher, and adventurer.

Our rising sign is often thought of as our soul sign and many astrologers feel it is more significant than our sun (commonly known as zodiac) sign.

In our business, our rising sign is about how our business appears to the world, not necessarily how we would want it to be seen or perceived. In a sense, it is kind of like our business brand because it is what people say about us when we are not in the room.

Sagittarius is all about teaching and guiding with a core value of freedom and it does not surprise me that it is my business rising sign.

My business has always had a core purpose of teaching be it through toolkits, courses, my accreditation, or during a 1:1 session – the purpose is to pass the knowledge on and facilitate growth.

North Node in Libra 11th house

In natal astrology we see the north node being our soul purpose and the south node being what we have done and mastered in previous lifetimes.

When looking at a business chart I prefer to take the approach of what is the ultimate purpose of the business and where is its comfort zone or even potential for stagnancy.

With a business North Node in Libra, I have a business purpose of cultivating strong relationships and potentially being in partnership through my business. With it sitting in the 11th house (Community) I see that this is meant to be lived out both through large presence and visibility.

My south node is in Aries, the warrior and fierce action taker. This to me is a warning that my place of stagnancy in my business is in not building relationships and not connecting with others (an introverted trait I have). I’m also a natural action taker and the warrior is an archetype that comes naturally to me – it is a comfort zone but my path of expansion through my business is by taking a more libran relationship-centred approach.

It is interesting because I have a cluster of planets in Libra in my natal chart so this feels like another confirmation to me.

Mars in the 7th conjunct sun and mercury

My 7th house in my business chart is very prominent with my sun, mercury, and mars all conjunct (or amplifying each other).

With Mars in Gemini I think about how a large part of the work I do involves communication and how I take action is through writing, creating, teaching, training, and mentoring.

My action or work in my business is almost always in partnership whether that is with a group through an e-Course or through a 1:1 relationship through coaching and mentoring. Communication (mercury) is intrinsically linked with the way I take action in my business and the way my business thrives and shines (sun).

I also think about Mars as the brave warrior and how Gemini (the twins) can often be like two personalities. I think my warrior energy in my business (and my action-taking) can tend to oscillate between highly charged, passionate, and somewhat impulsive and also can be measured, purposeful, and slow. I can get very fired up but I also have the ability to put my coach hat on and be very empathetic and compassionate. There is a lesson here about taking time to feel into what is needed and controlling those dual personalities rather than letting them control me (and my business).

Mercury in the 7th conjunct sun and mars

My Mercury is in the 7th in Gemini conjunct my sun and Mars. Having mercury in its home sign of Gemini gives me the sense that communication is absolutely integral to my business.

When I think of mercury in the 7th house of marriage and partnership I think of my business communications being intimate conversations. My communication style in my business is part of what makes my business shine and expand and it is also integral to how I take action – I write blogs, I teach, I coach and mentor, I write products and programs, and I record videos. Communication is the lifeblood of my business.

This is an interesting thought because whenever I have tried to take a break from blogs, newsletters or even social media it doesn’t feel natural. Communicating with my audience, my clients and e-Course communities is my natural state.

I have at times outsourced my marketing and communications to team members (really wonderful team members) but looking at this sun-mars-mercury conjunction makes me realize how it really needs to come from me – this is my lifeblood in my business and no one can be me.

Saturn in Sagittarius in the 12th house

Saturn relates to our sense of responsibility and structure and also our big work. With Saturn in the 12 th house of rest & retreat I reflect on how I don’t tend to have a lot of “business gurus” or people that I look up to in business. It’s almost a little challenging for me to work with people in this way.

Jupiter in the 10th

What a lucky placement in a business chart! I think anyone who knows a thing or two about astrology would be delighted to see Jupiter the sign of luck, expansion, and abundance in the 10th house of recognition! Jupiter is in Leo the sign of shining your light, optimism, and exuberance and notably in my birth chart my north node (soul purpose) is in Leo within 3 degrees of this Jupiter placement meaning that they are conjunct and amplifying each other. It’s also interesting to see that Jupiter has no bad aspects in this chart and connects in a harmonious way with the majority of planets.

What planets are in your 2nd and 8th houses and what aspects are made with your Jupiter – this will indicate the energy around money in your business

I have Pluto in the business 2nd house which feels like an ability to create transformational wealth through my natural talents.

Cluster in the 7th in Gemini

There is a cluster or ‘stellium’ of planets in my 7th house in Gemini. The 7th house is the house of marriage and partnerships and this feels significant for a number of reasons.

Firstly the date this chart was run for was when my husband and I met at our accountant’s office to sign the documents to incorporate as a company, set up a family trust, and make him a director of the company.

I have recently entered into a publishing contract with Hay House which will help to expand my business.

I am also exploring a partnership relationship of some sort with an extremely successful business friend. We don’t know how this might look yet and we are just feeling into it.

There is much more that could be evaluated by looking at my business chart such as the major aspect patterns, the angles, progressions, and transits as well as a synastry chart interpretation (comparison of my natal and business chart). This is the type of detail that my business chart readings dive into or I teach it in my Level 2 certification.

It’s not all sunshine and roses

I’ve mostly written about the positive aspects of this chart but it is important to note that there are plenty of challenges in it too. Challenges or “negative aspects” in our chart (denoted by red lines and including squares and oppositions) are just as important as the “positive” ones (conjunctions, sextiles, and trines) as they push us to evolve, grow, and find our true potential.

For example, the aspect between the sun in the 7th and Neptune in the 4th (house of business foundations) denotes a tendency to be introverted, a “homebody” and not put itself out there.

In fact, Neptune has had this impact on my mercury (communications) and Mars (ability to take action) as well.

For this reason, I can sometimes find it hard to do the things that will bring growth and visibility for the business but I feel like I’ve made great strides in 2023 in my partnership with Hay House.

So what does this all mean and why does it matter?

Understanding our business chart can help us to tune into the full potential and core purpose of our business. Combine that with knowledge of your natal chart interpretation and you can understand how your purpose and your business purpose interact. Not all businesses have to be all of us. Some are for short periods of time and some are more permanent, some are personal brands and others can be more separated from our own identity. Some fulfill all our needs and others just an aspect of them.

Being armed with this knowledge about your business helps you to align, focus, and achieve its full potential and also know when it’s time to complete.

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