In previous blogs, I shared the Astrological Signature of Denise Duffield Thomas & Tammy Guest and Brigit Esselmont and Ellissa Nagle. In this blog I’m sharing the Astrological Signature of the divine Nisha Moodley.

I want to share more than just my story but stories of other uber-successful entrepreneurs like Nisha Moodley, who have aligned with their Astrological Signature both consciously and unconsciously.

I think sharing their journey will be helpful to show you the power of this process and how it can help you.

It’s really important that you know that everything I’m sharing has their express permission and that when it comes to astrology I take my client’s confidentiality very seriously.

Your Astrological Signature - Nisha Moodley

Nisha Moodley

Nisha Moodley is a Women’s Leadership Coach and is well known for her amazing retreats and masterminds that she has been running since 2010. I’ve been a member of Nisha’s masterminds and attended some of her stand-alone retreats and I see running retreats as Nisha’s absolute gift to the world. Nisha also has an online program “Soul of Leadership”.

Nisha Moodley gave me explicit permission to share the following about her Astrological Signature with you through this blog.

nisha moodley astrological signature

Sun in Gemini conjunct Mercury in the 6th House

Nisha has a Gemini Sun and this is displayed through her curious nature.

Nisha shines through her desire to understand the people and the world around her and with her sun conjunct Mercury communication such as speaking, writing, poetry and journaling and then sharing her musings with the world is core to how she expresses her sun.

With her sun, in the 6th house of daily routine and health it is not surprising she started her entrepreneurial journey as a health coach helping others to find healthy living in their day to day lives. These days this shows up for Nisha in her ability to support women to find the sacred and soul in their day to day.

Nisha also strives to find her own sense of balance in her day to day routine. In fact routine has been something Nisha has had a love/hate relationship with but when she finds her equilibrium she truly shines.

We can also think of Mercury as youth and the younger man and it is interesting how having her son Raven has been a part of Nisha coming home to, and discovering more about, herself.

Moon in Leo in the 8th House trine her Ascendant

Nisha’s Leo moon makes her creative, warm and generous but also a little moody at times. 

Her Leo moon can mean that she can have a high need for affection, praise,  recognition, and feedback to feel emotionally secure. 

So for Nisha, she can nurture herself by giving herself the self-love and appreciation that she craves from the outside world.

It is also extremely important that Nisha regularly connects with her inner child and finds joy in the little things.

With her moon in the 8th house of sex, money, power, and the occult Nisha has a need to go deep with those she loves and to go deep within herself.

Nisha is not a surface level human, friend, lover or mother – she is unafraid to go to the depths with you and in fact, this is part of her unique gift and style of nurturing – I know because I’ve experienced it!

For this reason, the work Nisha does is a direct expression of her Leo Moon and is absolutely aligned.

Sagittarius Rising trine Moon

Nisha is a Sagittarius rising and this means that others see her as a guide, optimistic and free-spirited. 

People are attracted to Nisha’s sense of adventure and freedom so it’s no surprise her previous mastermind was called the ‘freedom mastermind’ perfectly in alignment with her Sagittarius rising.

I giggled when I saw Nisha was a Sagittarius rising as she is the epitome of this placement dressing colorfully in eclectic clothes and jewelry collected from around the world on her travels. In fact, Nisha’s style is so unique and beautiful that she often does shopping days with her retreat attendees in Bali because they are pretty much in awe (as I am!) of her natural style. 

Nisha’s Moon is trine her Ascendant so there is a beautiful harmony between her emotional needs, how she nurtures others, how she shows up in the world and how others see her.

Nisha’s purpose is to uplift others through truth and wisdom and she embodies this every day.

Aligning her astrological signature

Nisha has aligned beautifully to her astrological signature and she really is a beautiful example of the power of aligning to your cosmic blueprint.

The advice I would give Nisha to align more fully to her Astrological Signature is to:

  • Be careful to give herself the self-love and recognition that she can have a tendency to look for externally 
  • Practice tuning into her inner child and finding joy in the smallest of things and be present with her son Raven as this will power up her Leo Moon. 
  • Explore how she can further feed your Gemini Sun through communications in her day to day.

Nisha’s Response

This is awesome, and so true! 

I laughed at the “moody” bit – I definitely have to navigate the broadly-ranging emotional landscape I inhabit.

It’s absolutely true that I need to self-source my confidence, and have those trusted few friends who will tell-it-like-it-is, but also love me unconditionally. 

Learning that my sun is in the 6th house of routine and health was illuminating! I am so passionate about health, but I still have to be very intentional and devotional in my commitment to the nourishing routines of my life.

Thank you so much, Kath. I feel like you saw right through me!

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