Astrology Basics

In this Free Astrology course
Discover what your birth chart tells you
about your soul work and aligned business

// Dispell the mystery of Astrology & Dive into your Natal Chart

// Learn how to create, navigate and interpret your natal astrology chart.

// Over 30 minutes of high-quality and practical astrology training for people new to astrology

// a handy 8-page PDF reference guide.

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What's included in the course:

  • Welcome
  • Astrology Basics Guide
  • How to create your Natal Chart
  • Navigating the Natal Chart
  • Reading your chart
  • Things to look for in your Natal Chart

Praise for Astrology Basics

This is a brief, yet cut and dry, and to-the-point course that helped me understand the basic essentials for navigation of the birth chart. 

It is quick, simple to follow along and understand, and it's free! 

Every beginning student of astrology should look to this course before anything else

You will learn about each of the planets, signs, and their archetypes, the houses, along with their descriptive keywords. By the end, you should understand how to interpret the basic placements in a birth chart."

- Katrina James, Original Insights Tarot

"The worksheets were very helpful in being able to read and understand my chart. "

- Tori Hall, Yoga Instructor

"Very informative and at the same time insightful with a tinge of mysticism".

- Julie O'Dell

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"Kathryn has such a beautiful grasp on how astrology impacts your life and business."

Denise Duffield Thomas

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