Aligning to your Astrological Signature

In my last blog I discussed the concept of your Astrological Signature and how aligning to and integrating mine has supported my business.

That being said I wanted to share more than just my story but stories of other uber-successful entrepreneurs, some of whom are astrology clients of mine, who have aligned with their Astrological Signature both consciously and unconsciously.

I think sharing their journey will be helpful to show you the power of this process and how it can help you.

So over the next two blogs, I’ll be sharing the Astrological Signatures of Denise Duffield-Thomas, Tammy Guest, Brigit Esselmont and Ellissa Jayne Nagle.

It’s really important that you know that everything I’m sharing has their express permission and that when it comes to astrology I take my client’s confidentiality very seriously.

So let’s dive into our first two case studies

Your astrological signature case studies

Denise Duffield-Thomas

YAS - Denise Duffield Thomas

Denise is a Money Mindset Mentor, author, and creator of the wildly success Money Bootcamp. Denise is also a good friend of mine and someone who I have done astrology readings for. 

Sun in Virgo in the 11th House, opposition Moon, sextile AC

Denise has her Sun in Virgo in the 11th house of Community, I see this play out through the large community of Lucky Bee’s that she leads to realise their hopes and dreams. 

Women are attracted to Denise’s down to earth and grounded approach to money mindset and whilst she might deny being a psychic she absolutely brings the grounded healer energy that is Virgo to her work. 

Virgo’s are here to be of service and so it’s taken Denise a comparatively long time to let go and hire a community manager. A large reason for this is that leading groups is literally how she shines and experiences vitality.

With Denise’s Sun in harmonious aspect to her rising sign (or AC) we can see that her grounded, earthy vibe is in true alignment with how others see her.

Moon in Pisces in the 5th House, Opposition sun, trine AC

Denise’s moon is in Pisces in the 5th house of creativity and pleasure. It’s extremely important that Denise nourishes herself through creative and pleasurable activities, particularly those that help her to connect in a spiritual manner. 

For Denise self-care means creative and spiritual retreats, artistic expression, pulling oracle cards and the pursuit of pleasure.

However, with her moon in opposition to her Sun there is a push and pull between her earthy, focused Virgo and Sun and her mystical Pisces moon. 

Denise is a ruler archetype and finds it hard to truly disconnect and take time off her business but her Moon needs a lot of alone time to truly thrive. 

This opposition also represents the push and pull between being a mum to her gorgeous children (the 5th house also represents children) and leading and growing her community.

She’ll need to be careful not to turn her beautiful Rose Farm (that is so calming for her) into a solely business focus that drains her.

That being said, there is a great opportunity to use the rose farm to showcase more of her Pisces Moon and Scorpio rising – so it’s all about balance right?!

Denise chooses to keep her Moon fairly separate from her business and her Sun. However, with Denise’s moon in harmonious aspect to her AC there is a great opportunity for her to embrace her Pisces energy more fully and bring it into her work and how she shows up in the world.

Scorpio Rising, Trine Moon, Sextile Sun

Denise is a Scorpio rising and I see this play out in that although Denise is very grounded and down to earth she is also in many ways very private, deep and intensely passionate about her work.

Her Scorpio AC can be seen through her propensity and ability to heal and transform herself and others through her work.

Ultimately Denise has that special something, that Scorpionic allure that you can’t quite put your finger on but want to be around.

Denise’s rising sign is in harmonious aspect to both her sun and her moon. This means that how she appears to others is in true alignment with both her public and private self. No wonder so many people would describe her as down to earth and authentic.

Aligning to her Astrological Signature

Aligning her astrological signature

Denise is already very in tune with and aligned to, her astrological signature.

The advice I gave Denise to align more fully to her Astrological Signature is to:

  • Give her Pisces Moon the retreat, disconnection and down-time it truly needs as this will only supercharge her sun;
  • bring more of her mystical and creative Pisces moon into her business and how she shows up in the world; and
  • Explore her Scorpio rising and to bring more depth, passion, allure and intensity into her work and perhaps her appearance.

Denise’s Response

Denise told me that this all resonated deeply with her especially the element of privacy with her Scorpio rising – something she is working through currently.

Tammy Guest

YAS- Tammy

Tammy is a qualified Naturopath, creator of the NATEX Conference and Natupreneur Hub community for Naturopaths and Natural  Health Practitioners. Tammy is also a good friend of mine and someone who I have done astrology readings for. 

Sun in Gemini in the 7th House, Trine Moon

Tammy has a Gemini Sun and this is displayed through her endlessly curious nature. Tammy is a conversationalist, gregarious and intelligent and loves to learn.

With her sun in the 7th house of Partnership, she shines through her partnership with her husband Murray and to see them at work as a team at her annual conference and retreats is inspiring.

Tammy needs social interaction and she has found ways to bring this into her business such as her online community, annual NATEX conference and immersive experiences in Bali as well as attending conferences and events for herself. 

Moon in Aquarius in the 4th House, Trine Sun

Tammy’s Aquarius moon can mean that she can be a bit detached from her emotions.

Tammy’s emotional needs are for a sense of freedom and inspiration and for Tammy nurturing her moon is about exploration and contributing to the collective.

With her moon in the 4th house in Aquarius, she needs to be careful not to dismiss her need for a home base altogether – but equally, it likely means that home takes on a less traditional meaning and she’ll likely find home wherever she roams.

The work Tammy does is a perfect complement to the needs of her Aquarius Moon – it allows freedom, inspiration and is based around working with groups of healers which means she is helping others to make a greater healing impact. 

It was not always this way and not that long ago she was burnt out serving clients 1:1 in her locally based Naturopathy Clinic – looking uber-successful on the outside but struggling on the inside. 

By making this change in her business she didn’t know it at the time but she was aligning to her astrological signature!

Tammy’s sun and moon are in a a harmonious aspect and they support each other perfectly.

Sagittarius Rising, Opposition Sun

Tammy is a Sagittarius rising and this means that others see her as light-hearted, friendly and optimistic. Tammy is here to uplift others through truth and wisdom and I see her doing this every day through her business.

She is adventurous and has the potential to be nomadic and this can be seen with desires to move to Bali and her love of flying and her dream to circumnavigate the globe in a helicopter.

Tammy’s appearance reflects her Sagittarius rising and you’ll often see her in lush colors and textures and items collected from her travels.

Her rising sign is in opposition to her sun so there is a disconnect between the social mask she wears and how others see her and what her sun truly needs.

Aligning her astrological signature

Tammy has aligned in a big way to her astrological signature over the last few years!

The advice I gave Tammy to align more fully to her Astrological Signature is to:

  • Be careful not to scatter your energy and focus because as a Gemini Sun you will be interested in all.the.things. 
  • Practice discernment in your business 
  • Dream your dreams, download your visions but don’t take on all the implementing.
  • Explore how your social mask or how others see you may be at odds with your Sun and what makes you truly shine.
  • Align your business branding more to your Sagittarius rising and Gemini Sun.

Tammy’s Response

“Oh how things have changed over the past decade in my biz. Kathryn, you are spot on with having been out of alignment at the time of running my location-based clinic, although I felt like I was feeding my Sun of partnership with my clients… I was totally ignoring my bliss whilst taking my clients away on retreat. 

Now I have a location-independent, experience-based business I feel so much more aligned. 

This past year I have doubled my team to help serve the implementation side of my visions and it has been a game-changer.

I love social media as a playground to experiment with the Sagittarius rising and Gemini Sun aspects of myself, finding the balance of internal and external perceptions.”

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