In my last blog, I shared the Astrological Signature of Denise Duffield Thomas & Tammy Guest. In this blog I’m sharing the Astrological Signature of Brigit Esselmont & Ellissa Nagle.

I want to share more than just my story but stories of other uber-successful entrepreneurs, some of whom are astrology clients of mine, who have aligned with their Astrological Signature both consciously and unconsciously.

I think sharing their journey will be helpful to show you the power of this process and how it can help you.

It’s really important that you know that everything I’m sharing has their express permission and that when it comes to astrology I take my client’s confidentiality very seriously.

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Double Signs

Before I dive in I want to explain what it means to be a double sign e.g. “I’m a double Taurus”. Both Brigit Esselmont & Ellissa Nagle are double signs so it’s helpful to understand what this means.

Being a double sign means that 2 or 3 of your Astrological Signature elements (Sun, moon or rising sign) are in the same zodiac sign.

This means that of the 3 major indicators, 2 being in the same zodiac sign likely makes you much stronger in that sign’s characteristics. So, for example, Brigit being a double Taurus reflects that she is very grounded but also very stubborn (light and shadow Taurus aspects).

Having two of these three in the same sign can be helpful as there is less opportunity for your sun, moon or rising sign to be in challenging aspect to each other and therefore less chance for a push and pull between your needs or how you are naturally compared to how you show up in the world.

Brigit Esselmont

Brigit Esselmont is the creator of BiddyTarot a 7-figure online business teaching people Tarot and has recently launched the Intuitive Entrepreneur Podcast.

brigit esselmont astrology

Sun in Taurus in the 8th conjunct Moon

Brigit’s sun is in earthy and grounded Taurus in the 8th house of the underworld – themes such as sex, (other people’s) money, power and transformation are key to how she shines in the world.

A sun in Taurus means that Brigit shines by helping others to feel safe through her intrinsic and natural stability and groundedness and earthy creativity.

Brigit can help her clients to feel secure in themselves and to build a more solid foundation in their business.

Brigit has a natural eye for beauty which is obvious through her online presence and products and can help others to bring that into their work or business. 

With the sun in the 8th house, Brigit is one of those rare people who flourish in hard times. This placement also reflects Brigit’s has a strong spiritual or mystical connection and a strong sense of purpose or meaning which can be seen through her Tarot Business and Intuitive Entrepreneur podcast. 

With this placement, Brigit is not afraid to go deep with her clients.

Moon in Taurus in the 8th conjunct Sun and Trine AC

Brigit is a double Taurus in the 8th house as her moon is also here and actually conjunct her Sun. This makes the Taurus archetype extremely strong and gives her an extremely focused (and stubborn!) nature.

Having a Taurus Moon Brigit is grounded and emotionally stable but with the 8th house placement, there is also the potential for intense and powerful emotions and even depression making it so important for Brigit to ground herself regularly and take nourishment from spiritual rituals.

With her moon here Brigit needs comfort, good food, and beautiful surroundings and she’ll naturally comfort and nurture herself through grounded spirituality.

For Brigit, it is extremely important to regularly ground herself in nature as this is intrinsic to both her vitality through her sun and her emotional groundedness through her moon.

Ultimately though Brigit nurtures herself, and others, through transformation.

Virgo Rising Trine Moon

With a Virgo rising people are attracted to Brigit for both her sense of stability and organisation as well as her grounded and analytical spirituality which is so visible through her tarot work.

Her Ascendant is in harmonious aspect to her moon meaning that her emotional nature and needs are super aligned with how other people see her. This means that Brigit comes across with a natural vulnerability and down to earth nature. 

The ultimate aim for the Virgo Rising individual is to earth their spiritual gifts and be of service and we can see how Brigit is doing this so beautifully through her 7-figure business.

Aligning her astrological signature

Brigit Esselmont is already highly aligned to her astrological signature but there are always further alignments to be made!

The advice I would give Brigit to align more fully to her Astrological Signature is to:

  • For a double Taurus, the best business is one where quality rather than speed and quantity is the priority and so focusing on creating or delivering high-end products or services will be most supportive for you.
  • Your growing focus on supporting intuitive entrepreneurs is highly aligned but it must have depth and transformation.
  • Your business needs to be a representation of your values of beauty & quality so continue to invest in this.
  • Prioritise getting out in nature and your own spiritual rituals as these are vital to your double sun/moon in the 8th.
  • Be careful of your stubborn nature – with a double Taurus and conjunct sun and moon you are going to be quite focused and directed but you will need to expend energy to be sure to listen to your team’s ideas and opinions.

Brigit’s Response

I love this! It resonates deeply and the advice you share is very wise!

Ellissa Jayne Nagle

Ellissa is an amazing graphic and web designer and the owner of Flourish Online a full service Web Design Company servicing online business and specialising in sales pages and membership sites.

Ellissa Nagle

Sun in Gemini in the 1st House square Moon

I’m not surprised that Ellissa is a Gemini sun as MANY of my clients who work in branding and marketing are Gemini’s! 

Gemini Sun’s shine in social situations where they can learn, communicate and share their curiosity for the world.

Ellissa needs social interaction so it’s important to make sure that she finds ways to bring this in such as being in a co-working space, running or attending events or meeting with people in person.

Ellissa likely has a lot of things that she would like to do in her business and needs to practice discernment and stay focused.

Ellissa shines through her identity and personality, literally all she has to do is show up and be her!

With this placement, there’s an element of eccentricity to Ellissa’s personality and I know that I tend to laugh all day long with I’m with Lis!

I find it interesting that her sun is in the first house of Identity as her gift (or how she shines) is literally by helping others tune into their identity and how they want to show up in the world through amazing branding!

Moon in Pisces in the 10th House Square Sun

Ellissa has a moon in Pisces in the 10th House and this brings a highly creative energy to her emotional nature and she nurtures herself and others through her career and calling in Graphic Design.

Normally a Moon in Pisces represents needing time alone to recharge and with the placement, in the 10th house this is even more important for her to do in order to channel her creative energy. For Ellissa, her branding work is literally a spiritual expression and is channeled from a higher place even if she doesn’t realise it.

Ellissa’s work nourishes her – even when she might feel like it drains her – the creative expression is crucial to her emotional wellbeing.

With her moon here it’s important for her to reflect on how she nurtures others through her work as this is part of her role – it’s not solely about the brand creation but also about the nurturing and “exploration of self”  journey that she takes her clients on.

Her Sun & Moon are square and in challenging aspect to each other. There is a push and pull between her outgoing Gemini sun and her soulful and creative Pisces Moon. Ellissa needs to find a balance of work and retreat to nourish both her sun and her moon.

Gemini Rising

Ellissa is a double Gemini and with Gemini rising this is absolutely visible in her bright clothes and branding.

People are attracted to Ellissa’s bright and bubbly nature and her ability to help them show up and be seen in the world.

Ellissa’s core lesson is to merge her head AND her heart – her Gemini sun and Pisces moon – and to stay focused.

Aligning her astrological signature

Ellissa already expresses her Gemini Sun and Rising very obviously through her business but there is a hidden Pisces Moon just itching to be set free!

The advice I gave Elissa to align more fully to her Astrological Signature is to:

  • Reveal her intuitive and mystical Pisces Moon
  • Discover and use some soulful tools to help people connect with their brand identity
  • Be sure to have creative and spiritual outlets outside of your business
  • Build-in time for rest and retreat

Ellissa’s Response

Wow this is so on the mark!  And it’s crazy that the thing I love about what we do is getting people to show up and be themselves – which is apparently one of my strengths!  There’s definitely more woo in me ready to be free…And I can get a bit obsessed with my business. I need to consciously disconnect, otherwise, it becomes my everything.  Thank you for sharing these insights!  

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