Your sun sign through the Zodiac Signs

Most of us know our sun sign – it’s the zodiac sign we learnt as teenagers reading Horoscopes in magazines.

But do you really know your sun sign? Let me introduce you – it will be a magical meeting!

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When most of us think of Astrology or our “Zodiac Sign” or “Horoscope sign” what we are referring to is our sun sign.

Our sun sign is a prominent and powerful energy in our chart and it represents where are we called to shine and to be brave.

natal sun sign in the zodiac

Aries Sun

aries sun

As someone with an Aries Sun, you shine when you embrace your inner warrior queen (or king!) and inspire others with your bravery.

Taurus Sun

As someone with a Taurus Sun, you shine by helping others to feel safe through your intrinsic and natural stability and groundedness and earthy creativity.

taurus sun

Gemini Sun

You shine in social situations where you can learn, communicate and share your curiosity for the world.

gemini sun

Cancer Sun

You shine when you care and nurture others and are able to show your innate sensitivity and urge to protect those you care about.

cancer sun

Leo Sun

You shine by being seen and heard for who you truly are in all your magnificence and inspiring others to do the same.

leo sun

Virgo Sun

You shine through your talent for the details. Knowing what needs to be done and when and the best systems and structures to get things done efficiently.

virgo sun

Libra Sun

You shine through your flair for harmonious relationships and ability to be tactful, just – always seeing the good and intrinsic beauty in other people.

libra sun

Scorpio Sun

You shine with your ability to get to the deep heart of the issue and your ability to help people transform themselves and their lives.

scorpio sun

Sagittarius Sun

You shine with your optimism, faith, wisdom and sense of adventure. You inspire others to embrace the adventure of life.

sagittarius sun

Capricorn Sun

You shine by climbing the mountain of your goals, step by step, with responsibility and discipline.

capricorn sun

Aquarius Sun

You shine by embracing your big ideas and visions and daring to be different.

aquarius sun

Pisces Sun

You shine by embracing your mystical and imaginative nature and sharing your connection to the divine with others.

pisces sun

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