Your Astrological Style – The inner planets in Astrology

The inner planets are often overlooked when looking at our astrology chart. We tend to focus on our sun, moon and rising and then look at the “soul” planets like Pluto, Neptune and Uranus.

But the Inner Planets are crucial to understand as they really represent the way in which we live out our sun and moon and the way in which our rising sign shows up.

They are like the icing on the cake of how we show up in the world and a cake can be a little boring with a bit of cream cheese icing! 

In the book The Inner Planets Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas describe them like this:

“Mercury, Venus and Mars provide the ways and means through which the sun and moon express their fundamental natures”. 

“ the inner planets are the building blocks of our personal reality”

In this blog, I am going to explain what each of the inner planets represents and give you some examples from my own chart as to how your astrological style is so impactful to learn, integrate and align to.

Your Astrological Style

First, let me summarise the components of Your Astrological Style

your astrological style

Your Mercury – Your Sacred Message & Communication Style

The sign and house that your Mercury is in will indicate things such as how you communicate and process information but also it indicates your sacred message and the way in which you communicate it, and the subject of, your sacred message.

Your Mercury placement may also indicate any fears or blocks you have around expressing yourself and speaking your truth.

Your Venus – Your Sacred Receptivity and Values

The sign and house that your Venus is in will indicate things such as what you are drawn to and what you value, your receptivity to abundance, your desires and how you attract and magnetise others to you.

Venus and the Moon are the two main feminine archetypes in traditional astrology and they are psychological opposites. The moon needs to belong to a family or group and have roots and Venus needs to express herself and find pleasure in herself. Liz Greene states that Venus “expresses an absolute power of attraction not because of what she has to offer (nurturing, care, dependability) but because of who she is”. 

We can apply Venus to our business because it helps us to understand our core business value, how we can best attract abundance and receive and how we can magnetise our soul clients to us. 

Your Mars – Your Sacred Bravery and Activation

The sign and house that your Mars is in will indicate things such as your ability to take action, self-motivate and make things happen as well as your sense of bravery and your level or assertiveness/aggressiveness. 

Your Mars placement may also indicate how you are in your relationships when there is conflict – do you avoid it or withdraw, suit up for battle, become passive aggressive, become threatened and defensive or something else? 

We can apply Mars to our business because it ultimately represents how we can take action and be brave within the entrepreneurial pursuit. 

Are you starting to get the picture of how aligning and integrating Your Astrological Style could be extremely powerful in how you show up in your business?

My astrological style

One of the things that is interesting about my Astrological Style is that it is confined to the first third of my chart. My style is very much linked to my intrinsic personality and is very much self-directed rather than impacted by energies or elements outside of myself.

This relates to being someone who is very consumed by the development of self and they are typically “self-made” or the entrepreneurial archetype.

In a sense this means that that my style will always be quite potent and not impacted by what others say or do or external elements such as community or society.

Aligning to my Mercury

I have Mercury in Scorpio in the second house and this means that the way I express myself is passionate, deep and transformational. 

I have a deep message that I need to share with the world and it is a very strong part of how I create resources through my natural strengths – through writing, speaking and teaching.

I’m terrible at small talk and I hate the superficialness of business networking events. I’m not the type to break into a group of people I don’t know but approach me and get me talking about my innermost thoughts, dreams and goals (and yours!) and I’m all yours.

It has taken me time to allow my Mercury to unleash it’s Scorpionic nature but as a young teenager I used to spend every waking moment writing deep and passionate poetry. Now I’m not saying it was very good (seriously cringe-worthy as an adult to read!) but it was my Scorpio Mercury needing to express itself.

I have finally unleashed my Mercury, let go this year of work that no-longer resonates with me and my website is now 100% focused on my astrology work which was so freeing.

Aligning to my Venus 

I have Venus in Scorpio on the cusp of the 1st and 2nd and this means that my core receptivity is found through both my personal brand and using my core skills to create resources.

The best way for me to attract wealth and abundance is to show up authentically as a deep, passionate and transformative soulful coach and to speak, write and teach.

Over the last couple of years I’ve really embraced my Venus in Scorpio and been through major transformation of my outer and inner self which is very Venus. I might even go so far to say that I discovered my inner sex kitten and I feel sexy, powerful and magnetic. This transformation has had direct benefits to my business as I’ve embraced my deep, passionate and soulful side. 

Aligning to my Mars

I have Mars in Capricorn in the 4th house which means that I am most brave in my home sphere, the cause that I am most passionate about is domestic violence and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to protect those I love.

I activate from home and it took me a long time to understand why I never felt comfortable in the corporate office environment yet working from home I could achieve things that most others could not.

Mars in Capricorn means that I am responsible and disciplined when it comes to taking action in the home environment. 

I have Mars in Capricorn in the 4th house which means that I have a natural drive to take action from home so working for myself in a home office is my perfect way to be productive.

But my Capricorn Mars in the 4th house also has a deeper, darker element. 

Mars in the 4th house can represent an angry home life – in particular an angry father. 

Over the last two years I went through a terrible experience with my father who has struggled with his anger his whole life. I’ve been quite traumatized by this and I needed to embrace my Mars and protect my little family. 

For this reason my home life can often feel a lot like hard work, I’m responsible and dedicated to my family (my kids and husband) and to my extended family (siblings and parents) but it often feels like a heavy load on my shoulders, something I have to bear rather than enjoy.

Allowing my Mars warrior to show up in this area of my life has been exceptionally healing. I feel stronger and more powerful, it brought my husband and I together as one and after some time it has actually allowed a more adult relationship to evolve with my parents that is based on a more level playing field. I have claimed back my power.

My dad has since been quite unwell and I’ve spent some time caring for him and I’m able to see him as an old man with regrets and failings but also able to love the good and kind parts of him. Embracing my Mars allows me to be assertive when I need to be and loving when I can be. 

If you want to learn how to find out your Mercury, Venus and Mars download my free astrology basics guide below or read this blog!

Integrating your Astrological Style

Combining these three elements together has allowed me to be true to myself. It’s given me the courage to embrace my darker, deeper, more intense aspects of my personality and to find a way to integrate them into my business.

It has helped me to understand why I am so happy and effective working from home and to pinpoint where some of the blocks to my receptivity and abundance were.

I’ve finally been able to speak my truth and show up as the person I was born to be.

The one thing I can promise about Your Astrological Style is that it will bring clarity, it will answer some of those questions about why you are the way you are and it will help you to align your business to work with you rather than against you.

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