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Astrology has been a life-changing practice for me and one that is ongoing, building upon the knowledge continuously and embedding it deep in my soul. Part of this learning journey has been reading an enormous amount of Astrology books, some better than others. I have over 40 Astrology books in my library and I expect that will only grow over time. I love to research about astrology and read the great teachers in astrology.

In this blog, I’d like to introduce you to my favorite astrology books and the reasons why I think these need to be part of your ever-growing Astrology library. These books are not necessarily the most well-known books or the starting books but they are ones that profoundly impacted my astrology journey.

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Moonology by Jasmin Boland

Moonology was my gateway drug when it came to astrology books. Like many women, I started my astrology journey by working with the moon cycles and Moonology is a must-have resource to work with the new and full moons each month. Moonology gives you the tools to apply the sign and house of each new and full moon in your chart. It’s an extremely practical book that won’t gather dust on your shelf.

The Changing Sky by Steven Forrest

Steven Forrest is one of my most loved Astrology mentors and in his book The Changing Sky he looks at predictive astrology – in particular transits and progressions. Steven writes in an absolutely beautiful way and I am constantly finding beautiful turns of phrase that perfectly capture the astrology concepts he is describing. He also has many other books including the Inner Sky and Yesterday’s Sky.

The Soul Speaks by Mark Jones

This book, the Soul Speaks, is not for recreational astrology rather a guide for those who are wanting to work as Astrologers but who don’t have counseling, coaching or therapeutic training. Mark Jones is an exceptional therapist and astrologer and this is truly a magical combination.

In this book, Mark sets a standard for the ethics of working as an astrologer and the therapeutic relationship between client and astrologer. He also talks about what an astrologer is not and when to refer on. This is a must for the professional astrology practitioner.

Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George and Douglas Bloch

I actually read the book Asteroid Goddesses in high school when I was writing my classics special study about the Greek goddesses.

So imagine my surprise coming back to this book 20 years later when studying astrology.

Astrology has a certain patriarchal nature to it with most of the planets being masculine in nature.

Asteroid Goddesses introduces you to the asteroid goddesses who provide powerful feminine archetypes in your astrology chart – from Ceres, to Pallas Athene to Juno and Vesta as well as a look at minor asteroid goddesses this is a must-read for any woman exploring her astrology chart.

Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring

A few years ago when I was learning astrology we started learning about progressions and I came to know that my progressed moon was in Scorpio.

I was going through an extremely difficult time and had been for around 18 months and learning about my progressed moon was like a light bulb going off.

I wanted to learn more about progressed moons and picked up the book Astrology of the Moon by Amy Herring and the insights about my progressed moon in Scorpio were life-changing.

Luckily for me, my moon soon moved back into a much more comfortable sign for me of Sagittarius.

I highly recommend this book as it will become a roadmap for your emotional state that you can pick up every couple of years and tune in to your evolved emotional needs. This book also looks at your natal moon placement in detail.

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So what Astrology books am I reading right now?

I have been going through a major pluto transit over the last couple of years so I recently read The Book of Pluto by Steven Forrest and I have also been reading The Inner Planets by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas as research for my next Astrology Course that I am working on called Your Astrological Style.

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