Your Astrological Signature – The big 3 in Astrology

If you have been following me for the last couple of years you will have heard me banging on about Your Astrological Signature.

This combination of planets and angles on your chart is often referred to as “the big three” by astrologers and comprises Your Sun (Otherwise known as your zodiac sign, horoscope sign), your moon and your rising sign. Many astrologers feel that focusing solely on these 3 elements in your chart is the most powerful use of astrology.

As I learned astrology and I was introduced to these Big 3 in my chart I discovered that they were a powerful trio that had the power to completely shift your life and business and I coined them “Your Astrological Signature”.

In this blog, I am going to explain what each of the elements is about and give you some examples from my own chart as to how your astrological signature is so impactful to learn, integrate and align to.

your astrological signature

First, let me summarise the components of Your Astrological Signature

  1. Your Sun is your Heroine’s Journey or your big why and purpose
  2. Your Moon is your emotional landscape or what you need to feel nurtured, safe and supported and also the way you best nurture others.
  3. Your rising sign is how you greet the world, what attracts others to you and sometimes the social mask you wear.

Are you starting to get the picture of how aligning and integrating Your Astrological Signature could be extremely powerful in your business?

OK let’s dive in.

Your Sun – Your Heroine’s Journey

When most of us think of Astrology or our “Zodiac Sign” or “Horoscope sign” what we are referring to is our sun sign.

Our sun sign is a very prominent and powerful energy in our chart and I like to think of it as our Heroine’s Journey.

Our sun represents where we are called to shine and to be brave.

Not everyone will resonate with their sun and many women feel much more connected to their moon sign but our sun is about harnessing our masculine energy and it is a crucial part of living an aligned life and creating an aligned business.

Aligning to my sun

I have a Sagittarius Sun and this means that I am adventurous, optimistic and philosophical. I am a truth-seeker, an awakener, and a guide and I am on the constant search for meaning. I see life as a journey or a quest to our soul purpose. My Sagittarius sun means that I yearn to travel and seek adventure – I guess you could say I feel deeply envious of digital nomads who are free to explore ideas, countries, cultures, and experiences.

My Sagittarius sun is in the 3rd house of communication and part of what I have been truly embracing (despite my Cancer Moon tendencies) is to accept my Heroine’s Journey calling to be a speaker and writer – in fact this year I’ve been paid to speak at 6 different events and I’m speaking to publishers about my first book.

Sun Basics

Sun Astrology

Your Moon – Your emotional landscape

The Moon is our chart is a lesser-known astrology concept but one which women often resonate strongly with.

Our Moon represents our emotional landscape – our emotions and instincts, how we nurture and can nurture ourselves and our mother relationship.

If you have a moon in a fire sign (Sagittarius, Aries or Leo) you’ll likely have fiery emotions. My youngest daughter is an Aries Moon and she has a strong need for independence and doesn’t have a strong need for physical touch and affection. My older daughter has a Sagittarius moon and she is less ‘explosive’ but has fiery emotions when pushed to her limits. Helping both my daughters to regulate and express their emotions appropriately (without repressing them altogether) is part of my role as their mother having come from a very fiery home life as a child.

If you have a moon in an air sign (Gemini, Aquarius or Libra) you’ll likely be more detached from your feelings, perhaps repress them or just hide them away.

If you have a moon in an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) you’ll be more steady and grounded in your emotions and less prone to emotional extremes.

If you have a moon in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio and or Pisces) you’ll likely be sensitive, intuitive, an empath and have a strong need to express your emotions when you feel them.

If the above descriptions don’t resonate it is probably because like me you have paradoxes between your sun and your moon!

Aligning to my Moon 

I have a Cancer Moon which brings a beautifully sensitive and nurturing mother energy. 

My Cancer moon also has a darker side – I’m a deep introvert, I need A LOT of alone time and I need a steady, nurturing home base. 

My moon in Cancer rules the 4th astrological house of home. So for me, having a solid and nurturing home base is extremely important so that I can retreat and fill up my emotional cup. Interestingly I married someone who also has a Cancer Moon and helps to provide this stability in my life.

Understanding my Cancer Moon was the key to finding balance with my Sagittarius Sun and it explained so much and gave me permission to be adventurous yet also a homebody, nurturing yet also independent. It helped me to embrace my many paradoxes and to integrate them. Honestly, it explained why I can’t seem to fully express my Sagittarius sun and why despite having lots of travel dreams in my 20s I was constantly drawn home and needed a stable base.

My cancer moon is in the 11th House, again another paradox. Yes, I need a lot of alone time but I also need connection with groups of women – it’s how I nurture and feel nurtured in return.

These days understanding this need for lots of alone time and freedom, a stable and nurturing home base and also the need for communities of women in my work and personal life I’ve been able to align my business to support my emotional needs.

Moon Basics

Moon Astrology

Your Rising Sign – How you greet the world

Our rising sign is also known as our Ascendant as it is the sign that sits on our AC line on our birth chart or the cusp of our first house. It is the sign that was on the Eastern horizon at the moment of your birth and as such you cannot have an accurate rising sign without your birth time.

Some astrologists believe that your rising sign tells far more about you than your sun sign and many would recommend reading your horoscope for your rising sign, not sun sign.

Your Ascendant reveals the first impression you make and how others see you and certain physical characteristics have been observed with each rising sign (though not conclusively). 

Your Ascendant or Rising Sign can be somewhat of a social mask as it is what you project publicly but not necessarily what is in your heart.

Aligning to my Rising Sign 

I have a Virgo rising and this is how I meet the world or how others see me. My Virgo rising means that I am analytical and organised, focus and planned and people LOVE that about me.

Initially, I struggled to understand why I was so good at the strategy and planning of online business yet also felt so called to do more soulful work and employ more soulful approaches with clients (like astrology!). 

You see I didn’t understand that my Virgo rising was more than just the OCD planner – she was also a grounded and analytical healer. Embracing this other side of Virgo has enabled me to combine business and launching strategy with astrology in a groundbreaking way!

If you want to learn how to find out your sun, moon and rising sign download my free astrology basics guide below or read this blog!

Integrating your Astrological Signature

Combining these three elements together has informed the future of my business and was instrumental in the birth of the Embodied Soul Astrology Academy – a highly professional and nurturing environment to guide people through transition and discover their soul purpose.

It helped me to understand what attracted people to me, right down to the best branding colours and feel to attract them.

The one thing I can promise about Your Astrological Signature is that it will bring clarity, it will answer some of those questions about why you are the way you are and it will help you to align your business to work with you rather than against you.

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