In my last blog, I discussed the concept of your Astrological Style and how aligning to and integrating mine has supported my business.

That being said I like to share more than just my story but stories of other uber-successful entrepreneurs, some of whom are astrology clients of mine, who have aligned with their Astrological Signature both consciously and unconsciously.

I think sharing their journey will be helpful to show you the power of this process and how it can help you.

So in this blog I’ll be sharing the Astrological Style of Denise Duffield-Thomas, a very good friend of mine and an astrology client.

Denise Duffield Thomas Astrology

It’s really important that you know that everything I’m sharing has her express permission and that when it comes to astrology I take my client’s confidentiality very seriously.

So let’s dive into this case study!

About Denise’s Astrological Style

Denise is a Money Mindset Mentor, author, and creator of the wildly successful Money Bootcamp. She has also recently purchased and is renovating the Lorn Rose Farm.

Denise has a Water-Earth Astrological Style so tuning into her grounded emotions is important. Her style is also very external and requires her being out in the world to activate.

With a double Virgo in her Astrological style there is a focus on being of service as well as a healing element to the way she communicates and receives.

denise duffield thomas astrological style

Mercury in Virgo in the 11th House

Denise’s Mercury is in Virgo in the 11th house of Community and Hopes and Dreams. What this means is that her core message is intrinsically linked with her community. By sharing her hopes and dreams with her community to be of service to them she is living her sacred message that women can rise up and be the type of wealthy women they want to be. 

Denise’s Mercury is also conjunct her North Node so communicating be it through her books, courses or just on social media is extremely important to living out her soul purpose to be of service to her community. 

Venus in Virgo in the 11th House

Denise’s Venus is also in Virgo in the 11th house of hopes and dreams and is just conjunct her mercury (10 degrees apart).

This means that Denise’s core receptivity and allure is through the way that she shows up and shares with her community, whether it is the renovations and plans for the rose farm, the building of her beach house, her other creative projects or how she talks to her kids about money. It is this open sharing with her community that draws them to her like bees to honey. 

Mars in Cancer in the 9th House

Denise’s Mars is in Cancer in the 9th House.

This placement reminds me very much of her book and philosophy around entrepreneurism – Chillpreneur. Becuase, Mars in Cancer isn’t all hustle.

Mars in cancer best activates by taking things slow or in Denise’s words – chilled.

Denise’s doesn’t subscribe to the hustle philosophy and rather would say work smarter not harder and you don’t need to work more to make more money.

With Mars in the 9th house she will find it easier than most to write books as this is the house of publishing. She can also activate herself through travel and learning – anything that expands her mind will also activate her action taking energy. 

I noticed this when we were in Fiji in February, she started the trip quite stuck on her latest book and then as the week went on and we were learning and being inspired at sessions like the one with Elizabeth Gilbert – she suddenly had breakthroughs around her book and then did a power writing session. 

Aligning her astrological style

Denise is already very in tune with and aligned to, her astrological style.

The advice I gave Denise to align more fully to her Astrological Style is to:

  • Keep sharing your hopes and dreams with your community – this is vital to how you grow your business and achieve your aspirations
  • Make time to expand your mind through travel (even just locally), study, listening to speakers, reading and having interesting conversations as this will activate your Mars action taking energy.
  • Don’t let others push their action taking energy on you, be the leader and get people to work your way (or the highway). 
Your Astrological Style

Do you want to learn more about and align to your astrological style?

Join me in the Your Astrological Style program where you will learn about:

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