I recently wrote a blog about your progressed moon through the signs.

As a refresher, your progressed moon is about your evolved emotional needs. The progressed moon does not replace the needs of your natal moon but it brings a shorter-term additional layer to your emotional needs that is present in your life for around 2-3 years. 

In this blog we are going to look at what your progressed moon through the various houses means about your evolved emotional needs.

progressed moon houses

My progressed moon has been in the 4th house since late november 2020. Around this time I felt a really strong desire to be back working for myself full-time at home but I expected that it would take another 12 months to achieve. Around this time I reduced my hours in the job I was doing down to 3 days and I focused in on an offering that could enable me to quit my job by the end of 2021 and by late February I had resigned – 10 months ahead of schedule.

As I write this I am back in my business full-time and whilst I LOVE working from home I realise this progressed moon is also about being able to give more to my family – my youngest daughter has some learning difficulties and needs a lot more of my time, we lost a family member in April and things keep coming up like dental surgery for my youngest where this additional freedom and flexibility is really serving me and my family. 

How to discover your Progressed Moon house

To discover what house your progressed moon is in watch the video below. 

Progressed Moon in 1st House

Self & Identity

A time of new beginnings, uncertainty, focusing on yourself and what you want. 

Progressed Moon in 2nd House

Resources, Natural Talents & Entrepreneurism 

Questioning if you have the courage to follow through on the bliss discovered in the 1st house. Finances become important – how you make money, what you spend it on and the real purpose of it all. 

Progressed Moon in 3rd House


You have more confidence and are looking to expand your horizons. You are curious and seeking information so it is a great time for learning. 

Progressed Moon in 4th House

Home & Family 

A time of introspection and wanting to stay at home a lot and be less social as you may have overextended yourself whilst in the 3rd house. Your immediate family – partner and children may need more focus.

Progressed Moon in the 5th House

Creativity, Pleasure & Children 

A lighter and more creative phase than the heaviness of the 4th house. After the introspection of your personal myth now is the time to express it. 

Progressed Moon in 6th House

Health & Daily Routines

A time when your health and overall well being comes into focus and you may want (or need) to be as healthy as possible. It can also be a time of questioning the work that you do – how you spend your days – and whether that is truly fulfilling for you.

Progressed Moon in 7th House

Marriage & Partnerships

Relationships become a focus, you’ll want to work to improve your close relationships and business partnerships. 

Progressed Moon in 8th House

Sex, Money, Power, Mysticism

This can be a very draining time emotionally and it is common to see a major change such as a relationship ending, the loss of someone close to you or a life changing decision. 

Progressed Moon in 9th House

Learning, Expansion & Publishing

You’ll feel less heavy as your progressed moon moves from the 8th to the 9th house and you’ll be ready to travel, learn and have adventures. You need to break up old routines, take chances and bring some fun back into your life. 

Progressed Moon in 10th House

Career, Calling & Public Recognition

This is a time where you’ll want to focus on your career and it is a time where career recognition and advancement is likely. You’ll feel driven and ambitious and this will likely mean that your home and social life get less focus (and attention!) during this time, 

Progressed Moon in 11th House

Community & Hopes & Dreams 

After quite excessive focus on your career and public persona in the 10th house now is the time to shift back to nurturing your friendships and making new ones. Joining new groups or organisations is a great idea.

Progressed Moon in 12th House 

Rest & Retreat 

This is a time of endings and your needs are to let go and release what you no-longer want and to clear the clutter before your moon shifts back into the 1st house. This is a great time to be alone with your thoughts and also to undertake therapy as you will spend a lot of time in your head and your heart sorting through the emotional clutter and baggage. 

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Progressed Moon through the Zodiac Houses overview

progressed moon infographic

It can be interesting to look back to your last progressed moon house and the next one coming up and think about how you can harness it. You might even want to do a timeline of the previous 12 progressed moon placement and explore how they showed up for you.

For example my progressed was in the third house for nearly two years (since Jan 2019) and during this time I created 8 Astrology courses through my academy. There was a strong emotional need to write, speak and teach. On a personal level this was a time where I needed to express myself on a deep level on some serious extended family issues as well.

In September next year my progressed moon will shift into the creative and pleasurable 5th house and my needs will likely be around a new form of creative expression, having some fun outside of the home and also likely some increased focus on my children (cue my oldest finishing primary school and heading to high-school eek!).

Want to learn more about your Progressed Moon?

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