Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter is in Aquarius for most of 2021 however for a few short months it dips its toes into the energy of Pisces almost like a practice round for 2022!

Jupiter will be in Pisces from the 14th May-28th July 2021 travelling from 0-2 degrees and back again. Jupiter has not been here since 2010.

Jupiter in Pisces and 2022

In 2021 Jupiter shifted from Capricorn where it’s naturally abundant energy was restricted in 2020 (hello travel restrictions and shut-downs) into the more progressive and innovative sign of Aquarius and for short periods in Mystical and Creative Pisces.

Jupiter in Pisces is like a foreshadowing of 2022 and it gives us a glimpse into the energy of 2022 particularly relating to expansion of all forms – both physically including travel and in terms of our world-view.

Jupiter is very happy in Pisces as Pisces was Jupiter’s ancient ruler and it helps us to connect with ancient wisdom.

Madi Murphy, co-founder of The Cosmic RX and The Cosmic Revolution, describes Jupiter in Pisces is as

“a guardian angel, a fairy godmother, and a sunny day at a peace-loving music festival combined.” 

Jupiter in Pisces is dreamy, mystical and creative and there is a sense of finding our expansion in more mystical ways. 

Perhaps if we are still confined from physical travel we will dive deeper spiritually and explore travel and expansion through meditation, our intuition and through expanding our mind through spiritual study.

It is a great time to explore past life regression or even what the chart tells us about our past lives (check out my course your astrological purpose where we dive into this) as well as exploring our family lineage – maybe I’ll finally get that ancestry DNA test done!

It is a great time to be studying spiritual topics and so it is the perfect time to be launching the second round of my astrology certification – especially given my soul client line is in Pisces!

I for one am excited about the energy of 2022 with Jupiter in Pisces – I feel that it will be the start of a better future after a difficult couple of years.

Jupiter in Pisces energy

How will Jupiter in Pisces affect you?

What was going on in your life in 2010?

Firstly have a think about what was going on in your life around January-May and September-December 2010 when Jupiter was last in Pisces – what themes were coming up for you then? 

In 2010 I was pregnant with and having my first child and I got married (all between January-May). It was a difficult time for me and I experienced some emotional and physical trauma from the birth but it was also a period of transformation from a young adult into being a mother and a wife. I’m sure that some of my spiritual senses were waking up again as just a few short years later I went through a spiritual awakening.

Where is 0-2 degrees Pisces in your chart?

Now look at where 0-2 degrees pisces is in your chart. Where might Jupiter be bringing a new sense of creativity, intuition and mysticism? 

For me, it is in my 6th house of day-to-day health and routine which leads me to understand that the next few months will indicate how this part of my life will play out in 2022.

I’ve been noticing a strong need to be very balanced since returning to full-time in the business. I just don’t have the energy to go hard anymore – I need to ensure that my day-to-day routine includes plenty of rest, connection time, and introspective time and I think this is a theme that will continue into 2022.

Do you have any planets in Pisces?

Of course if you have planets in Pisces then there will be a Jupiter conjunction transit in 2022 and if your natal Jupiter is there a Jupiter return (you can find out more about these transits in my course Your Astrological Substance or you may enjoy a year ahead reading to understand how to work with these energies).

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