Progressed moon through the signs

Your progressed moon tells us about your progressed emotional needs and can be super helpful when planning your year. I previously wrote a blog explaining progressions which you can read here.

Your progressed moon is about your evolved emotional needs. The progressed moon does not replace the needs of your natal moon but it brings a shorter term additional layer to your emotional needs that is present in your life for around 2-3 years. 

progressed moon

My Progressed Moon is about to change signs after being in Sagittarius for the last two and a half years it is moving into Capricorn,

I first discovered the concept of Progressions and the Progressed Moon about 4 years ago when reading a book by Amy Herring called “Astrology of the Moon” and it changed my life! At that time I was feeling very lost, I had no vision for my business which is very unusual for me and honestly it was a dark night of the soul time. I picked up this book and read about Progressed Moon in Scorpio and these words jumped out at me

“the phoenix cannot be reborn if it is not willing to die first”.

and there I was feeling so lost, I was studying astrology which soon after became my business but at the time I didn’t see my path forward and as a Sagittarius Sun that was excruciating for me.

Almost to the day that my progressed moon moved into Sagittarius it was like a light turned on and I downloaded the vision for the business I have now. I could see the way again and it was a time of visioning and creating. I travelled and studied and wrote and created.

And now in April 2021 my progressed moon is moving into Capricorn – I recently quit my part-time corporate gig and went back into my business and it is a time of getting down to business. A time of focusing, of responsibility and discipline to make these big dreams a reality. It’s a time where all those ideas and visions need to become ordered and structured.

How to discover your Progressed Moon sign

To discover what sign your progressed moon is in watch the video below. 

Progressed moon through the signs


Evolved Emotional Needs 

To get more done, to focus on yourself, to be more outgoing and brave, to be on the move. 


Evolved Emotional Needs 

To plan things out and take a slow & steady approach. Stability and security and your home base are important. Rest & Sleep. 


Evolved Emotional Needs 

To stimulate your intellect and to communicate, to be more social. To make a change in your life 


Evolved Emotional Needs 

To focus on your home and family, to cook, to tend to your home life, to retreat. Can show up as needing/ wanting to have children.


Evolved Emotional Needs 

Creativity and being in the spotlight, having fun.


Evolved Emotional Needs 

Detail and precision and looking after your health. Self-improvement.


Evolved Emotional Needs 

Balance, harmonious relationships and beauty.


Evolved Emotional Needs 

Transformation and release – “the phoenix rising from the ashes”.


Evolved Emotional Needs

Allow your vision to stream through by seeking expansion, adventure and freedom to explore. 


Evolved Emotional Needs

To get down to business, focus on your career or business and get recognition & achievement.


Evolved Emotional Needs

To break free, rediscover yourself & individuate.


Evolved Emotional Needs 

Express your creativity, seek quiet time & at times to escape the day to day.

Progressed Moon in the Zodiac Signs overview

it can be interesting to look back to your last progressed moon sign and the next one coming up and think about how you can harness it. For example after 2-3 years in Capricorn my progressed moon will want to break free, individuate again, think to the future and possibly bring in a greater legacy.

You might even want to do a timeline of the previous 12 progressed moon placement and explore how they showed up for you.

progressed moon zodiac

Want to learn more about your Progressed Moon?

To learn more about your progressed moon by sign and house you can either join my Your Soulful Year program or my Your Astrological Signature (which looks at your progressed as well as natal sun, moon and ascendant). 

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