Today, we’ll delve into the intriguing world of what to do when your progressed moon has changed signs and how it can impact your emotional journey.

Understanding what it means when Your Progressed Moon has changed signs

Your progressed moon serves as a window into your evolved emotional needs. Essentially, it’s your natal chart adjusted for your current age. While it doesn’t replace your natal moon, it does add an extra layer to your emotional experiences that lasts for approximately 2-3 years. This celestial phenomenon can color your world in unexpected ways.

I first encountered the concept of progressions and the progressed moon when mine was in Scorpio, and let me tell you, it was a wild ride! Since then, I’ve followed its journey through my sun sign of Sagittarius, which felt like coming home, and then through Capricorn, a period of hard work and emotional challenges.

Recently, my progressed moon has changed signs into Aquarius, a sign quite different from my natal water moon in Cancer. The shift has been notable, especially since I lack any other placements in Aquarius, except for my south node. 

So, what should you do when your progressed moon changes signs, and how can you work with this energy?

When Will Your Progressed Moon Change Signs?

To begin, you need to know where your progressed moon currently resides to anticipate or recognize a sign change. Tools like the calculator on can provide you with this information. For example, my progressed moon shifted into Aquarius on August 14th, 2023. Being aware of this transition helps us prepare for the changes in our personal energy.

What Happens When it Changes Signs?

One thing I’ve observed is a distinct shift in energy when my progressed moon changes signs. Initially, it can be emotionally destabilizing and uncomfortable. However, this shift is an opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

progressed moon

What Can You Do When it Changes Signs?

During a recent retreat in Tulum, Mexico, I experienced significant emotional shifts, even though I couldn’t find any major transits in my natal chart that would explain it. It was only after I checked my progressed chart that I realized my progressed moon had shifted from Capricorn to Aquarius during my time there.

Understanding that this shift would impact me for over two years, I knew I needed to find a silver lining to the way I was feeling. I discussed it with a team member and she reminded me that Aquarius can complement Cancer’s emotional depth.

Here’s what I came up with:

  • Allowing myself to immerse in my legacy work.
  • Accepting that not everyone will resonate with me, and that’s okay.
  • Embracing emotional detachment as a form of healing.
  • Alone doesn’t mean lonely
  • Seeking out my true soul tribe instead of being a lone wolf.

Remarkably, the universe confirmed my newfound perspective when the next night I dreamt of an entrepreneurial friend running a group event (very aquarian) for soulful entrepreneurs. I didn’t think that much of it.

The next day I posted on Instagram about my progressed moon being in Aquarius and said “where are my Aquarius Moon ladies at?”

Guess who messaged me – you guessed it – the friend I had dreamt about and she turned out to have an Aquarius moon in her natal chart! It felt like a cosmic nudge in the right direction. I had not remembered (consciously) that she had an Aquarius moon but I think she showed up in my dream for a reason.

progressed moon chat

She mentioned that her Aquarius moon shows up in emotional detachment (sometimes a good thing – other times not) and a “cool calm collected” energy. As we discussed I had this feeling of – you know what – I could really benefit from borrowing this emotional energy for a while!

Reflecting on Your Progressed Moon’s Sign Change

If your progressed moon has recently transitioned signs (or will do so soon), consider asking yourself these reflective questions:

  • What unique qualities does this new zodiac sign bring that I don’t have natively in my moon sign?
  • How can I leverage this energy to support my emotional well-being?
  • What goals or areas of focus could benefit from this energy over the next two years?
  • How can I “borrow” and integrate positive traits from this sign into my life?

Other ways to work with your Progressed moon sign

  • Take time to reflect on your emotional experiences as your progressed moon changes signs. Journaling can be especially helpful. Document your feelings, thoughts, and any noticeable shifts in your life. 
  • Consider consulting with an experienced astrologer to gain a deeper understanding of the specific qualities and challenges associated with your new progressed moon sign (I cover this in my year ahead reading). 
  • As your progressed moon shifts, be open to adjusting your goals, priorities, and emotional responses accordingly. Flexibility and adaptability are key to riding the progressed moon wave.
  • Set Emotional Intentions: Set clear intentions for how you want to work with the energy of your new progressed moon sign. What emotional growth or healing would you like to achieve during this time? Having a purposeful approach can help you make the most of this transformative period.
  • Each zodiac sign carries its own unique qualities and interests. Use this time to explore new hobbies, activities, or areas of personal development that align with the characteristics of your progressed moon sign. It can be a great opportunity for self-discovery.
  • Reach out to people who share your new progressed moon sign as their natal moon sign like I did. They can provide valuable insights and support as you navigate the emotional terrain of this sign. 
  • Create a Vision Board: Visualize and manifest your intentions by creating a vision board that represents your goals and desires during this time. It’s a tangible way to focus on your emotional evolution and growth.
  • Celebrate Milestones: As your progressed moon transitions through different signs, celebrate the milestones and accomplishments along the way. Acknowledge your growth and the positive changes you’ve made in your life.

If you’re currently going through a time of transition, remember that astrology can be a valuable tool for understanding and harnessing the energy of these changes. Reach out if you need support or guidance during this transformative period. Explore my aligned astrological coaching offering to discover how I can assist you in navigating the celestial currents of your life and business. 

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