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Jupiter is in Retrograde from May 14th to 12th September 2020.

Firstly what is a retrograde? 

A retrograde is when a planet appears to turn backwards in the sky. This happens due to an optical illusion caused by differences in orbit. 

All the major planets (excluding the luminaries – the sun and the moon) go retrograde from time to time.

When planets go retrograde the impact of the planet changes and the type of activities that are recommended change too.

jupiter retrograde

What is a Jupiter Retrograde all about?

Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance, knowledge and wisdom, and growth and expansion and is ruled by the sign of Sagittarius – and the 9th house of Travel, Learning and Expansion (and publishing!). 

Jupiter represents where we can experience true luck and expansion in our lives, but it is not luck that comes without effort so the term potential is probably more apt as it shows us where we have the potential for great luck and abundance. It is considered to be a lucky planet that brings beautiful energy whilst in transit however, it can have a darker side of indulgence and excess and an expansion in areas that we don’t want (i.e. our waistline!). 

Jupiter can be thought of the guru, the teacher, the seeker or the guide and his presence develops our higher mind.

So when Jupiter goes retrograde this heralds a time for deep, introspective spiritual and philosophical growth and development. It is time to connect with your inner truth, your true north or soul purpose, and to look at the big picture of your life and course-correct where necessary. Jupiter loves to learn so it is the perfect time to dive into study and learning or get serious with your spiritual practice.

During a Jupiter Retrograde, we may feel introspective, soulful, spiritual, intuitive and optimistic.

A Jupiter retrograde will ask us to go within and discover our true potential.

It really makes me think about covid-19 and the chance to take some inner time, to reflect and reconnect with ourselves. This is a time where we might be able to see opportunities and potential but not yet be able to take action on it – but like Jupiter, keep the faith and your time will come!

By the time Jupiter turns retrograde we will be ready to harness the potential we have discovered (or rediscovered!) and to take action on it.

jupiter retrograde facts

Where is Jupiter retrograding in your chart?

Jupiter will retrograde from 27 degrees Capricorn to 17 degrees Capricorn so take a look at your natal chart to see which house this is in for you and take note of any other planets around this area.

If you are not sure what the different houses represent then check out my FREE astrology basics course.

What might the position of Jupiter’s Retrograde in 2020 mean for you?

In which part of your life do you need to go within, reconnect and craft your new path?

For me, it is in my 5th house of Pleasure and Creativity as all this year’s major retrogrades have been (Pluto and Saturn) so yes for most of us there will be a theme here! 

Over the next 4 months, I am going to be quite busy writing the modules and creating training for my next courses Your Astrological Style, Your Astrological Substance and Your Astrological Soul. 

Whilst this is the house of creativity and pleasure (and I do take pleasure from creating my programs!) I will need to continuously check back in on my bigger, master plan to ensure that I am staying on track and aligned. 

Interestingly as this retrograde starts I’m launching a new offering I’ve wanted to offer for a while – AstroBranding sessions and these sessions really allow me to express my creativity through custom astroBrand mood boards for my clients which feels very aligned and expansive.

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